Thursday, December 26, 2019

Man, I don’t get it. Day before yesterday, the Gibberish at the Blogger site (WordPress stuck with straight News) got beaucoup hits. Yesterday, the flat-out Gibberish at WordPress topped my previous record for “Likes”. It was just seven all told, but still. I’m sure there’s a lesson in all that, but I’ll be dipped if I know what it is.

By the by, Kwanzaa starts today, so “Habari gani?” and I do hope I’m doing that right.

Anyway, the day after Christmas. Some poor bastards had to go back to work while some brave souls headed into the madness of Returning Gifts to accomplish just that. Me, I had the option to lay around and read all day, and I did just that. There is something off, though. I keep using the CPAP and it keeps coming off, and when that happens I spend all day in a daze. Frankly, machine or no, I’m sleepy again by 11 a.m. If I had to choose, I’d say the machine hurts more than it helps.

Okay, so what else do we have today besides me complaining about how screwed up my sleep is. Hey, Epic Games is giving away a free game a day every day until Jan. 1. They’re also offering a 10% off coupon on purchases that’s good until May. Back when it kicked off, there were a whole lot of discouraging words in the Video Game World about the Epic store, particularly concerning the app’s lack of function compared to Steam’s doo-dad but quite a lot concerning “Epic exclusive” like Rebel Galaxy Outlaw and Metro Exodus.

As for the latter, I can see how it would stick up the nose of people who don’t like their games scattered about storefront apps, but it’s nothing new, really. I’ve been back into video games for, what, five years, and there’s always been a Steam and a GOG plus publisher-only whatnots for Ubisoft or EA (which uses Richard Garriott’s Origin as its name, which can only be seen as another twist the dull blade by corporate slag heaps). Me, I don’t particularly care and, in any event, GOG’s new doomaflochy lets you collect them all into one player.

As for the lack of features like chat rooms or game guides, I’m less than sympathetic. Of course, that’s not a fair assessment because I could care less for communication with my fellow “gamers” – a tedious lot at best, the limp-dicked scum of humanity at worst – and the internet has plenty of options to choose from if you need help getting past some difficult spot in whatever game. So take that for what you will.

Okay, then. A little News? Why not.

I wrote about it on the WordPress site when I was doing my Gibberish/News experiment, but here’s some more stuff on Matt Shea, the Washington State senator caught out aiding the Ammon Bundy domestic terrorism embarrassment, as well as keeping ties with less well-known White Separatists. He’s also accused of trying to set up a “Christian State” – going to call it “Liberty,” sure – which would, among other things, ban abortion or gay marriage, naturally. It also calls for execution of all straight men who disagree with that stance, and I bet that goes over well. By the by, the accusations of actual domestic terrorism and possible outright treason against the United States comes from Washington’s Republican party, if that matters and it generally doesn’t with these lulus.

Interesting thing is this guy’s been making a stink since at least April, including a Guardian piece that revealed all this assholery. While he has been placed on suspension, Shea has vowed to not resign despite it being the decent thing to do, and is organizing a “defense fund” which I’m sure won’t be funneled towards angry neckbeards who’re convinced what all the girls who won’t have sex with them are waiting for is a violent overthrow of a government that thinks gay people getting married is fine.

So what can we take from all this? Well, the Pacific Northwest is beautiful and charming, but it’s also home to some of the wiggiest nutjobs the good ol’ U.S.A. has ever produced. Idaho’s long been the home ground for neoNazis and Christian Identity folks. Oregon itself was founded with a constitution that outright banned black citizens. Of all the modern-day succession movements that are taken the least bit seriously, that part of the country – plus Northern California – bark the loudest.

But while this is nothing new there, as David Neiwert points out, it’s not to be lost in the growing drumbeat calling for violent slaughter of the “libs” and “Deep State” and “Never Trumpers” and whoever else the Trump cult deems worth slaughtering. It’s not just the gibbering lunatics that make up the “base” wanking their limp dicks at folks on social media. Actual congressional members, people who’re supposed to represent and work for all their constituents, are “warning” that if Trump is removed from office, all the “real American patriots” will have no choice but to unleash the dogs of war and go all Turner Diaries on their neighbors and kinfolk.

Now what to take from all this. The wingnuts assume that they’ll win in a cakewalk because they “have all the guns”. This is not true, though they have the majority, I’ll grant you. I do wonder where they think minority communities will fall in with this because, like so much else of American Culture, violence predicated against fellow citizens rarely takes into account not-white people. Beyond that, they also see the police and soldiers turning against Their Fellow Americans. Indeed, they see them chomping at the bit to gun down dirty liberals and socialist homosexuals.

I’m of two minds on this, particularly on whether or not us not-deluded people should be worried. Trump fans have already shown they’ll kill for the President, this is not in question. We already know the ammosexuals don’t care if schoolkids are shot on an almost biweekly basis. And we already know the GOP is infected with a large strain of paranoid, conspiracy-theory believers who’re convinced their gun and/or Twitter account is all that’s keeping the specter of totalitarianism at bay.

At the same time, these people lose their minds because Canadian National Broadcasting cut out Trump’s short appearance in Home Alone 2 back in 2014, two years before the dope won the election. Even Trump, taking a break from rage tweeting over getting impeached, and his eldest homunculus have gone on Twitter tirades over it, and the resulting shit fit is considered important for major media sources to cover. This is the guy they’re going to kill me over because I don’t love Daddy Trump more than I love my mother or third cousin or ice cream sandwiches, whichever.

Maybe I’m naive, but personally I’m not too worried. These clowns will shoot each other first, either by fussing over who’s got the biggest dick or just out of pure incompetence, before they get to me. The real worry and actual concern is how many more schools, synagogues and Wal-Marts they’ll shoot up for their Blind Idiot God before moving on to some other half-bright authoritarian slicker to worship. As goofy and pitiful as they are, it’d do to pay ’em close attention.

They’re willing to kill you for Donald Trump, of all people, and that ain’t no joke. That right there? That’s the “scary” part.

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