Tuesday, January 7, 2020

I broke up today’s post, because the News is seriously heavy and the Gibberish is fairly gloomy, as well, and there’s no sense in laying all that on someone. Go here for the Gibberish.

A little News, but just a little because I’m tired and it’s depressing. Nevertheless, we must keep a record. After all, Journalism is the first rough draft of History. In retaliation for the strike that killed Revolutionary Guard Gen. Qasseem Soleimani this past weekend, Iran claims to have launched multiple sets of “tens” of surface-to-surface missiles at U.S. airbases in Iraq. Furthermore, they’re warning that any country that aides the U.S. in retaliation will be considered a target as well. The Iranian Air Force has also been mobilized, but I’m told that’s worse news for the Iranian Air Force than anyone else.

It’s a little crazy. The president’s mumbling his usual mush-brained nonsense while his cult is jerking itself raw at rumors of war. Fox News is blaming Obama, naturally, while the gullible big-time press that actually called the jackass “Donald The Dove” is running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Given how much this president listens to the press – be it following Fox News or crying about CNN – over his own advisers, such as they are, that’s very much worrisome.

War and rumors of war. These are dangerous timesUncertain times. Twitter is alive with fear and loathing, people cheerleading upcoming death and destruction, blaming everyone but their Blind Idiot God, and half-bright yay-hoos offering “breaking news” completely out of their ass. The corporate media, as always, champions violent, bloody and, most of all, eye-catching war. There is no “left” or “right”, there is merely ads to be sold and drama to be drummed up.

For anyone who lived through the foul years leading to the Iraq War 15-some-odd years ago, this all feels familiar. The jingoistic beating of chests, the lily-livered media abandoning their duty even further in order to sell more soap, and a foolish buffoon of a president in charge of the whole sideshow, roaring like a drunken carnival barker trying to explain why the geek isn’t biting the heads off chickens properly. There is a difference, though, and it’s an unsettling one.

I’m not one to reassess the reign of George W. Bush, the 43rd President of these United States, in a brighter light. The man was a bastard and a fool, and he let even greater examples of the worst humanity has to offer lead him by the nose into an unnecessary, unwinnable and unconscionable war, one that should weigh on the American conscious for generations but probably won’t.

But this? This time last week all we had to worry about was a cheap game-show president’s impeachment and Australia burning to a cinder. Now we find ourselves staring at a possible conflagration that’ll make Iraq look like Grenada between two “leaders” with the mentality of teenagers. And after three years of being called the enemy, spineless worms like Marco Rubio is demanding unflinching, unquestioning patriotism. The cult will blame everyone but Trump, and to contradict them just so shows that you really Hate America. Everything old is new again.

I didn’t say what Dr. Bloodmoney was about. It starts in 1981, but the bulk of it takes place in the far future of 1988 and concerns itself with how humanity – specifically the Bay Area – picks up the pieces after a nuclear bombing. I spent most of my boyhood convinced it’d all end in a fiery radioactive holocaust. Now? Who knows. Be safe, beloved.

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