Thursday, December 12, 2019

I’ve been pretty much out of pocket today, so we’ll keep this short and sweet. Of course, every time I say that I wind up rambling on for a couple thousand words. I wrote a thing on LaBelle over at the Tumblr site, and it was a lot of fun if you’re more interested in that. In any event, let’s quit fooling around.

Just looking at Twitter this evening, it looks like Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party is set to win the election in the United Kingdom with what appears to be a pretty clear majority. I’m not going to pretend I have a clear and solid grasp of British politics beyond knowing Johnson’s the English Trump and just as dumb and venal, and Jeremy Corbyn was the choice of most folks on the left.

From what I’ve gathered, however, is the Conservatives were trailing in the polls up until last week sometime. I also really don’t know what this means for the people of the United Kingdom, though I do know the sloppy clown’s been making noises about doing away with the much-vaunted National Health and putting the country on a path to the private insurance model, which has worked so swimmingly here.

I would imagine this will affect Brexit in some form or fashion, though I don’t know how, nor do the Tories, from what I can tell. The vote for Brexit was June 23, 2016, and here it is, over three years later, and I don’t think they’ve come to an agreement that makes everyone happy. From what I gather, most of it revolves around Britain not wanting their trade status with the European Union to change all that much but they can keep out more foreigners. Yeah, good luck with that logic, chappies.

Again, to make it perfectly clear that I really don’t know what I’m talking about on the nuts-and-bolts level, but I don’t think anyone in the UK was actually expecting Brexit to pass back in 2016, much less the people who were running on it. Sort of like us with Trump; no one expected the silly bastard to win, be damned if he did, and we spent the first year adjusting to it while he spent the first year learning how to turn the lights on. It’s the “Jesse Ventura vote” and we need to cut that shit out. It’s really, really not that funny.

Speaking of our own mud show, the House Judiciary Committee moved forward on impeaching Donald Trump, and spent the day trying to wrangle the articles of impeachment into something workable. The Republican stooges fought to remove the entire first article – Trump’s clear abuse of power – and were reduced to kicking and screaming when they didn’t get their way.

In any event, a vote for impeachment in the House (probably sometime next week) with the Senate being pretty much resigned to the vote happening and they actually have to do something besides going on televsion. Human jellyfish Lindsay Graham is making noises about pushing it through as fast as possible, allowing no witness, so the Senate can get back to what’s really important, sitting on over 250 bills that Senate leader Mitch McConnell is being a stubborn clog about, because fuck you, that’s why.

Okay, one last thing. We all know the president is a butthole. No one questions that, not even his faithful. None of them like Trump for his kind, caring nature or his quiet wisdom and gentle, yet penetrating wit. No, they like him because the president is finally being as vulgar and shitty as they are. They like that he screwed people over as a businessman and was a shit husband/father. They like that gives his political opponents petty nicknames remarkable only in their banality. They like that he pardons war criminals and encourages police to beat up protesters. This is what they kept trying to make George W. Bush into, it’s what they’ve been thirsting for since Reagan left in ’88.

And they don’t care when his jabs and japes blow up in his face. For instance, he was not roundly mocked at the NATO conference last week nor he’s obliterated anyone else when it comes to both slacking on the job and benefiting financially from it. It’s just not their reality and any deviation from the president says is reality, which changes from day to day, is just “fake news” or part of the “Deep State”. Anything he does you can’t explain away is either his adorably oafish rich kid persona, and I can’t figure out where in the National Psyche that came from, or something to do with Q.

Anyhow, you remember Greta Thurnberg, the Swedish teenager who’s spent the last year traveling the world trying to shame political leaders into doing something about environmental issues before it’s too late, if it already isn’t. The other thing she’s done is piss off every tedious, half-bright mewling screwhead that thinks Al Gore invented Global Warming to destroy Capitalism. They hate this kid, and would no doubt cheer if her boat sank. They hate her so much, they pretend like they’re concerned for their well-being when they cannot for the sake of decency even pull off a modicum of sincerity. No one believes you, you dicks.

In any event, when she came to the U.S. few weeks back, she pissed off our metric ton of tedious, half-bright mewling screwheads in no time flat to the surprise of absolutely no one. She also got guff from the Screwhead-In-Chief because he’s petty like that. Anyhow, she’s been named Time Magazine’s Person of The Year, an award so coveted by Trump that he’s made up fake covers framed for his office. It’s kind of sad to be so petulant about it, but the people eat that shit up like caramel from angels. Of course, that’s the rational response and there’s no shaking that faith.

Anyhow, she gets the nod – which is nice but ultimately meaningless, I mean, did anyone seriously think otherwise, holy shit – and Trump blows a gasket in the midst of a truly stunning Twitter meltdown. I quit paying attention after 400 tweets. Above anything else, I think you have to admire this young lady’s brass ones and the idea that anyone is protecting someone who’s got every number Trump ever thought of, despite what the wingnuts wish.

But what’s crazy, creepy and incredibly unsettling is someone Photoshopped his head onto her body, so now Trump and the rabid faithful are considering this a savage burn on Thurnberg, not the pitiful, pathetic display of pettiness and shallowness that would be embarrassing if it came from a 12-year-old child and not the most powerful man in the “Free World” who has access to innumerable of missiles that could end life uncountable times over before he went through 50.

What’s really shaking my tree right now, though, that most tremulous of strokes? These people are willing and ready, if not eager to launch an all-out war on whoever it takes if Trump’s either removed from office after impeachment or voted out in 2020 or, hell, if not allowed to run for multiple terms after 2024. They “joke” about it and he “jokes” about, but their “jokes” suck and, frankly, I am not inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt.

They’re not doing it for God and Country. They’re not doing it for Freedom or Liberty. They’re not doing it for Truth, Justice and the American Way. They’re not even doing it for the Republican Party or all the make conservative thought in general.

They’re doing it Donald Trump. That, friends and neighbors, should make you a little cautious and thoughtful of what this place is going to look like this time next year. I’ve got my Hill, I don’t know what the rest of you poor bastards are going to do.

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