Sunday, December 1, 2019

Ah, Sunday morning coming down and going home. After yesterday’s heavy rains and blustering thunderstorms, today was fairly pleasant. Cool and windy, but nice enough.

All in all, a fine day. Got to commune with the front yard a bit, which I’d missed, and bought me another keyboard. I do have to get it picked up, but that’s tomorrow. I also need to look into getting whatever’s causing this computer to slow down fixed, but I guess I’ll wait until after the holiday before I worry about it. There’s only a couple of places around here that do the work, but we’ll see.

It’s December, which means we’re about to see the back end of 2019. I’ll confess, as a boy I figured we’d be living in a blasted out post-nuclear apocalypse world, if we were still living at all. You kids don’t know what that’s like. Two countries that proved how aggressive they were and thuggish they could be, wagging their dicks at each other with ungodly amounts of nuclear weapons. It wasn’t a matter of when, it was a matter of if.

And then the Soviet Union finally ate itself before the U.S. could. Me, I don’t know if there’s anything more to it than that, whether we outspent them into bankruptcy before we bankrupted ourselves or it shows the fundamental flaws of a totalitarian communist government as opposed to a capitalist one. Could be, but the ’80s were rough on everyone and the president, while he had more style than the dork in the White House now, was still openly contemptuous of those on society’s lowest rung. He just said it better.

Make no mistake, there is very little difference between the GOP that was developing under Reaganism, bitter Nixon holdouts and conservative evangelicals finally coming into their power, and the end result we see today. We just didn’t have Twitter, is all. The Elder Bush, with his time as head of the C.I.A. as well as time spent as a Representative, ambassador and vice-president, he had a little wisdom. His four-and-out, though, just showed how empty modern conservatism is unless you shovel red meat to the howling masses.

Which leads us to the empty suits of the past two administrations. Bush Jr. was a dope and a fool, but at least he and there foul combination of Nixon dead-enders, surviving Reganites, and goddamn werewolves had a vested interest in keeping the country existing. Regardless of the space between his ears, his handlers and bully boys had a little experience. Therein lies the particular problem with Trump and his crew of plastic fascists. Not only are the mendacious and incompetent, you’ll never get me to believe that Donald Trump cares what happens to the country, the world or even his progeny once he’s stepped on a rainbow.

Ah, I don’t want to waste time with that clown on this fine, cool Sunday. He’ll be fouling the air plenty next week. The White House announced it would not be participating in hearings, which start Wednesday. He’s boo-hooing that the process is being too mean for him and the whole inquiry are tainted. Trump lapdog Pat Cipollone said they might be up for the Friday deadline for future hearings, but I don’t see it happen.

One thing Trump does not posses is the sack to face his enemies and accusers. It does him just as well to hide in the Oval Office. The press won’t push too much and his base just eats it up when the president hides and cries about how mean everyone is to him Figure that one out.

Oh, I want to touch on this. I’m not going to name names – mainly because I don’t want to goofy jackasses tracking me down and shitting in my inbox – but apparently a lot of the women who are big stars in the “alt-right” movement are finding out the men in said movement are fucking awful human beings. A number have gone on Twitter to whine about how little respect they’re getting from trolls. Seems one major thing these anti-feminist honey badger types don’t care for is when the weird little shits that make up the foot soldiery give them shit about not pounding out babies for the White Race.

Granted, this is all coming from trolls who live just to make people who can’t physically slap them for that shit miserable. But it is from alt-right true believers, and the make leaders of the movement aren’t really helping the cause. While it’s true most of them like Richard Spencer and Milo Yiannopoulos have wrecked their brand so badly they can’t help anyone, the white nationalist ladies auxiliary seem to be fighting a lone battle.

One of them – and this is just great – says her “traditional family” dreams don’t clash with her “I’m 22 and don’t want to be a breeding factory just yet” because she feels women should be allowed to chose what life they want to lead. Of course, she argues that feminism is destroying Western society even if she’s sort of down with the benefits so long as they apply to her.

Now. I’m supposed to feel sympathy for these distaff Nazis, but frankly, I just can’t be bothered, Sure being trolled by people who mean you no good at all sucks, but ladies: this is who you threw in with. No body made you preach racism and division, and no one made you join a group of obviously awful hate-filled dick stains. Lie down with dogs and all that.

Maybe this will be a come to Jesus moment for them, at least as far as feminism goes. And maybe when the recognize how wrong they were about the use of and need for feminism in the face of the dirty little bastards they call allies, they’ll realize that maybe they’ve been wrong about spreading racism and xenophobia. It might happen, but I doubt it. One thing people, especially bourgeoisie white people who think “shared European culture” is a thing aren’t real big on self-reflection or self-criticism.

In any event, fuck ’em and feed ’em corn flakes. They have long since pissed away any good will, respect or even benefit of the doubt in championing these regressive, outdated and useless “values”. People fought, suffered and died for what these shitbags are trying to take away and I’m supposed to feel bad because the guys they encourage treat them like they think all women should be treated. Piss off. You can change your ways and work to make this a better world for all God’s children, Ilsa and Eva, but you got to give before you get. If you think there’s light in them boys, hoo son, are you going to be a sad little girl on Christmas morning.

Anyhow. That’s enough for tonight. I need to get my pills straightened out and I’ve been digging back into The Witcher 3. Great game, but it’s just so… enormous. I have to play it in bits and pieces to keep from drowning, seems like.


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