Wednesday, January 15, 2020

This is starting to get irritating. Just as I put last night’s Gibberish to bed, a new wrinkle dropped in the whole “get Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden” deal that’s got Trump’s nuts in a sling. It looked pretty heavy, so I figured I’d better give it a night. One, to let it work itself out and, two, to get where I can wrap my head around it and study on just what it means.

Well, it was indeed very, very heavy. It’s also a massive, corpulent, foul thing that could put the final nail in the Impeachment coffin if it weren’t for the shady shit AG William Barr and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo working overtime to keep the investigation as toothless as possible, at least for now. Well, we’ll wrestle with it and maybe figure out what it really means, if anything.

To catch us all up, the U.S. House of Representatives filed charges of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump last month on two counts, corruption and obstruction of justice. In short, the Trump administration is accused of holding back military aid to Ukraine – which is involved in an on-going conflict with Russia – until the country acquiesced to requests to “dig up some dirt” on 2020 Democratic hopeful Joe Biden or, more specifically, his son Hunter.

None of this in is question. From henceforth from now on, Trump will always be the third president in U.S. history to be impeached by the House. Rudy Giuliani, disgraced mayor of New York City, crooked lawyer, and Trump’s third-rate Gordon Liddy, also tried to dig up “proof” to an already disproved conspiracy theory that the Ukrainian government did some dirty to help the Democrats in the 2016 election. All this is connected.

In any event, Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi stretched out presenting the articles to Senate, which would be the next step in the process. She got around to doing it today, matter of fact, claiming she waited so long because this is such a weighty matter and she was trying to put it off but these recent revelations of the President’s actions forced her. I think she’s been screwing with Trump this whole time. He is very thin skinned and she’s got some fierce teeth.

Which brings us to the crux of the matter. In recent weeks a couple of associates of Giuliani have come into focus and are turning out to be fairly big players in Trumpworld. A pair of Soviet-born, Florida-based businessmen – Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, both under federal charges of campaign misconduct – worked with Giuliani and his attempts to get Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to dig up dirt on the Bidens. Also thrown into the mix was then-ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, who had to leave her job and the country where she worked over fears for her safety. Indeed, as she testified in the impeachment hearings back in November, she was warned by folks within the Ukrainian government.

Enter this clown. Former landscaper and failed Congressional candidate – he was run off for posting an incredibly lewd and juvenile take on Kamala Harris halting her presidential campaign – Robert Hyde has, somehow or another, spent the last year or so seriously insinuating his tubby ass into the Trump Administration’s inner circle. Taking pictures with everyone up to and including Tiffany Trump. Up until yesterday, he was just a bloated frat boy who liked sucking up to what he thought was power and showing how little class he had.

Again, up until yesterday. Those very heavy documents released yesterday show massive amounts of communication between Parnas (who was working with Giuliani to discredit Yovanovitch for meddling in his attempts to dig up dirt on Biden) and Hyde, not only apparently keeping notes on a criminal conspiracy but also keeping tabs on the Ambassador’s comings and goings. In essence, stalking her for the express purpose of trying to remove her influence from Ukraine by hook or by crook.

Look at the words the two used. Lots of talk about having “someone on the inside” and “friends” “helping out” if the “money is right“. As the kids say, that’s some straight up gangster shit right there. What makes it really interesting, during his “perfect call” with President Zelensky, Trump told him that Yavonovitch was soon be “going to go through some things“. A few days later, she got the word that she might want to split from Kiev if she valued her safety.

Hyde’s a curious figure. He was taken into custody while at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago last year, claiming the Secret Service had it in for him and back in 2011 he was arrested because shoddy work by his firm caused some property damage. He also had something to do with facilitating a meeting between a Chinese donor and Trump at Mar-A-Lago. Until he shut it down today, his Instagram page was full of pictures of him with everyone from Giuliani and Parnas to the Trump children.

So, where does all this leave us? More importantly, where does all this leave the President of the United States of America who has been impeached by the House of Representatives and most likely will be tried on charges of corruption and obstruction of justice by the Senate? Well, this certainly doesn’t help his case any. For that matter, the “imminent threat” against four embassies he claimed was the reason for the airstrike on Soleimani looks a little weaker in comparison if he did indeed okay possible action taken against a U.S. ambassador who wouldn’t play ball.

Much as I hate to say it again, time will tell and a lot of it hinges on whether or not Mitch McConnell and the GOP Senate will continue to go all-in for Trump. Lord knows the base isn’t going to leave him and “Never Trumpers” are pretending that Pelosi giving away pens used for the impeachment signing is more important. There’s more to come and Parnas is appearing on Rachel Maddow’s show tonight. From what I’m gathering, he’s covering his own ass more than anything and dropping some big-time dimes on folks.

And what about Hyde? Well, he’s shown himself to be a classless dirtbag through and through. I seriously don’t see someone with such a lack of character going down for someone he has to know will throw him under all the buses first chance he gets. If any of these insinuations hold merit, that what looks like a hit put on by people attached to the Trump administration to Yavonovitch is actually that, there’s no telling what we’ll see in the coming weeks.

But really, I’m only scratching the surface here. Read the notes and WhatsApp texts involving the aforementioned parties. It does look much shadier than normal foreign policy shenanigans. This is a difficult thing to fully appreciate and one doesn’t feel comfortable saying this is a “smoking gun” when Trump has shown over and over he doesn’t care and the Republicans have shown over and over that they won’t even begin to hold him accountable.

Scuttlebutt says the Senate Democrats have sufficient GOP support to force a legit trial for impeachment, and both McConnell and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts have come under fire in recent days from folks with proper pull who’re demanding they do things right and not try to game the system for Trump’s benefit, despite how bad it will enrage the throngs of cultists who really think that guy’s working in secret to bring down a worldwide baby-fucking-then-eating underground conspiracy.

Wild days lie ahead, one way or another. If it’s allowed to go to fruition, this is a bit heavier than Clinton’s 1998 impeachment or even the foul misdeeds surrounding Nixon’s exit from office in 1973. I’ve long thought the calls of “treason” against Trump had more to do with blowing off political steam, but… maybe? His very real financial roots in Russia from back in the ’90s and Aughts make all this a little more suspicious, even if you could discount the President tacitly agreeing that someone needs to rid him of this troublesome ambassador.

It won’t be over tomorrow or by the end of the week or even after Election Day in November, should Trump win re-election and chances are as good that he will. This will leave a stain on his presidency – if such a collection of cheap punks and rat bastards could be called “stained” at this point – and, depending on how much Congressional Republicans are willing to stand up to him and his horde of howler monkeys, it will leave a stain on the American governmental process.

And thanks to Twitter and Facebook and the internet in general, it’s all coming at you a thousand miles-per-second, barely giving you time to breathe between the actual horrors, the ones some dingbat made up for shits & giggles, and whatever boondoggle well-meaning goofs retweet without checking first. Buckle up, friends and neighbors. The ride is only going to get bumpier.

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