Thursday, December 5, 2019

Sometimes it’s a slow news days because I’m lazy or really not in the right frame of mind to deal with anything, much less the strange land we currently wander through.. Sometimes it’s a slow news days because it’s a slow news day. Those aren’t bad, mind; it’s nice to able to take a step away from the maddening crowd and think on things. We really don’t give ourselves the opportunity to day that near enough.

In any event, today’s one of those days, and though my mood ain’t into heavy thinkings on the News, we ought to look at things. Part of the reason is I got to commune with the front yard, and that took a bit out of me. This isn’t a bad thing, and again, we as a news consuming public sometimes get swept up in the sound and fury of America politics. Especially in the post-Trump election/everybody has Twitter world we find ourselves in, where covering news trends is almost a school of quantum mechanics.

The usual scant amount of work done for this gibberish includes looking at some of the internet’s news aggregators, sites that bring in headlines from different sources. Google NewsYahoo News, things like that, plus wire services like the Associated Press and Reuters. Usually that’s a pretty good swallow of what The Powers That Be are fine with us knowing. I know, I know, “mainstream media” and all that hogwash, but for as awful as they are for digging under the surface, they get the job done when you just want a look. Since no one’s paying me for this nonsense, I don’t feel obligated to it anyway but like I want to and, besides, taking the long view has its charms

But as we’ve stated, there’s just not a whole going on today apart from one particular, and we’ll get to that on the nonce. Most of what we’re seeing spillover from yesterday. For example, the continued wingnut outrage that Barron Trump was mentioned in impeachment hearings, which is the most attention his parents much less anyone else has given him in a while For what it’s worth, sure the MAGAt faithful and conservatives who pretend to not be are incensed about the play on words they didn’t understand. The media’s trying to make it a “thing”, but it’s really not. They don’t care about that boy anymore than they care about “the soldiers” when they can bash the ones that aren’t lockstep with the White House.

The other thing is the continued giggling about Trump being laughed out of the NATO conference and the big ol’ baby pouting his way back home. It’s not that heavy a deal – no one but the Faithful really thinks anyone respects Donald Trump, for cryin’ out loud – and given the U.S. is still potent stance in the World Community, it’s going to do little more than give the next Democratic president one more thing to clean up. The

Though the funniest thing happened when he got home, as Trump got to see Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi giving the okay to draft articles of impeachment against the President of the United States of America. This doesn’t automatically means he will be impeached, just that the House will vote on it before moving things to the Senate to either kick him or let him stay, depending on how the vote happens. There’s also talk that tie Vice-President Mike Pence and California Representative and cow fancier Devin Nunes deeper into the whole mess. That and the mocking from the “cool kids” at NATO has to stick in his craw.

Now, some are questioning the speed the Democrats are moving on impeachment, but my gut says if she didn’t think she had Trump by the balls, Pelosi wouldn’t be pulling the trigger. Again, we really can’t do anything but sit and watch, as any “analysis” – whether by pros or random dingbats on Twitter – is barely worth the energy it took to come up with it. Everyone gets a smartphone and gets on whatever social media service is taken the most seriously, and suddenly we’re all a combination of James Carville and Walter Cronkite. Thing is, that random dingbat you’ll block on Twitter is as liable as not be just as worth paying attention to a Washington Press that considers Tom Lahren or Ben Shapiro opinions of merit.

Okay, couple of things and we’ll call it a night. After getting wired and inspired I wrote a couple of short shots on the Tumblr site concerning certain variances of common parlance that I personally feel are silly. That’s up to you, though. In actual news, a tightening of work restrictions by the Trump administration when it comes to receiving food stamps could cut around 7,000,000 people plumb off and affect around 3 million. Unless it’s stopped, it’s set to go into affect right around Christmas, which may come as a shock to normal people, but remember: with this bunch, cruelty is the point.

Another House Republican has announced he’ll retire at the end of his term. Georgia’s Tom Graves is the latest fly to drop, bringing the number of House rats fleeing the ship up to an even 20. A Tea Partier, Graves has said he doesn’t think Trump is lining up “with the great tradition of Lincoln and Reagane,” and has bravely decided to quit than actually do anything about because he knows the base will skin him alive if he goes against their God Emperor. One thing that’s interesting on this particular case is it opens up another spot in Georgia and a lot of folks are thinking this will just help the Democrats flip it to a blue state. I used to live in Georgia and I ain’t holding my breath, for what that’s worth.

Finally, here’s a really absorbing read in The New York Times Magazine from someone who used to work for well-known liar and profession screwball Alex Jones. However much contempt you rightly hold InfoWars employees in, it’s still something of a story. Kid’s a fan and eventually gets a job just to slowly come to realize what sort of cheap carny lunatic Jones is. Furthermore, even if you agree with his bullshit, Jones sounds like a nightmare to work for, all self-absorbed and full of unpredictable rage. Check it out.

Okay for now. Dallas and Chicago are about to play and I need to decide if I’ve had enough football for the week. Adios.

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