Saturday, January 25, 2020

You know, it almost never fails but I get more hits when I eschew the News and concentrate on the Gibberish. I mean, it’s not giant or even notable numbers, but it’s the only time I hit double digits. I wonder what it says.

I can put hours’ worth of effort into a 1200-word detail explanation of some aspect of modern politics, like the Impeachment, breaking it down to as simple and coherent as I can.I might was well be writing about Doug Sahm or, hell, even Charlie Whitehead. I’m not sure what is means, if people just don’t care or my take is so unexceptionable it isn’t worth considering. I mean, I rarely bring anything new to the table, but I try to at least give the most basic, ground-level information and encourage readers to seek further information on their own.

Whether it’s about politics or an obscure-ish musician’s wider than expected influence on pop music or another football game, that’s always how I’ve approached Journalism. It’s what Don Hill taught me and what the professors at University of Florida taught me. It’s what people I’ve written about, be it a junior high basketball coach or cattleman-turned-luthier, told me I did well. It’s what I’m good at. It’s about the only thing I’m good at.

Whether I am still is a question but I think for the most part I am. So if it’s not really singing when applied to politics, perhaps I should focus it elsewhere. The question is what, though. I really don’t want to write solely about music again, even if I was willing to hype up myself to make it worth the effort. If I’m going to make that much an effort for anything – and believe you me it is an effort – it’s going to be something I want to do rather than just can do.

There’s plenty of other interesting things that’d be interesting to read about, but I’m not sure just what I’d want to spend that much time on. That’s always been a strength and a weakness. There’s something to be said about being able to fit in anywhere and there’s something to be said about being a particular taste. Either way, it’s a lot of work, and I think it’s better to make sure it’s really sincere.

Any academic interests I’d think would need varying sources of information that are more informed and possess more Latin than me. That means interviews, and no thank you. Another aspect of the general lethargy that’s knocking me down. There is something to be said for sitting back and enjoying the ride, but it does put limits on one’s world.

It goes back to what I was talking about yesterday, my inability to categorize and tendency to cast too wide a net. Some people can get away with that. Arguably Tom Wolfe and Mary Roche can pull it off, so maybe it’s a matter of skill and art. If that’s the case, I don’t know how to pull that one off.

I spent all day checked out and reading essays of questionable quality exploring the Simulation Theory. Do I really want to get into the News? Not really, but it is an Interest so I might as well. The third day of Impeachment has come and gone, and the Trump people started their defense arguments. From what I’m bothering to gather, it’s part of the on-going attempts at re-defining reality instead of owning up. “How dare you, even though it doesn’t matter, how dare you?” That’s what it boils down to, it seems, and it hard seems worth it to give it too much attention. Again, feel free to do your own research.

I want to put more of Mike Pompeo’s butthurt at Mary Louise Kelly into the Aether. That boy is petty as hell, and it’s another example of how the Trump Administration is full of complete bastards. And, no, I don’t believe Republican senators were actually upset with Adam Schiff repeating the story about the “heads on a pike” threat. Furthermore, I don’t care. Nobody believes you were going to vote to convict Trump until Schiff brought up how big the assholes in Trump’s inner circle actually are. You value your phony baloney jobs too much and The Base would eat you alive with mac-&-cheese if he told them to, don’t give me that.

Okay, that’s enough. I don’t need to bum myself out. Lethargy is like particularly sticky mud. I’m going to read this article about the “dark energy mystery” and maybe play some more Pillars of Eternity 2. Maybe fool around with something else, I got plenty of backlog.

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