Thursday, October 10, 2019

The weather’s still cool and thunderstorms threaten on the horizon. I’m half tempted to drive down to New Orleans once the rain moves out. Early Fall is the best time to be in New Orleans. The city shines then.

Once again, the Sleep has me down. This is Depression. Not feeling blue or sad, but feeling tired and disinterested in dealing with the world. Needing to sleep a lot and not wanting to do much else. On the upside, I am doing a good bit of reading, old-school style.

What I mean by that is I used to read a couple, three books at a time, and I’m doing that again. Along with the collection of Liu Cixin short stories – that I am really enjoying, by the way, and I’m definitely giving him another read – I’ve been reading a collection of short stories called And Hell Followed: An Anthology. It’s another collection of short stories with the theme of the Biblical Apocalypse, either the start of or life after. I’m about three stories in and I’ve got to say God comes off as a bit of a bastard.

I am not Christian or religious or even a believer, and I think the apocalyptic take on Christianity has caused way more harm that good, bringing more fear, despair and hatred than any sort of good. That being said, it’s an interesting literary concept. Angels and demons fighting with no concern how it affects mankind’s life because most of mankind is damned, even if they have nothing to do with Christianity.

I remember being told by a preacher that even if there was no way for them to have heard the Word of the Lord, they would still burn in hell for being unsaved. That’s always bothered me, especially considering for a solid chunk of world history the Word was concentrated in a rather particular part of the world.

Watching the Patriots-Giants game on Amazon Prime, and Tom Brady just got sacked. You love to see it. They’ll still probably win but you take what you can get.

As I was saying, I’d be interesting to read some fiction dealing with someone who was a non-Christian but a devoted, say, Jainist going through the Tribulation. Especially the Jainists, now that I think about it, since they’re heavy into ethical treatment and non-violence. If I remember my Sunday School correctly, even the worst sinner can get into heaven if he dedicates his life to Jesus. And there have been some rotten bastards that’ve done that. That might be an interesting take on things. Something to think about.

Hah! Back-to-back interceptions, and the Giants got the ball back in good territory after a good rrun by some kid who’s name I didn’t get. Oop, they got a late-hit penalty so the Giants are back in mid-field. I’m going to give the New England defense props, though, they are solid. This will probably get up from under the Giants before the game’s out unless they start nailing some third-down conversions. Anyhow.

I don’t have much heart for the News today. California’s getting eaten up with wildfires again while PG&E – the state’s power company – is shutting down the power, leaving way too many up shit creek. I’d never been to California until my recent Trip, and apart from one truly monstrous traffic jam between Frisco and Fresno, I really liked the state. Especially the northern part of the state; I feel like I could live there and enjoy myself if I could find something to do with myself.

Impeachment rolls on, and it looks like Rudy Giuliani and Rick Perry are being called on to fall on their swords for the Blind Idiot God. Both those guys are pretty stupid but they’re also massive weasels, so it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out.

Pats blocked a punt and run it in for the first touchdown of the game. Jesus, but these announcers are useless. The play-by-play guy’s solid but the color is as useless as, well, all color analysts generally are. I don’t mind them on radio as you have to fill up dead air, but they’re like a pimple when it comes to television: worthless and irritating.

Wrap this up? I still haven’t asked a pro writer for “help”. It occurred to me that I didn’t know what “help” to ask for, if that makes sense. I mean, I already write all the time, I don’t know what to do with it from here out. I’m cynical about making a living off it, especially given how journalism isis in the midst of strangled to the death by the money men. So what do I ask?

That’s something of the story of my life, along with being too slow on the draw. I never know what o do next, partly because I have no real idea where I want to go. I even folks who’ve never doubted their destination. All I’ve ever wanted is to be left alone to read in peace. Ah, well.

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