Monday, October 14, 2019

I’m wired & inspired, so let’s get this started. Gonzo ahead, so forewarned is forearmed.

This will be one of the last Gonzo rides we’ll get for quite a while. It was a well-filled bowl of Mendocino but I only took a short commune. I think I got myself a wee bit miserable last time.

Hey, that’s all right, though, let’s have some fun right now. Life is short, it’s probably not worth the effort to study on it too long. It’s a bit warmer today, but we still have that touch of moisture, just enough to demand long pants. I like the fall. New Orleans is great in the fall. Athens and Gainesville were great in the fall, and for entirely different reasons than it was in New Orleans and even between themselves.

It’s been a weird day, though, ain’t it? I mean, we’ve all seen the video by this point. Either we’re plugged in all day or we’re just now watching the news or someone posted it on TikTok. Or whatever the hell the kids are using these days. Anyhow, the point is you have to be completely disconnected from modern society, and if that’s so, you ain’t reading this.

As of 6 p.m., Trump has not had anything to see directly about this weird thing. I’ve never seen any of The Kingsmen movies, so I’m missing that context, but in of itself… well, even if it’s a joke it’s still pretty nasty. I mean, Trump doesn’t just execute media companies – or the people from the movies with the company logo superimposed over their heads – he executes Obama and Clinton and John McCain, and apparently ends with an execution of Black Lives Matter.

I haven’t watched the whole thing and do not care to. If that offends your sensibilities, well tough titty, there’s people dying in Turkey because our president basically told their dictator to go ahead and stomp the shit out of the Kurds (our allies, we’ve claimed for decades) if he felt that was necessary.

That’s nasty, I don’t care who you are. I don’t care if it’s a meme or “just a joke”. I’m from Mississippi, son, you can’t tell me people having fun with evil intent isn’t a thing. But they’re all fine with it, really. Trump and his cultists are definitely on board. They do not give one solitary shit. They were fine with the Annapolis shooting last year – “well, people are tired of ‘fake news’.” – and they weren’t bothered at all about an actual Trump supporter trying to send pipe bombs to politicians and media figures. Terrified as they are of “socialism” and “fake news”, they’ll allow for any evil in the name of slaying that dragon.

So, they’re fine with it and we all know they are. The mainstream GOP – not the nutjobs but the rat bastards who’ve been encouraging the nutjobs for the past two decades (at least) – do seem a little worried, though. The head of CNN and CBS are “friends” with Trump and have multi-national interests that are way, way more important than any concept of ethical, responsible journalism. They’re making bank.

“Fake news” ain’t shit. I read somewhere that the whole reason he’s got such a blue-vein throbber for this wall is that his “advisers” told him to use the wall as a metaphor to stir up the horde, and the dumb son of a bitch thought it was for real. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out “fake news” arose the same way, because if you actually think the heads of mainstream corporate news sources give a tin shit about anything other than making as much money as possible while having to give up as little as possible well,… you’ve been drinking some bad buttermilk, all I got to say.

And yes, this was made with malicious intent, and, no, neither Trump nor the bulk of the Republican beast give a shit if something similar happens in the real world. I can’t help but think about journalist Parker Malloy making a little thing taken from Ben Shapiro’s “I’ll shoot Beto O’Rourke if he tells my kid LGBT aren’t subhuman monsters, deserving nothing but a quick execution” to where it looked like he was jerking off. She got a load of shit from outraged GOP peabrains who’ve been masturbating themselves raw to this video since it came out.

Made by a grown man who wants to be called “Carpe Donkum” or some goofy shit like that. I wonder if anyone else thinks this apparently Millennials and below habit of insisting on chatroom names is akin the whole CB radio culture of the ’70s or is just me. Ah well, I guess that’s the world we live in now: celebrating the president you like mass murdering a bunch of people who made him sad and, apparently, black people who thought being shot by cops who get paid vacation at worse was sort of a shitty way to let society be. Interesting times.

There’s that there then. Supper’s ready, so I’ll break it off here. I’ll add in links and clean it up when I’m done. Have a good evening.

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