Monday, October 21, 2019

The much-promised thunderstorms we were promised have moved and are slowly easing along. We’ve gotten plenty of rain but nothing like the nasty weather Dallas or even Shelby County saw. Otis is pouting at me because I won’t let him go outside.

I like rainy days. Always have. I don’t know if I could really tell you why, but I enjoy a all sorts of rain. Quiet showers, wild storms and just plain ol’ frog drowners, I am a fan of stormy weather. Wherever I’ve been, I’ve liked their rainy days. New Orleans probably has the best. Something about the closeness of the Gulf and the River always gives them a little extra character.

Of course, New Orleans has the worst results of a good hard rain. Someone told me that that Orleans Parrish only has one pump station, and not only is it old and poorly maintained, it’s overwhelmed fairly quickly. That’s as maybe, but before I left Jefferson I got stuck out after a heavy rain because the water was too high for my little car. That’s one thing I don’t miss about New Orleans.

We get plenty of rain here, too. Not long after I’d moved home we got seriously dumped on, and a couple of creeks flooded the roads. For the better part of a day, we were stuck in the Valley, which is a bit of pain. It’s not as a constant as it is in New Orleans, but when the rains come it’s pretty spectacular.

And as much destruction as they cause, I’ve always dug on the Big Wind. Hurricanes are scarier than shit, but they ain’t got nothing on tornadoes when it comes to a good hard blow. Even when one doesn’t touch down, the fierce blow of a bad storm reminds you just how little power we have in this world. We ignore at our peril that we’re a part of this world instead of it being made for us, like we assume.

Someone recently defaced a mural featuring Greta Thunberg writing “this is oil country” across it and telling her to come back when she has ideas to straighten the problem out. It’s telling to me that people are this threatened by this kid. Some say “come back when you have ideas,” but it’s not her job to fix the problem. People have been trying to “fix the problem” for almost 30 years, we’re just too arrogant and bamboozled to get it done. This science is there and has been there, but man’s arrogance and sloth kept us from putting the effort into making things right. Jimmy Carter told folks to turn the heater down and wear a sweater, and got mocked for it. We are a dumb culture.

I’ve been putting a little more effort into getting someone to read this dribble, if only to maybe help me come up with something to concentrate on. Amusingly enough, the numbers were way down at the Blogger site this weekend and nonexistent at the WordPress site. Granted, I haven’t pit down anything interesting here over the weekend. Only decent stuff I’ve done was over at the Tumblr site, a little piddling about how the Simon City Royals gang from Chicago is making headway into Southern Mississippi.

I freely admit, though, that today’s rainy gloom has put me in a lost, melancholy mood. Been listening to a lot of old-school harp blues, especially the late Paul Butterfield, just for the hell of it. I’m making more headway into When Gravity Fails, and it’s becoming a more and more interesting cyberpunk detective noire to-do. It’s being shown through a Muslim perspective and I’m curious to see where it goes. I played a bit more of Yakuza 0 but I’m stuck in one spot. Guy with a big chair keeps beating my ass. Same thing with Assassin’s Creed IV, I have to navigate this seemingly impossible stretch without getting caught.

Anyhow, supper’s ready. Stay dry.

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