Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Once again we ride with the King. So we’re going to indulge in that. Fair warning: if you don’t wish to deal with gonzo, quite possibly don’t quite badly, move on. Anyhow.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if I could really call this a wired-&-inspired. I think I got Isis instead of Selene, but it’s nobody’s fault but mine. I did not specify and not everybody enjoys the same carpet ride.

I really haven’t looked at the news today, so I really don’t know what fresh hell the cosmos has kicked in our face. Part of it’s because I’d just really rather not and part of it is I had a nice visit with the Psych Doc, and I’m not inclined to spoil it. Even dealing with pissed-off old folks at Wal-Mart this morning couldn’t knock me loose from my good mood, but I know that dumb son of a bitch has done something exasperating. It’s basically his reaction to anything: whatever happens, just do some inexplicably stupid and watch everyone try to figure out what the hell you’re talking about.

Apparently he’s doubling down on being a complete jackass about the whole tift he’s got going with the Navy. Says the reason he pardon those two guys convicted of improper behavior because they just barely got off a war crimes charge. He had they not been dicks about it, we probably wouldn’t have known. The latest hitch is him giving outgoing Secretary of the Navy shit about the whole Bowe Bergdahl thing.


Now as I’ve said a number of times, I am not given to thinking highly of the U.S. military, any branch. Individually I can’t say, of course, but as a collective beast of squabbling, deadly money sink, yes, definitely. So I won’t comment on the Bergdahl business, but wandering away from war really isn’t as bad as shooting someone who can’t shoot back. We may disagree, but that’s because you’re an asshole.

But no one’s surprised about this, right? This can’t be a shock to anyone, nor will anyone be perplexed or flummoxed that this won’t move the needle one bit, correct? Probably not. The faithful are as constant as the North Star and will not be moved. Even the Never-Trumpers and Just-The-Tip-Trumpers will fail to vote for come next November, regretful though they are, but the only other option offered was Red October. Don’t pretend otherwise, and the smattering of Republicans/Libertarians/libertarians/zombies of Modern American Conservatism that might leave Trump for a Democratic nominee is statistically insignificant.

Which means, of course, all but a smidgen of Republican politicians will swallow their bile, put on a more-disappointed-than-mad look on their collective face, and go out to wrassle with America’s Truth Tellers. And then The New York Times will publish at least one very concerned article or column that interviewed just another American housewife/mother that’s been written about a dozen times and works for a Republican organization, but that’s all just coincidence.

And even beyond that, he got the branch of the military wrong – it was the Army – and Spencer was not Secretary of the Navy at that time. Again, this is no shock and, indeed, endears him more to his most faithful. They don’t want a president who isn’t at least as dumb as they are.

You know, I blame this all on the people who actually run shit, people in finance and the military-industrial complex and politicians in general. They’re the ones that let a shitass as stupid as Trump is into the White House. It either proves the position isn’t all that important or that they don’t have any idea or control over things. I don’t know which one is more concerning. They’re both worrying as hell. Good job, you awful jackasses.

Track change, but I hate fake quotes on Twitter. I’ve been chasing down an H.L. Menken quote about Emmanuel Kant be a bad writer. He may be, but if this is one of Henry Louis’ originals, he must of been caught out on a bad day. I can’t find single sourced quote, everything leads back to Twitter or some blog’s comments section. Just say it yourself. It’ll stand up if there’s truth in there, and giving it fake clout really doesn’t help anyone in the long run.

Okay, let’s wrap this up. Steam is having it’s Autumn Sale and I’m thinking of picking up a couple indie games with the rest of my Steam Card. It’s all turn-based tactical stuff or survival simulations. It’s not like I don’t have enough on my plate, video games-wise, but what the hell, I’m in a good mood.. I think I’ll buy the Kindle version of Tales of Grotesque and Arabesque by Edgar Allan Poe, a favorite of mine. It’s a collection of Poe short stories, the only one published during his lifetime, none of them I’ve ever read, I don’t think. Man, Poe was a bastard of a book critic. Okay, then.


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