Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Another nasty day, nastiest one we’ve seen in a while. The temperature’s stayed in the 30s and we’ve seen rain, sleet and even a little snow. Nothing’s sticking here, but some places in the Viewing Area saw a nice little blanketing. On the upside it’ll be cleared out, for the most part, tomorrow and will be somewhat warmer.

Well, that’s the weather. Inside, we’re still in a gloomy mood and, worse yet, the Sleep did a number on me despite calling it an early-ish night last night. I did use the Lamp this morning, though, It did the job last year but it took a couple days. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a weird stroke and, I ain’t going to lie, sounds like nonsense, but it is a thing and I’m living proof it is a drag.

What’s really weird about it is how it is how it drags down everything else, even things that aren’t a bother when I’m not down with SAD. These are things that are rarely an issue even when I’m normally down rub like a cob when the SAD kicks in. Like not being a financial success or being alone into middle age. I swear, I am fine with my position in the universe and path through life. I mean, it’d be great to have found something that I liked doing and made me money, but them’s the breaks. Everything else is pretty much how I’d pictured it.

But when the SAD swings in, boy howdy. I don’t get it but there it is. I don’t think this was an issue when I lived in New Orleans, either. I can’t remember Athens as much, but I do remember when one awfully snowy day knocked out the power and I was all alone. That was a rough evening, kids.

Anyhow. A little News. The Democrats filed two arguments of impeachment today, keeping the process going and making Trump fill his drawers some more. This basically means the two articles – abuse of power and obstruction of justice – could be voted through the House Judiciary Committee and hit the House floor by next week.

There’s been some concern that the Democrats were being too cautious with only two articles, but one has to consider pragmatism. We have a President who’s lost insignificant numbers from his own party and, yet, has somehow managed to paint himself as the aggrieved, put-upon soul. I really can’t wrap my head around supposedly hard, steely-eyed Republicans throwing so much in with someone who cries and boo-hoos as much as Trump does, but there we are. Every time he mewls “witch hunt” I just want to tell him to grow a pair.

In any event, be sure to watch for all the jockeying and cat-herding as both parties try to shore up support as well as keep jittery party members from straying. Right now, it looks as if Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey is the only D who’ll jump, and that’s mainly because Trump won his district by 20 points in 2016 and he has no balls. Back in October, the House passed a measure authorize the hearings, with Van Drew and Minnesota’s Collin Peterson voting no. Peterson’s another likely loss, though he’s been far less forthcoming with his gutlessness.

There’s less chance for any splitters from the GOP side, as Justin Amish of Michigan apparently the only one who took that Tea Party hoo-hah to heart. He’s the only guy who actually left the party and is voting with Democrats on this. None of the clowns that are bailing out at the next election have enough sand to go against Lord Trump or the GOP faithful before they cut and run.

For what it’s worth, two solid articles of impeachment beats spreading the love too thin. Plus, waiting until they get more evidence may mean for a back-up plan in case this impeachment doesn’t do the trick. Once again, though, I don’t see this moving the needle for the 2020 elections too much. The faithful aren’t going to leave the Cult for anything. He could rape a child, and then deep-fry and eat it on national television and the MAGAts would break out into a “twelve more years” chant.

Okay, then, some news in the “are we sure we want to give these guys guns” category. A running shootout ended up in a standoff in Jersey City as a police office approached two individuals who were suspects in a homicide investigation. Apparently displeased with the questioning, the two suspects killed the officer and fled to a nearby bodega to hole up around 12:30 p.m. Eastern.

Everything I’m seeing is that the situation is still considered “fluid”, though the death toll is up to six. That’s the initial officer, the two suspects and three people in the bodega who were probably just there to buy loaf bread or something. This comes after Friday’s high-speed chase turned into a shoot out at a crowded traffic stop that killed two completely innocent people and raises further questions about the competence of the police when it comes to situations involving deadly force. If they’re not “protecting or serving” anyone who really needs it, what is the point?

All right, that’s about all I want to fool with today. Maybe more stuff on video games tomorrow. Maybe more grumbling. Tune in and find out. Or don’t, hell, I don’t care.

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