Friday, January 24, 2020

Okay. I really don’t have much in News grabbing me. The Dumbness of this mean ol’ world is getting me down. Let’s see what we can do, however. Here’s the Gibberish if that matters.

Well, Trump got caught on tape telling his bully boys to “get rid of” former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. This particular dime was dropped this morning and, best I can tell, the Trump People have owned up to it and are going with “So what, he’s the President and we worship him all the more” as a defense/excuse.

Same thing with the Mike Pompeo business. Apparently NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly while interviewing the U.S. Secretary of State for a segment on All Things Considered did her job and Pompeo, not being used to that, got all shirty. From what Kelly’s saying  – and I have more reason to trust her than trust him – after the interview, he ordered her to another room and screamed at her, showing his ass all over the place. This is his usual setting, it seems, and he’s known for being a piss-baby. Again, though, the Base will have nothing but love for him attacking a “Fake News” who dares question The Government.

And frankly, it’s like the Joe Rogan-Bernie Sanders business. Anyone who wouldn’t have been turned off by Rogan’s shtick wouldn’t have let it determine how they swung on Sanders one way or another. Like Pompeo’s shit-fit or like Trump’s inability to do anything without sounding like a cheap thug, it’s not going to move the needle all that much. Your hardcore Bernie stan is still on board, your hardcore Bernie hater still isn’t and the twain are probably not going to meet come November. For what it’s worth, I’ve found Joe Rogan uninteresting for well over a decade, too boring to be offensive to this straight white cis boy. Nothing about the whole situation or the individuals involved surprises me, disappoints me or even makes me want to pay any attention to any of you bastards.

I’m going to be both cynical as hell and act like I have enough Latin to make a political prediction. However Impeachment works out, it’s not going to change anyone’s mind. No one who was insulted by the Kavanaugh hearings sincerely gave up on anything to make the jump to Trump. When or if he’s impeached, it’ll be the same. Furthermore, the Base won’t care apart from seeing it as validation if he’s acquitted or another attack by the “Deep State” if he’s nailed. I think Congressional Democrats know this, even if they are trying to swing enough GOP Senators for a vote, the long game for them isn’t impeachment. It’s vulnerable Senators who’re coming up on re-election. That’s politics, baby.

There are indeed more important things to worry about, I want to say. I hate being that guy, though. We are all Legion and it’s just petulance to demand reality agree with me on what is and isn’t important. Trump is rolling back Environmental Protection Agency regulations protecting streams, rivers and wetlands. In their infinite wisdom, The New York Times is painting this as a win for farmers. And when they say “farmers”, they mean the huge agri-business outfits and other such will have more opportunity to dump massive amounts of waste into water sources.

Not only does it give a sop to corporate money to strength their profit margin, it’s another middle finger to the Obama Administration, which retains life-long residency in Trump’s noggin. Plus, it’ll screw over poor people, so big win all around. In other news of full on dickery, a second black teenager in Texas this week has been told to cut off his dreads or he can’t walk come graduation. Yes, it’s racism and nothing but. It may be “the rules” but it’s still racist.

All right, that’s plenty. Another link for the Blogger site. Another link to the petition for the Mississippi government to take another look at Willie Nash’s unfair, unquestionable racist conviction, Beyond that, the sun comes out tomorrow and let’s all have a pleasant weekend.

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