Saturday, December 28, 2019

I’ve been in a bit of a quarrelsome mood the last couple days. It’s a good thing no one’s paid me any attention, because a couple of days of that is all I can stand. I just don’t have the energy or will the be that professionally salty anymore. That’s a young man’s game.

As the weekend rolls through, we’re listening to LSU beat the hapless Oklahoma Sooners like a particularly loathed government mule in the Peach Bowl, awaiting the weekend of rain coming for us. I’ve got a number of links to interesting stories across the country, but I’ve yet to come up with a theme to lash them all together. I’ve fretted about the unsettling trend in the Trump faithful promising bloody civil war if Trump’s not re-elected. No, really. Not impeached or removed, they’re just going to unleash the mobile scooters of war if someone beats Trump fair and square.

Their god, of course, encourages this sort of behavior. Well, he “jokes” about it, and when someone else shoots up a synagogue or a Wal-Mart full of brown people, it’ll just be part of the “joke”. In the meantime, he’s having an ongoing soiling of his pants due to Nancy Pelosi having him by the short & curlies. So, of course, he spends the day retweeting screwball conspiracy theories, because that’s totally what a president does, especially one that constantly calls part of the country shit.

He’s a dick and that’s why they love him, believe anything he says, and live life like they’re the heroes of a story that would get rejected by whatever bunch published The Turner Diaries as too much. Nothing new. Nor is the silence from the less fanatical Republicans for this sort of stuff, because he keeps appointing judges that shape the world as they see fit. See what’s happening with Stacy Abrams in Georgia or the ICE raids in Mississippi.

It’s all gotten so tedious and repetitive, and the media’s so damn lazy, they keep telling the same stories instead of doing any work. So while I’m full of righteous indignation at the country’s continuing attempts to colonize the Land of the Dumb, I’ve no more energy to try to wrestle it down. I’m even tired of my own ideological fellow travelers, as it seems soi-disant “socialists” are getting closer to helping the Democratic Party just flat shoot its big toe off. “Purity politcs,” all that bullshit. And not that the liberals are much better, with the chronic weakness of knee is causing them to drift towards “hey, let’s work to get Republican voters” stroke that never, ever works.

So while all that is just too tedious and boring to tackle today, let’s consider another stroke. New York Times columnist, part-time bedbug, and indolent hack most recent column explores how Ashkenazi Jews higher IQ’s suit their sneakiness over their gentile and it’s all so stupid and poorly thought out debunked “race science” like one might think, even though Stephenson himself is an Ashkenazi Jew. He does it because it beats working and the Times continues to employ him because fuck you, that’s why.

Which is why I rarely deal with them. I might make a passing mention to bridge to an original thought – like I did in the previous paragraph – but I really don’t care to actively engage. Liberal or conservative, there’s no point in it. Back in the blogging days, that’s pretty much what most bloggers did, i.e., blog about what some other blogger blogged about. Massive amount of butt sniffing in those days, children.

There’s a handful of columnist and analysts I enjoy reading, like Leonard Pitts or Roy Edroso or Parker Malloy. I might drop a column of theirs with a recommendation or to launch off on a stroke of my own. That’s it, though. None of this “here’s why Brett Stephenson is a butthole” dribble. I just don’t care.

Way I figure it, if someone’s taking the time to read my gibberish, they want to hear my opinion on the news or just life in these United States or whatever the hell. Beyond how tiring it is, conservatives just aren’t that interesting. Find a topic and you can almost always guess what someone like Ben Shapiro or Laura Ingraham would say about. It’s journalism, sure, but what I’m doing here is journalism enough for one website. Journalism, mind, not reporting. One day we’ll get into the difference, but for now, I can handle it.

But the main reason is that life is a drag I have no interest in indulging in. If Twitter’s taught me anything it’s that every half-bright YouTube jackass has a legion of knuckleheads who’re desperate to lick that boot right at you.

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