Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Okay, we’re riding with the King. Let’s knock this out, because I ain’t going to lie to you. I had a breakthrough in Pathfinder: Kingmaker and have been able to get myself past the next chapter. I’d rather be doing that.

Don’t get me wrong, still having fun, but I’m in one of my slightly manic strokes where I’m eager to do what I enjoy, all at the same time. Having fun with this, whatever it is, reading an interesting read, having fun with the video games, and enjoying music to just to be enjoying it. What normal people would call “a lazy Sunday afternoon”, but I ain’t normal and I ain’t going to pretend I am. One of the reasons I’m not married, probably, is the only connecting thread is they’ve all said something to the lines of “you’re so weird”. It’s not a bad thing, not all the time, but I can understand how it’d get tedious.

A strange interlude, if we can indulge. About 15 years ago, one of my younger co-workers asked me, “”Matt, what do you think is the best decade of music?” They figured I’d go with the Dawn of Rock & Roll and The Birth Of The Honky Tonk from the ’50s or some variation on the soul music of the ’60s or something like that, you know. I told him, “It’s now. Everything’s being re-released and made to sound as best as possible, you’re getting whole catalogs of third-stringer bands instead of 10-cut greatest hits. And it’s great new music being made for all the reasons, rather than just for money. It’s all available”.

These days, $10 worth your soul a month to Tim Cook or Jeff Bezos, you can add “almost everything recorded that’s still in print or under license. Plus, it’s cheaper because they don’t have to actually make concrete, physical objects.” Sure, it could all be wiped out with a real potent solar flare and that could happen any day now, if we’re not already running late for one. Live in the moment, I say, for tomorrow you could get hit by a bus.

Okay. Enough of that. We must carve our digital stone. Yes, it could also be wiped out with a spot of bad weather, but what the hell. Never the same river, never the same foot. Keep that in mind, beloved.

Anyhow, our loony, petulant, slothful joke of a President, the Blind- Ignorant God of around 70 million complete screwheads, man of them armed and spoiling for a national enema, sent the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi this six-page barely coherent diatribe that outright attacked her, questioned her faith and basically accused her of doing the whole impeachment thing just because she’s a horrible human being.

And then, and then, he gives this interview, a rambling, vicious litany of snarls and growls at just how unfair it all is and how mean the Democrats are and how much they’re trying to replay 2016 even though that’s a foolish thought and how this is the worst thing to happen to anyone in the entire history of history, and the same flapdoodle he’s been burbling since day one. If he was trying not to look guilty as shit, he failed miserably this afternoon and apparently on his own accord.

How was this guy ever the tough-nosed businessman, the slick deal maker who always comes out on top. It’s all PR smoke & mirrors, and we as a culture bought this because we’re easily amused saps. He must have been awful to do business with because you know not only would he try to cheat you just because, he’d also blame you for daring to question him, meanie. Is this sort of surly, red-assed behavior what gets one over in the world of high-end real estate and  wealthy taste.

People want to say that he’s sundowning or losing brain function do to age or just a life of sin or boorishness catching up to him, but that ain’t it. Read his first book, The Art Of The Deal, and it’ll tell you he’ll rob you blind, sucker, and he’ll do it because you can’t do anything about it. But as for being a petulant little turd whenever the hoi polloi forget their place, people want to believe – they almost need to believe – that we live in a society where even if he’s a rotten bastard of a crook, he’s at least smart enough and swift enough to be worthy of such accolades. To admit otherwise, even for liberals and leftists of a certain stripe, it would mean the whole edifice is rotted from the inside out and we’re just now seeing the cracks.

But tough shit, buckaroos, turns out him being a peevish dope who folds like a particularly moist house of cards whenever some stinking poor person has the audacity to be noticeable. Back in the early ’90s Trump joined up with casino lobbyists to challenge the right of Native tribes to operate casinos with rules and regulations particular to them because, well, we fucked them over and are trying to assuage our guilty without actually apologizing or making up for it.

Specifically, he was the face of a lawsuit that challenged the constitutionality of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, claiming he was losing millions of dollars in taxes the Mashantucket Pequots Tribe, specifically, were not having to pay on their Foxwoods Resort Casino. It didn’t do him no good, as all his casino ventures in the ’80s and ’90s went belly-up and he had to declare bankruptcy more than once, but nevertheless walked away with a tidy profit, as a New York Times investigation nailed him for dodging taxes due to the tune of $814 million.

He even tried to rope in the Mafia, saying the Pequots needed help from one of the Five Families to set up places where white folks could throw away their money. I guess if he figured if he sucked at it, everyone had to. Seriously, go watch the testimony and tell me there’s much difference.

Sure it’s a little tighter and 20 years did him no good whatsoever, but there’s still not enough polish for that turd. Soon as he gets to the end of his remarks someone else wrote for him and has to answer questions from actual human beings forgetting their station, he comes unraveled like a cheap tie. And like with his 30-year beef with the NFL, it still sticks in his craw and influences current policy.

What, you actually thought he gave a shit about the flag or the vets or even cops or cops killing black people? Good night, I bet they like seeing you coming.

For her part, Pelosi said “tough shit,” more or less, and said his flabby ass is getting impeached tomorrow, anyway. I really don’t know why he thought what this situation needed was a belligerent, ill-tempered screed followed by a barely coherent, vaguely threatening rant to the press. If he’d stayed shut up all day, he’d a come out looking better. He outright sucks at not looking guilty.

And somewhere around 70 million of Our Fellow Americans are cocked, locked & ready to open season on the rest of us if he gets removed from office, if he gets impeached but stays in office, or just loses next year’s election by any sort of margin, reasonable or not. Or they say they will, anyway. Who knows. While they do get off on the hard-on they give themselves when they imagine the “superior position” they’ll have, I say they don’t have the sack, to actually do anything.

I’ve been wrong a lot about Trump. I didn’t think he’d last the primaries, much less be the Republican nominee when it was all winnowed out. I didn’t think he’d beat Hilary because I underestimated how much enough people loathed her for any reason and overestimated the common sense of my fellow citizens. I didn’t think he’d last through the second year before stomping off in a huff much less be “joking” about running for a third term.

I’m not surprised he’s this damn dumb, though, because I’ve actually been paying attention to him in situations where he wasn’t following a script. He’s what happens when you don’t have to acknowledge any mistake about anything for your entire life. And I’m not all surprised he has so many seething knuckleheads who think posting memes shows their sharp political acumen willing to turn on anyone that cross him. But nobody thought he’d be this dumb and this petty, and the base love him for that all the more.

Okay. I’m going to go play Pathfinder.

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