Sunday, December 8, 2019

I really have nothing. It’s just one of those days. I could’ve stayed asleep the whole day and had the same outcome.

Don’t get me wrong, I got plenty of sleep today. Going through another bout of having the infernal machine stay on all night and still be dog tired throughout the day. Maybe even worse. I had two solid communes, but still nothing. It was either too cool to enjoy properly or I was just too tired. Ah, well.

Part of it is melancholy. One of the gentlemen in this community passed away Thursday after a long illness and his family held the funeral today. I went to the viewing. Momma knew the man’s wife growing up and I’d known the entire family my entire life. The youngest son is a friend of mine, even though he’s got 10 years on me. We’re not tight, though he is with my cousin, but he’s part of my youth.

He’s a cocky, smart-ass rascal, it’s part of his charm, so it was odd seeing him looking vulnerable and stressed out until he was ready to scream. The gentleman who passed had been sick a long time and he’s basically been going downhill for quite a while and had recently been moved in hospice care. It’s not dissimilar to what my family went through when he died.

You’d think that long fall would make the eventual moment easier, and you tell yourself it’s better than someone being taken quick, but it never works out that way. I’m still not ready to write about my father, and this family was as close as mine. Regardless, it was a nice turnout and Snooky (that’s what he was called) would have appreciated it.

I went to the viewing but didn’t stay for the funeral. I don’t know if the rest of the world does this, but before the actual funeral, we have the viewing. It is what it sounds like. Open coffin, everyone files in and takes a look at the body, the shakes hands or hug necks with the bereaved while expressing sympathy and love.

I personally am not crazy about them – and I think the whole “looking at a dead body with make-up” always strikes me as weird – but they’re better than funerals. Plus, it’s rare time when you get to see everyone again and tell each other how we’ve all changed and how much a drag it is we only do this when there’s a funeral or an election.

So, even though I was never as tight as, say, Momma was with the family, we’re a little gloomy today, partly because it affects her so much. She’s getting older, both her parents are gone, two of her brothers, her husband and, at 70, almost more of her friends and neighbors than are still alive. Momma’s got a heart as big as all outdoors, so when she’s down and blue it’s palpable. By that’s part of life, sad as it is, it’s as much a part of the whole as the good times.

Well, that’s five hundred words. I’m not much into digging anything interesting out of The News. That has less to do with melancholy than the lack of cognitive firing today. Trump said some horrifically block-headed balderdash at a conference sponsored by the Israeli-Amercan Council. In a nut shell, he called Elizabeth Warrn “Pocahontas” again and said the Jewish people in attendance aren’t “good people” but would vote for him because “they love money”. He also said certain Jews didn’t “love Israel enough.

He also “joked” around again about being in office “12 more years”, and we’re all going to regret letting that thought settle into his head. This guy believes his own bullshit, maybe more so than anyone ever has, and we’re learning more and more about his antipathy towards the rule of law. His wiggier followers promise violence if he looses next November and maybe if he wins.

In other interesting whatnots, the Hunk Of Spam That Walks Like A Senator From Texas, Ted Cruz, got his butthole ripped out of by the usually milquetoast Chuck Todd this morning Not only was the corner-stopping on MILF-porn connoisseur for being a Trump toady trying to muddy the waters on the circumstances behind the impeachment brewing up, he also got crap for being a Trump bootlicker in general. People still pretend to be shocked that after calling his wife ugly, making cracks about his eligibility to run for president, and tried to link his dad to the JFK murders that Cruz would still be a willing footstool for Trump.

That’s because they haven’t been paying attention to his legislative career. He’s one of the most disliked person in Washington, and that’s in large part to how big a snake he is and how quickly he drives in the dagger if he sees the wind change direction. He’d be the first to turn on Trump if the dime ever drops, and I don’t know why any of you are surprised about this.

Okay, that’s plenty. Maybe I’ll have a little more fire tomorrow. Salute.

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