Friday, December 13, 2019

It’s another cold, grey, rainy day, and therefor another day that was good for dropping out of the scene. So, let’s see what kicking around today before we settle in for the weekend.

Above and beyond anything else, though, we have to talk about the big News of the day. This morning, the House Judiciary Committee filed to move the articles of impeachment to the full House of Representatives against President Donald Trump. Sometime next week, the full House will vote whether or not Trump becomes the third president in U.S. history to be impeached.

Unless he pulls a Nixon, it’s a pretty forgone conclusion that the ax is coming down on Trump. Because they have an overwhelming numerical superiority, the D’s are down to the ground on this. There are two known defectors and a couple others in pro-Trump districts may waver, but the numbers are just against him.

What’s really funny about all this, the Trump lackeys on the Judiciary Committee – including “Whiskey” Matt Gaetz and “Angry” Doug Collins – spent all yesterday hemming and hawing, trying to delay the Committee’s vote until the wee hours. Apparently, they were going for “late nigh vote” scenario for some reason.

Much to their surprise and chagrin, Chairman Jerry Nadler abruptly tabled debates right around 10 p.m. EST, catching the Republicans flat footed. Naturally, they threw a solid-gold shit fit over this, with serious amounts of kicking and screaming. Collins, especially, went apoplectic, stammering out a stream of complete gibberish in lieu of holding his breath until he turned blue. They apparently also missed the White House Christmas Party because of this tomfoolery. In short, bwa-ha-ha.

In any event, Trump is getting impeached and there ain’t a damn thing to be done. The cult can cry and scream all they want, but unless the Democrats decide they haven’t shot their feet off enough lately, this is a done deal. As we’ve said over and over, it probably won’t move the needle for the faithful nor will it make the pundits happy, which is why “screw ’em” is all they need to be told. And yes, this is “all politics” but that’s what politics are. Get a helmet.

When this goes to the Senate, probably sometime early next year, things will be different. The GOP has themselves one of those statistically majorities and, more likely than not, Trump will become the third president in history that had been impeached without removed from office. This is kind of a given, considering the numbers, but Evil Turtle and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has said the party will coordinate fully with the White House to handle Trump’s trial.

This does sound a bit skeevy and, well, not all together legal, but McConnell does not give one shit about your rules, man. Nor does Trump or the GOP or the Screaming Faithful, which comes as a shock to absolutely no one. The Democrats have argued that he should recuse himself from the trial, but good luck with that, buddy. Trump hasn’t really kicked up much of a fuss about things today – especially not compared to yesterday – but it can’t be sitting well with him.

But the sleazy bastard got a sop thrown at him today, so he needs to button it. The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear pleas concerning Trump’s lawyers trying to block the release of his financial records. The House and a New York state prosecutor have subpoenaed those records from one of Trump’s long-time accountants, both to aid in impeachment and prosecute some of the shady stuff he pulled in Manhattan before heading to Washington.

The upshot of all this is Trump will be able to keep his financial shenanigans from being brought up during the Senate trial. For someone who’s entire persona is based around how rich he is, Trump is mighty reluctant to give any concrete proof. In any event, it’s something else that probably won’t budge either the party toadies or the wanna-be Orange Shirts. They love their Lord and will not abandon him, for he will reward them… somehow.

In any event, it’s Friday and I think that’s good. I’ve got some stuff that doesn’t fit the News but I’ll save it for the weekend. I need to start moving into the Project, anyway. Salute.

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