Thursday, December 19, 2019

I’ve been pretty out of the loop today. Slept far too late then spent the remainder of the day playing video games, napping and reading, purposefully ignoring the outside world. I only logged into Twitter about an hour ago.

And I’m sort of glad I gave it a miss, because it’s being tediously predictable. A lot of wingnuts and soi-disant “leftists” are being all shitty saying “Trump’s still president” and “this was all political,” and I wish I could warp them all up into one group and scream, “No shit, Sherlocks, nobody expected him to quit or that impeachment would means he would be taken out of office, and this is what politics is, you big ninny.”

I’ve said it before, maybe not here, but a whole lot of people across the political spectrum have no idea what they’re talking about because their interest in politics coincides with the rise in the ubiquity of smart phones with social media apps. Before this, they were “oh, there all the same” types or “I don’t vote because of some dumbass reason that doesn’t hold up to the slightest bit of scrutiny”, eating boogers while others tried to do a little good in the world. They considered their ignorance and apathy as signs of true wisdom and edge-of-the-seat thinking, and those people are always dull.

But now we all have access to Twitter or Facebook, 24/7 wherever we are, and since our opinions, no matter how trite or cliched or poorly thought out, are important and must be heard by the entire cosmos. They’re still booger-eating dullards, except now they all have huge megaphones. It gets tiresome, and yes, I recognize the incongruity of complaining about that sort of thing while actively doing that sort of thing. I am large, I contain multitudes.

In any event, every half-bright jackass and their sibling they never speak to because of politics gave their opinion on yesterday’s impeachment, and most of them were dumb. Again, yes, this is politics, I’m sorry your dream government doesn’t exist, but here on Earth we have to deal with reality. The reality of the situation is the Democrats did score a victory against the Trump Administration though everyone with a room temperature IQ knows it won’t shake either the faithful cultists who think Trump should be elected Christ or the “Never Trumpers” who are embarrassed by the stooge’s antics but just can’t get behind raving socialists like Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg.

I’m going to go on record here. Trump is a particularly dangerous strain of right-wing lunacy, not because his politics are awful and he seems to do stuff specifically to hurt people. That’s just Republicans and conservatives, they get off on having awful politics designed solely to hurt who they consider should be hurt. No, Trump is dangerous because he’s dumb as a bucket of shit and such a small, petty man that he can be easily manipulated by stroking/attacking his ego, which we’re seeing North Korea, China, Saudi Arabia and, yes, Russia do on almost a daily basis. Having a punk for president isn’t turning out so well, who’d a-thunk it.

Anyhow. I’m in a foul mood and in no frame of mind to do this, and since I’ve hit 500 words, I think I’m good. The News is everyone who thinks they should be paid attention said absolutely nothing all day long and we impeached the President of the United States over being a crooked shit but the big ninny can do nothing by cry and moan to the thunderous applause of his acolytes.

I finished the very enjoyable The Dulwich Horror of 1927: A Tale Of The Cthulhu Mythos, a novella by David Hambling and will check out more of his stuff. I occasionally forget how good a band The Grateful Dead were before they fell in love with the smell of their own farts, so it’s nice to remind myself from time to time. Pathfinder: Kingmaker is a really good, engrossing game. Finally, SteamGOG and Epic are all having big Christmas sales and Epic’s giving a game away every day, so go there and lighten up, Matt.

Talk to me tomorrow. I might have something interesting then.

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