Saturday, November 30, 2019

You know, there’s just not a lot in the News that interests me. Trump said something stupid, not considering he might ought to sit down, shut up and concentrate on not being impeached. I still say it’s not going to matter one way or another. Study on it, both anyone who’s actually not bullshitting when they say the won’t vote for Trump and neither will the MAGATs, if they got one thing in common it’s that their opinion on Trump viz. 2020 is pretty much decided.

And I fully believe that, honestly. I can’t think of any of the Democratic candidates that is any more awful and unequipped as Trump. Not Marriane Williamson, not Tulsi Gabbard, not even Mike Bloomberg, the bewildering sonofabbich. They’ll vote whoever gets the nod or stay home. People forget how powerful turnout is a Great Attractor in American politics, the one’s ever occurs to, that is.You know how everyone with a smartphone is an expert in political science and a savvy player who, if given a chance, could run the game as well as anyone even though, maybe 10 years ago, they considered the rest of the newspaper packaging for the Sports page and treated it as such.

You know who you are.

Nor will the faithful and gormless. The faithful will never abandon Trump and I personally don’t think it’s outside of reason to believe they’d do what needed to be done to ensure he had as many terms as he was alive. You can call me crazy, I don’t give a damn. In any event, they are riding with their Boss, and anyone who was genuinely gone is already long gone, give or take.

The gormless, the spineless, squishy middle are the ones who have no actual problem with Trump’s actual work as president, what legislation has gone through, what hasn’t; how his cabinet secretaries behave, how they didn’t. That’s what the want. A decrease in taxes that does almost nothing below upper-middle class but just enough to keep them on-board. Get rid of all the immigrants or just people who’s language I can’t understand and thus t hey must be talking about me? Hell, yeah, son. America First. They’ll hate to do it, but they have no choice. Sad, really.

They tell us it’s because everyone running for the Democratic nomination is a screaming, red-eyed socialist, one that Trotsky would consider fanatical. I’ve seen Joe Biden refereed to as such, almost verbatim. All of them can be dismissed thusly, otherwise they’d be Republicans, but darnit, they just can’t figure out why the Left-Liberal Democrats won’t listen to them. Didn’t they understand that the GOP and conservative Beast just wants what’s best for them?

Hew, son, listen. let’s not kid ourselves. Best you can hope from them is that they stay home, same as the “My Candidate Or Burn It All Down” ones. Just stay the fuck home. You know, I used to be pretty irritating about voting and proclaiming that everyone should vote and it is important, but I wonder. You want to stay home? Stay home. You’re a numerical minority, though a hard little nut to cut, and if we can get the numbers, maybe acknowledge just how often African-American women have been the only ones to get shit done.and maybe they ought to make some changes before we grind the rich and wealthy into mulch for the daisies.

I do think he’ll be impeached, though I wouldn’t give straight odds on that, but I don’t see him being forced out of office. I’ve said that many times, I think we all agree. It’s all a matter of numbers and which way the wind blows that day.

Worst case scenario, if he slips through due to Democratic feckless that everyone sort of expects them to do, you might have a low turnout on the Democratic side. Enough voters will sulk at home, enough for the GOP  to shake the table, at least a little bit. Otherwise, it’s bragging rights and, come hook or by crook, the Team shall not.lose faith in the Boss. Something about a plan.

Okay, I need to get this out because it’s been spinning ruts in my brain for the longest time. I’m watching this video about when classic horror franchises should’ve ended. Not being particularly fond of slasher-types beyond a sociological fascination. I don’t have a dog in this hunt. The video uses Jason Voorhees from the Friday The 13th franchise, which should of ended with the first one even if it rid the world of the iconic hockey-mask wearing revenant we all know and look out for if we’re in a summer camp. You’ve done it, too, don’t you lie.

Anyhow, this is slipping away, but long story short, horror fans should consider the ramifications of the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics. Multiple universes with every decision, little changes making big differences, that sort of thing. It’s as reasonable as anything you’d fine in Denmark, and a useful concept to study on when you want to tell continuity to get bent. Just a thought. Calm down, it’s supposed to be fun. You’re welcome.

Well, what can I say? The idea that the Large Hadron Collider did some unnecessary to the fabric of space-time when it was switched on doesn’t sound so far fetched neck deep in the Trump Era. I ain’t happy about it, but I don’t think the stroke, weird as it is, can be ignored any longer. It requires some heavy thinkings, and that means letting our mind embrace the slightly fuzzy side of reality.

The pounding rain has stopped. A nasty weather front is moving through the Magnolia State,   bringing wind, rain and lightning to the weary. They’re supposed to have gotten some real ugly weather just south of here. I have wander to far afield, I think. In any event, there might be some more testimony given next week in the impeachment hearings and Johnny Depp had to acknowledge the president of Brazil’s snooker loopy president take on the Amazon fires. And Boris Johnson’s a joke of nature, just a foul chump of a man and raggedy-ass politician. His accession to power in Britain is baffling, maybe even more than our own lucky-sperm member. Trump at least had a TV show Best I can tell, Johnson is just a shabby upper-class thick-o who doesn’t even have the courtesy to hide his outright disgust at the people he serves. So we got leaders of major parts of the world economy and the UK who really, really probably shouldn’t have the jobs they have, mainly because they’re all nuttier than fox squirrels.

I was going to talk about football, actually; yesterday was more fun than I figured. We’re a Crimson Tide house, so watched this year’s Iron Bowl between the University of Alabama and Auburn University, who vacillate between riding under either Tigers or War Eagles, depending on how the mood caught them. It was a raggedy, yellow-flag party, with a battered Alabama, beset by injuries, initially mauled by Auburn in the first half, but the fought it out fairly closely. There was much blood and much yelling.

In the end – and mainly due to another stupid, lunk-headed rookie mistake in the form of an offisides call – Auburn squeaked out a sloppy, messy game. The once-mighty Tide looking sluggish and disinterested, like they were thinking ahead to the upcoming hunting season. On the other hand, Auburn, who’ve been basically bumbling through a season, played a better-than-decent game. Nothing flashy or special, just solid football that took advantage of every single mistake or misstep Alabama made, of which there were legion. And lucky? Son. The Football Gods smiled on the sleepy town that is Auburn, AL.

Yet, they pulled it out 48-45 and it was a goddamn mess. Alabama will most likely lose its Number Five ranking, which was never deserved anyway. I’m a Tide fan, for what that’s worse, but only a fool or a child would describe this year’s crop of elephants equal to the machines in years past. Of course, that all being said, tonight’s ugly slugfest was just about the only watchable game of football in the SEC. Like yesterday’s Egg Bowl, a number of rivalries were settled for another year, and lord, all of them were one-sided squashes. No one really enjoys an all-out beating and shaming unless your a homer, not really. Not judging, it is what it is.

Georgia slapped Georgia Tech around, humiliating them 52-7. Tennessee battered Vanderbilt to a 28-10 and Clemson treated South Carolina like the cheap punks they are. A 38-3 battering ends the Gamecocks’ bowl desires. Right now, we’re looking at two more outright beatings – the Gators, my alma mater, are currently kicking Florida State’s teeth at 27-2 with five minutes still to go in the first half. Likewise, LSU is thumping the hapless Aggies 31-0 at the start of the third quarter.

Neither of those games matter when you do the numbers, though. All that matters are the bowl games, state rivalries will wait until the season’s over to be pertinent. Next week we see the mighty Tigers of LSU, who’ve been on a rampage all year and going 11-0, slam into the Georgia Bulldogs in Atlanta for the conference championship in Atlanta. Come next Saturday, there’ll be a hot time in the old town tonight.

Yes sir. The ground will shake and the thunder will roll, and that just in the SEC. Batten down, fellow sinners, and enjoy your day of rest. Next week will be… interesting. I can feel it on the wire.

Yes, indeed.

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