Monday, December 16, 2019

I’m going to go ahead and knock as much of this as I can. We got some fierce weather to the north of us and to the south of us. Heavy windslightning, a few killer tornadoes, the whole nine yards. Stay above water, kids. At any given moment, the power might blip out and it could last all evening. Let’s hope it don’t.

Just running down the News, Google is leading with the on-going Jeff Van Drew affair. Last week we heard that he was voting against impeachment. This weekend he told us he was jumping ship to the Republican party. And this morning, we see the bulk of his staff walk out on him because he’s pulling this mess.

Politicians don’t swap parties much, and when they do, it’s significant. Of course, we know about the Southern Democrats leaving the party and eventually becoming Republicans after civil rights gains in 1948 and 1964. And back when Junior Bush was riding high on 9/11 and the Iraq War, more than a couple Democrats got them some of that sweet, sweet patriotism pandering in by jumping to the GOP. Zell Miller’s inevitability is a good example and he thought he was cute.

But I don’t know what this says. Van Drew’s Jersey seat is in a heavy Trump-voting area and it’s said the local bigwigs of the Democratic Party aren’t really pleased with him overall. On the other hand, Trump is by no means a safe bet. While he’s got a lot of comfort in the Senate – especially with Mitch McConnell planning to “coordinate” the trial with the White House and Lindsay Graham refusing to take it seriously – but the bulk of the polling shows the country wants Trump tossed from office as well as getting impeached, an almost sure bet. Hell, even Fox is calling it. Granted polls are no, that’s got to sting.

Furthermore, apparently no one really likes Van Zant in either party, but that’s no issue. Ted Cruz is universally despised for the loathsome homunculus he is, yet he’s managed to keep hold of a safe Senate seat while making a tidy profit on things. And it’s not going to push the vote either way. The D’s need only a majority vote and there’s plenty of bounce there, even if Trump didn’t spend the bulk of the weekend lashing out and whining.

Showing again how he’s got water for guts, Trump is making noise about not participating in the Presidential Debates next year with whoever gets the Democratic nod. As part of his regular Monday morning Twitter fit, Trump yelled at the non-partisan Commission for Presidential Debate, saying he was the President and he’d decided when they happened, not them, and maybe he’ll just take his ball and go home if you’re going to be so mean. And, of course, it’s stacked with people who hate him, he just knows they do because they haven’t said otherwise, why no it isn’t at all concerning that the President of these United States is this goddamn paranoid. Why do you ask?

He says he still might debate – but might not! – the Democratic nominee but without the Commission, but frankly, I don’t see him following through. He’s not a bright man and someone slick might get the dopey bastard to admit to high crimes, misdemeanors and all sorts of horrible shit. In any event, it’s another thing that won’t move the needle for the Cult. The Democrats should just hold Town Halls if he does chicken out or try to rig the debates.

It’s still pouring and booming out there, but it seems the worst has slid on past us. The above is pretty much what can be expected when we move into The Project. Quick look at the news, make fun of the president being a big ol’ baby, and how/why it might be important or might not be with a few links thrown in to back up my bullshit. Why should anyone pay attention to me, much less pay me? Hell, I don’t know.

Why should they?

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