Sunday, December 15, 2019

Hoo, I’m really not in the right frame of mind for this, nor am I inclined to try to stir anything up with the News. I’m more wired & tired than anything, and the grays are slumping down on me. I’ll just leave it open until I hit the mark. Your fair warning: all gonzo after this, and gloomy gonzo at that.

When I make the switch I may drop the word count. I shouldn’t, though, it keeps me honest. A combination from wherever I lay it down is fine. I guess it could be said that I’ve been doing that already, but I think it’s important to keep a record of some sort.

Problem is I basically spent the day napping. That’s not unusual, of course, and it’s getting to the point where The Sleep is the norm. It’d be different if I stayed up all night doing what I do, but that’s rarely the case. I’m just tired and disinterested. I may’ve wonder too deep into serious lazy, waded too deep in the mood to pull myself out. I do need to be more active, though, if not only for stimulation but basic health and maintenance as well. I won’t go into details.

The other thing that’s caught a-hold of my attention is YouTube dramatic readings of what the kids call “creepypasta,” what we used to calling “telling ghost stories’. Far as I know, anyway, but the stories are that sort of “mankind is but a speck in the universe” type horror that you can make a straight-ish line from Stephen King back down to H.P. Lovecraft, at the very least. I mean, it’s nothing groundbreaking, just updated to the Internet Age. Eventually the medium becomes maybe not the message but definitely a part of the story.

I mean they do the same thing, more or less, what Robert Chambers did with The King In Yellow just with cell phones and ubiquitous internet connection. Granted, there’s a lot, I mean a lot, to dig through because, apparently, we don’t give America’s Youth enough homework, and not all of them sing. Unsurprisingly, the best one I’ve seen was the first one I’ve seen, but I blame that more on me than anything. Some are better than others, but none of them are awful.

The various people, male and female, I’ve come across doing this are pretty decent and I’m assuming this, like much of the internet, does a better job running itself .When an outside force comes to make money off it, it goes off the rails and becomes something else. Good or bad, it’s something else. I have seen some of the actual written stuff, and like the SCP Foundation business, it’s more entertaining than not. A meta-narrative is always fun.

This is probably connected to the dramatic readings of some Lovecraft stuff that’s as of late have made for enjoyable snoozing background.

Okay, pizza’s done. I’ll come back to this.

Well, that was a good pizza and I stayed to watch the first half of the Bulls-Steelers game. Neither team looked that sharp, and by halftime, the whole affair lost me. This should make the nut, and I think I’ll just shut it down. Otis is already snoring away and I think he has the right idea.

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