Tuesday, December 24, 2019, Part 1

Well, all right. We’re here for the News, y’all. This is what I’m going to try to do once I decide to implement The Project. For the Gibberish, go here. If I come up with anything clever for the Tumblr site, go here. Let’s do this.

So, this guy in Washington State – Matt Shea– wants to start some sort of Christian white nationalist thing that also wants to go full Handmaid’s Tale. Best part, he’s a state senator, has been unequivocally busted working with right-wing terrorists and completely refuses to be anything but proud to be a well-dressed Jim Jones. You might pooh-pooh this being a mere state senator, but that is nonsense because there are people in Washington who have to deal with a whack-a-doodle and, this may be going out on a limb here but, they may not agree with him.

And, no, this really isn’t merely a “difference of opinion/politics”. Guy wants grown men who won’t join him all executed. This guy’s David Koresh who knows what Robert’s Rules of Order is, okay? Okay.

Between this and the Christianity Today drama, it’s an interesting time in American Religion. Sure, there’s more than Evangelicals but do you think anyone cares? They’re the ones praying to the president. The back-and-forth has been getting progressively nastier, and for someone who’s not only an atheist with no dog in this hunt but also lived through the brace of Televangelist scandals that colored the mid ’80s, it has an unpleasant familiarity.

Jerry Falwell, Jim Baker, Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart, more names from the decade that won’t die. It seemed like each week another stone on the Straight-And-Narrow was kicked over, revealing behavior that would’ve had the Late JC turn the scourge on them. A heady time, and everyone fought until the every nickle could be squeezed loose. Now, they have Donald Trump helping them.

We all know that Evangelicals don’t represent all religious people or even all Christians. For that matter, they don’t speak for all evangelical Christians. They do, however, have an inordinate amount of power in the American Politic, they do have a well-oiled, sharp organization, and they finally have them a Golden Calf that is down with being one. Whether he’s actually convinced he’s the Chosen One or he’s just a dumbass enough rich boy drone that it’s how he sees the Natural Order, well, it hardly matters.

We’re seeing more and more soi-disant Republicans and/or conservatives of differing sects bailing on Trump. One of the primo conservative publications, National Review, has called for Trump’s butt-first exist from the White House and other significant Evangelical media has got narky at how Trump responded to the initial criticism from the Christianity Today (hint: poorly) on top of ex-Congress critters shaking their fingers while increasing numbers of current Congress critters becoming ex-Congress critters.

Now, granted, once again, this will not move the needle on the Faithful’s devotion one iota. I’m sort of amazed Trump hasn’t tweeted out that William F. Buckley’s stroke mag was a far-left “Fake News” full of “Never Trumpers”. Probably too busy dealing with the wandering Evangelicals, I bet. Most of the Trump cult really aren’t NR readers, let’s be honest.

But between this and the Matt Shea business, it does cause one to pause. Trumpers have threatened “blood in the streets” for any number of reasons. They claim they’d hoist the Black Flag if their Precious was impeached, but that went out with a silent whiff. He’s already put it out there that if he’s beat, it’s because he was “cheated”, and he’s “joked” that he’d go ahead and go for more than two terms. The androids are in on the “joke”, but they’re also planning out a dynasty that runs down the youngest kid Who Shall Not Be Named.

 Are they joking?Are they serious? Does it matter? Is this really the guy you’re going to kill your neighbors over? Really?

Enough of that. For this inaugural-if-accidental run through The Project, we’re going to be Fair & Balanced Like A Good Journalist Is. For the nonce, we are bowing to the altar of Objectivity by criticizing a Democratic candidate. Ready? Enjoy it, because my knees don’t bend all that often.

Barely a week after picky swearing he wouldn’t use his not-insignificant media thumbprint to trash his rival nominees, Billionaire Dickweed Michael Bloomberg has been using his he self-named magazine to trash his rival nominees. Even worse, he’s been using prison labor to handle his campaign calls. Yes, the billionaire media mogul who’s already proved to be a hypocrite when it comes to journalistic integrity is paying convicts nickles on the dollar to provide even more propaganda.

And he’s still considered a serious challenger for the 2020 Democratic Nominee and the One to snag the all-important “center Left” constituency rather than those crazy socialists who’d raise taxes on their Social Betters and fritter the money away on silliness like health care or student debt. Now, I can wrap my head around the longing for a Reasonable Central. Does nothing but get beat, but I can see the reasoning. Bloomberg should maybe think that all the yay-hoos who’re simple enough to put faith in a billionaire just because he’s a billionaire have already got them a horse to bet on.

But the Press takes him more serious than Corey Booker or Kamala Harris, and there’s a reason for that. Not only do journalists as a whole show themselves to be reluctant to rock the boat when all is said and done, they’re pretty down with having a Tough Boss to tell them what to do. This isn’t particular to the journalism career, but it’s silly to think it isn’t a cause of many of the field’s problems.

Okay, that’s good enough. Again, to dance away for a bit, this is the conception for The Project: News here, Gibberish at the Blogger site, and Just For Fun at Tumblr. Now all I have to do is figure out how to make money off it.

In any event, Merry Christmas if that’s what you do, Happy Hanukkah if that’s what you do, and hope your Tuesday-through-Wednesday is pleasant if you do neither.

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