Wednesday, December 4, 2019

It’s been a pretty big day, so let’s jump into it.

Impeachment hearings continued today, as the witnesses included a quartet of law experts: Harvard’s Noah Feldman, Standford’s Pamaela S. Karlan, North Carolina’s Michael Gerhardt, and George Washington’s Jonathan Turley. They were invited to basically explain the legal framework at how the House will respond to the allegations of Trump’s impeachable misconduct.The House Judiciary’s report argued that Trump’s actions were indeed worth impeachment and the four scholars were to help the House decided whether all the t’s were crossed and i’s were dotted.

Of course, the lickspittle House Republicans decided to question if the scholars were far too liberal to be properly speak, because that’s really all they got. You can’t fight ’em with facts, you baffle them with bullshit seems to be what they’re going for. George boozehound & multiple DUI recipient Matt Gaetz got his knickers in a twist over Karlan’s past campaign donations, getting increasingly unhinged that the legal scholar didn’t properly worship Trump. She also made a crack about Trump naming his kid “Barron” but couldn’t make him a “baron”, and Republicans went all Sarah Sanders’ smokey eyelashes goofy while the Trump family pretended to care about the kid.

Even stupider, Gaetz asked the scholars if any of them had been in on the call. I guess he was trying to imply that since they didn’t have first-hand knowledge of what Trump’s already admitted to, their testimony was no good, even though that wasn’t what they were there for. Yeah, he somehow manages to make Georgia look bad.

Maybe what’s funniest about all this distracting nonsense by the Republican toadies is that one of the scholar had weighed in on the issue. Johnathan Turley has written two pieces in The Hill urging investigation into the debunked Hunter Biden business, but that didn’t come up because of course it didn’t come up.  And only Turley was the only scholar who didn’t say the impeachment hearings weren’t a sure lock. Indeed, it was argued that this very scenario was what the framers of the Constitution had in mind when it came to impeaching the president.

For their part, the Republicans babbled on about how unfair it was that the Democrats were being mean to Trump or that it didn’t matter what he did or that it didn’t count because it didn’t work. Gaetz’s fellow Peach State embarrassment Doug Collins started the morning with a near-incomprehensible ramble, claiming no one had read the transcripts and the law professors were a waste of time. This got him a rhetorical kick in the balls from Kaplan, noting that just because he was dumb as a stump and a wholly owned subsidiary of Trump Group, not everyone was as stupid and that went double for law teachers.

I imagine this is how Impeachment will go. Republicans can’t deny what Trump has already admitted to, so all they can do is try to make a circus of the proceedings and muck it up as best they can. One shudders to think what sort of shenanigans they’ll pull if this goes on to the Senate. Part of it is the party’s undying loyalty to their Blind Idiot God but, let’s face it, the GOP’s spent the last 20 years going from just normal bastards to incompetent, incoherent bastards. Remember, Trump’s a symptom of the rot, not the cause.

Okay, couple of other things before we go. Murder, abusive boyfriend, borderline psycho and all around garbage human being George “My Defense Was That I’m Such A Punk-Ass I Need A Gun” Zimmerman announced he was suing the parents of Trayvon Martin, the prosecutor and The Miami Herald. Zimmerman, who’ll you remember murdered Martin because he wasn’t as badass as he thought he was back in 2012, claims his was the victim of a conspiracy, and includes “malicious prosecution” and defamation as part of the suit. Considering the bastard’s dad had ties to the local DA who for all the world looked she softballed it to help out Zimmerman, that one’s got to sting.

He’s being represented by wingnut legal thug Larry Klayman, who was recently censured by the D.C bar which recommend he be suspended from practicing law. For his part, Klayman is a serious piece of work. Not only has he worked with conspiracy freakshow Jerome Corsi, he’s called Obama a “crypto-Communist Muslim,” whatever the hell that means, and called for a “second American nonviolent (wink wink) revolution” because he didn’t like the aforementioned black man in the White House and hates the “wrong kind” of Jews. In any event, most people who’ve looked at Zimmermen’s lawsuit say it’s as empty as his soul and will do little more than embarrass the asshole who’s spent the last seven years showing us all that he was exactly what we thought he was.

On the lighter side of things, I’m sure we’ve all seen the video of Canada’s Justin Trudeau, France’s Emmanuel Marcon, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Dutch PM Mark Rutte sharing a laugh at a NATO conference at how incompetent and needy the President of the United States is, especially when it comes to long, rambling press conferences where he bitches about how “unfair” everyone is to America while showing he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

Well, to everyone’s slight shock, the petty little shit took his ball and went home, but not after calling Trudeau “two-faced”. He claims it’s because he’s done so many press conferences in the past two days – and considering his weak, bloated constitution, there might be something to that – but the probable reason is Trump can hand out the insults all day, as dumb ass they usually are, but he cannot take the merest hint of clapback.

Well, if nothing else, I hope the rest of the world’s enjoying the chuckle they’re having at our expense. I will say, though, that Boris Johnson turning on him has got to stink. You’d think there’d be some honor amongst bigoted, small-minded dirtbags, but I guess it goes to show.

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