Tuesday, October 15, 2019

It is Mose Allison weather today. Rainy and grey, but not too hard nor too threatening. Cool but with no bite. Just the right amount of humidity. Melancholy. Maybe light some off to the west. Play Mose Allison’s Backwoods Suite and tell me I’m wrong.

Finished off the Mendocino, which sort of makes it just perfect. Yes, I am playing Mose Allison. Alexa’s been able to cut through my accent and tendency to mumble and actually do it’s job. This must be what the Doctor felt when he managed to land the TARDIS where and when he wished. I do sort of wish I’d saved the green for this, but that’s alright. It is what it is. It was fun while it lasted and that’s usually plenty.

I was supposed to see the Psych Doc today, but there was a slip up somewhere down the line and my session schedule got messed up. So, next week. Which is just as well, as I may have got over the black cloud of last week, I really don’t want to talk to anyone. I only talk to three people on a regular basis, and that’s still over the line. So, next week following a visit with the Therapist. I don’t know what I’d say to fill up on session, much less two in a row. Again, though, it is what is is.

Finished an interesting in a curious way but enjoyable nevertheless book, The Heisenberg Corollary: One Of The Slagmaster Cycles by C.H. Duryea. It was fun. It started as a fairly standard space science gone awry and then morphs into a D&D-inspired tale before stumbling a bit into a super hero adventure before going back to space. And the science is sufficiently baffling that it’s at least comes off as fairly hard science fiction. The Many-Worlds Theory is neat but extremely heavy, and hats off to anyone with brass ones to use it as the basis of their story’s science.

The characters are solid and believable, if just a bit of a cliche. Plus, it basically screams at you “First in a series” and, man, time is tight. However – and this is only wisdom from epiphany – but I think there’s an sufficient level of piss being taken. I sort of hope so, because most can’t do parody this subtle. Like I said, it’s fun. Check it out.

Maybe that Wellbutrin is kicking in because I’ve also played some new games. One from the Epic Store and one from Steam. They were both alright, but the Steam one, Beat Cop, is probably the one I’ll keep around. Everything, the Epic one, is less a game and more of a malleable reality like The Sims or Populous. You take control of animals, plants, rocks, stars, planets, galaxies, geometrical shapes, mathematical concepts and probably some I haven’t found. The limited animation makes it a bit surreal; I started out as a goat who could only move via front flips. I wonder if that’s on purpose or what.

I’m not sure there’s a goal. There’s achievements to get and collections to fill, but I’m not sure there’s an endgame. I must admit, I can only piddle with games that don’t have some story. Fun to mess around with, though.

Beat Cop, however, is a bit more intriguing. Modeled after ’80s cop shows and movies, you play Jack Kelly: disgraced police detective Jack Kelly is accused of a crime he didn’t commit and must clear his name after being busted down to pounding a beat like a rookie. I never cared much for cop shows in general apart from Colombo, and there is a bit of burlesque here, but it hits all the notes.

It’s a click-and-point adventure, heavily influenced by the LucasArts Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis, I’m thinking. Maybe Maniac Mansion, depending on how linear it turns out to be. You have 21 days to clear your name while walking a beat in a heavy crime area, a place where Italian mobsters and African-American gang bangers hold an unsteady peace. The sergeant’s constantly on your ass, you fellow cops hold you in the utmost contempt, and politics makes it almost impossible. There are all sorts of temptations and brain-numbing tedium.

Plus, it’s a bit silly. Like The Heisenberg Corollary, there is a sufficient amount of piss being taken but the humor is a bit broader. It’s sort of like a pixilated season of The Wire. It’s worth checking out.

It may be a bit too early to do the News. As expected, the fact that the Left found that weird meme video thing at best a bit tacky and at worst a red flag is proof possessive to the Right that the Left doesn’t have a sense of humor. I think most people saw that coming. They’re not going to admit they were caught out bad nor will they admit they wouldn’t be able to function for a year if it were turned on them. That is the world we live in, friends and neighbors. Deal with it.

As this will be the last Ride with Gonzo for the foreseeable future, I think I’ll clean this up a bit and tie it off. If anything happens, I’ll let y’all know.

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