Thursday, January 16, 2020

Last night wore me out, man. I’m not kidding, I got that thing wrapped up, hit published and went right to bed. All for a total of five, maybe six readers. Ah, well. If I was interested in money and fame, I’d a-stayed a short-order cook.

But seriously, I felt plumb rotten for a couple hours after writing on the latest wrinkle in the Impeachment of the President Of The United States Of America Donald J. Trump. Part of it, I think, was just the actual effort it took to wrap my head around the whole affair and lash it together into something coherent, which I’m not 100% sure I did. The writing’s the easy part. It’s always the easy part.

Another part of it is I think my blood pressure got out of whack. I had that headache I’d get before I found out about the hypertension, complete with blurred vision in one eye. It’s been a while since that sort of flare up occurred. I did indeed go to bed early (for me) but still managed to spend half the night awake. I take one medication that requires me to drink a lot of water and another that makes me need to pee a lot. Middle age is a humdinger, kids.

But the main reason for the foulness that overtook me as after I finished my Gibberish and resurfaced to see what the rest of the world was talking about, to my shock and dismay it wasn’t that one of the president’s stooges’ stooges was spilling all the porridge on national television. Indeed, it seemed the entirety of Liberal/Democratic/Leftist Twitter had their knives out at each other over the whole Sanders-Warren kerfluffle.

A quick round-up. A few days ago, there came a rumorlet that claimed back in 2018, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were discussing running for President in 2020. At least four people claimed Sanders told Warren that a woman would not win the Presidency. At first, Sanders denied it and Warren nixed any comment. By the time the latest Democratic debate went down, Warren said, yes, those words were used while Sanders continued to insist in never happened. After the end of the debate, as we’ve all seen, Sanders went to shake Warren’s hand and she got in his face, saying “You just called me a liar on national television”.

And the very, very fragile to the point of being completely nonexistent Warren-Sanders coalition of Sorta Progressive Democrats exploded. It’s yet another example of Sanders’ raging sexism and ignorance of any issue other than what’s vaguely described as “class”, some said. Others claimed it showed Warren’s two-faced ambition and willingness to knife anyone in the back for power.

Calm down, y’all. For one thing, we’re only a few weeks from the Iowa caucuses, and while Joe Biden maintains a comfortable lead going into that and Pete Buttigieg has fourth place nailed down, Sanders and Warren are fighting for second place. Tempers are frayed, people are tired. I can believe Sanders said something like that, meaning Trump will be even nastier towards a woman candidate and his faithful cultists will eat it up. I can also believe he probably could’ve phrased it better but how it was stuck in Warren’s craw since then. Maybe she could’ve been a bit cooler about the whole affair, particularly in front of CNN’s cameras.

But that’s politics, kids. That’s what the primaries are for. If Sanders or Warren can’t deal with one another, Trump will slaughter them especially given the leg up he will get from the mainstream press. If he doesn’t eat his boogers and smear shit on his chest on stage, the press is going to give him credit for being the second coming of Ronald Reagan. Also, Sanders and Warren are vying for the same nomination, only one can get it and if both weren’t convinced they the were the Right One, they wouldn’t be running for it.

No, what really made me sick was watching Sanders stans and Warren stans decided each other are worse for humanity than the guy they’re going to run against, assuming Biden doesn’t get the nod. That’s just stupid. See, here’s the thing. If you actually think One Person is going to fix everything that’s wrong with this country and tear down the entire structure of the military-industrial complex with in a week, you are going to be a very sad little child come Christmas morning.

And if you think that whoever gets the nomination won’t have to do some absolutely horrid shit to keep the wheels of America turning, you’re far too naive for me to do anything about. There’s a reason Jimmy Carter has spent the past 40 years building houses for the poor. He’s legit Born Again, washed in the Blood, and wants to go to Heaven. He knows he’s got some things to make up for to cleanse his soul and forgive himself.

So, the “Left” is ignoring that a sitting President, who has been impeached, might have encouraged subordinates to harass an ambassador who won’t play ball, even using language that sounds like ordering a hit, and let him lean on a foreign company to dig up dirt on a political opponent for silly football bullshit. And they’re blaming CNN, especially the Sanders stans, for “trying to get” him. They’re even calling it “fake news”. Good job, y’all, this is definitely how we need to approach things to win come November.

Man, this is already giving me a headache. Wrapping it up, then. I wrote about Otis Redding and Doug Sahm at the Tumblr site. Just a little fun. Speaking of the Ukraine business that got Trump impeached, the government of Ukraine launched an investigation into the allegations of surveillance of Former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. So, Trump got the investigated from that country that he wanted, I guess. Well done, Mr. President.

Supper’s done, but I have a bit more to add. Hold on.

Okay. Anyhow.

And the thing is, we really shouldn’t be taking our eyes off the prize. If defeating Donald Trump come November isn’t the top priority of every Democrat, liberal and leftist in these United States, they’re just whistling Dixie. He’s a bit more than just the normal awfulness that makes for the GOP. He’s nearly worshiped by his Cultists, they’ve already subtly threatened another Civil War – or “boogaloo” as the alt-rightist pseudo-Nazis call it – if they don’t get their way, and he is down with being considered a Chosen One by the unwashed horde and being used by the Powers That Be to get accomplished what they want.

People are curious as to why Evangelicals are so into a moral and ethical black hole like Trump has bragged about being for almost four decades? This is why. We’ve severely underestimated the impact of both The Family and Opus Dei has on modern conservationism and the amount of success they’ve had in the shadows over the past few decades. And they don’t care about Trump’s moral failings. He’s a tool for them, just another thing to Immanentize the Eshcaton. And that’s no joke, they want to cause the Second Coming. It explains their support of Trump and, for that matter, their support of Israel’s statehood.

And he gets told he’s the best thing since sliced bread and hand jobs? Man, that’s like uncut gold for that guy. Nothing can feed the ego of an egomaniac better than being told he’s the most important thing to hit Christianity since Jesus ascended to Heaven. More than that, he’s got bull-goose looney Bible thumpers like Mike Pompeo and Bill Barr on his team, and they’re all about ushering in the New Gilead. That’s what he’s more than happy to let happen because he doesn’t give a shit.

And then there’s what he’s doing specifically that’s deserving of a swift kick off Pennsylvania Avenue. This is a doozy. The Trump Administration is pushing to change if not outright repeal a decades-old U.S. law that bars American companies from bribing foreign officials. Coincidentally, I’m sure, this would make it easier for his own company that he’s yet to put into a blind trust to avoid the air of corruption to get lucrative foreign contracts. Just happened that way, I guess.

This last one’s a knee-slapper but has nothing to do with why Evangelicals love Trump or what he’s doing. No, this concerns another group of miserable bastards who’re busy making the rest of us terrified to walk the streets. That is, white supremacist gun owners. Or gun-owning white supremacists, whatever floats your boat. For whatever reason, a bunch of gun lickers wanted to hold a big rally Monday – Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, mind – on the grounds of the Virginia capitol in Richmond.

Gov. Ralph Northam – who for some reason still has a job – said, “Okay, you can have your rally but you can’t have any guns there”, declaring a state of emergency. Now, that may seem contradictory and it certainly got up the nose of the ammosexuals. But the reasoning behind it was the state government had “credible evidence” that out-of-state groups were coming to raise hell, so the guns were banned and Richmond Circuit Court Judge Joi Taylor upheld the ban against lawsuits from some gaggle of yay-hoos called The Virginia Citizens Defense League and the Gun Owners of America, a bunch that thinks the NRA is full of whoopsie liberals.

Amusingly enough, almost like magic, the FBI arrested three members of The Base, a violent white supremacist group who were coming down to Virginia with malicious intent. Charges included transporting a firearm with intent to commit a felony and transporting and harboring aliens, since one of the freakshows is from Canada. That guy, Patrik Jordan Mathews, has been hunted by Canadian authorities since August. The group basically left all sorts of out-right plans for the bloody creation of a violent ethno-state all over chat rooms and Gab with the intent of forming a country where lame-ass white dudes with nothing else going for them will finally get the respect they deserve.

The slightly less nutty gun groups have made their own entertainment, as well. One of the premeir targets of their ire has been a delegate to the Virginia General Assembly named Lee Carter who represents the town of Manassas. Carter was part of the 2018 “Blue Wave” and one of the officials that flipped Virginia’s legislative body from Republican to Democratic control. A former Marine who served tours in the Middle East, Carter is also an avowed socialist who is committed to unhooking American foreign policy and economic structure from corporate ownership.

He’s also a gun enthusiast and collector who regularly goes out strapped. While he’s for universal background checks, he opposes assault weapons bans and sees issues with red flag laws, fearing they could lead to the violence the proponents intend to eliminate. A lot of the problem comes from the gun nuts misreading his recent proposed legislation (House Bill 67) that would allow public employees except law enforcement officials to go on strike. The lunatic fringe gun owners see the bill as punishing local law enforcement who refuse to enforce new gun restrictions because those same lulus are morons.

Because of this and threats from far-right groups, Carter – a gun owner and enthusiast, mind – for his own safety went into hiding for a couple days around the aforementioned rally, which had already drawn violent white nationalists, because the dingbats thinking he’s working with the UN and Northam to take away their guns. Again, because they’re idiots. Seriously, you dopes, nothing makes gun owners look more like spoiled, out-of-control children who pitch blood-soaked fits over their shooty-bang dick extenders than shit like this.

Well done, indeed.

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