Friday, November 8, 2019

Well, I’ve been siting here staring at a screen for the better part of an hour trying to come up with a clever opening. There comes a time when you just have to admit it ain’t happening and move on with your existence. For what it’s worth, that little bit of wisdom works in oh, so many scenarios.

It’s Friday, and for the people who pay attention to such things, good for them. It’s turned cold here in Northeast Mississippi, cold and windy, but that’s how it works. I’m really not sure what to get into this evening. There’s nothing particular interesting or fresh today. Impeachment rolls along, and some say it’s starting to get up Trump’s nose.

He’s putting on an incomprehensible front, though, and once this really gets going, it’s going to be funny as hell. Say what you will about Richard Nixon, he could at least string a couple of words together and form a coherent sentence.

The Republicans are circling their wagons – if they even bother to show up – deciding to ride or die with Trump probably because they know if they turn on him, the rabid mutants that make up the base will skin them alive. There’s been some drama regarding the as of yet unknown whistleblower, specifically a group of right-wing dingbats (including has-been Dean Cain) giving out a name that turned out to not actually be the guy they were aiming for.

I don’t use the word “aiming” lightly, as apparently the only reason the naughty boys called a mea culpa was because the guy they fingered was getting death threats. But that’s the point. I doubt Trump can rub the brain cells together to come up with this on his own, but certainly his handlers know of the feverish worship the cult has – willing to shoot up synagogues and Wal-Marts while sending pip bombs to media and political opponents, remember – the if the actual whistleblower isn’t actively taken out by a MAGA hat wearing loon with too many guns, he’ll at least be too frightened to testify. That’s what both the Trump Crowd and the base want.

Cain, probably smelling a lawsuit and he really can’t afford that, has taken down the tweet but the original is still up. The funniest part of all of it (if this is indeed a laughing matter) is that the gentleman in question, R. David Edelman, was indeed a cyber-security expert in the White House, but he left government in 2017. Facebook, in a rare display of decency, is doing what it can to remove the dangerous slander but the original tweet is still up. I scrolled down a bit looking for the first counter of the lie, but the comments were… well, let’s just say I hope Mr. Edelman stays safe because I fully believe one of these nutjobs will try to take a shot at him.

And this is the crowd that rages about “fake new”. Yeah, all right. Okay, then.

Boy, I just don’t have much going tonight. It’s been almost another hour since I wrote the above. Sort of in a zombie frame of mind today, I guess. I guess we’ll go ahead and call it a night, as it doesn’t look like a Friday Night News Dump is happening. So, stay warm and we’ll see y’all Monday if I don’t see you before then.

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