Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Man, hasn’t it been a weird day? In among the never-ending parade of, admittedly, “weird days”, this one has been particularly hard on the nerves. Not so much mind-breaking, just petulantly unpleasant.

Raised on comic books & the softest of science fiction, I do have a whimsical streak despite all my cynical materialism. One of my favorite little bit of phenomenon is the “Wow! Signal”, & I am just heartbroken the eggheads have managed to write it off as something they can point to – like, say, a smudge on the lens or similar – instead of the otherwise distinct possibility that it recorded Elvis Presley being kidnapped by aliens.

But it’s fun. One of the things I think (I hope) will eventually pop out as some worthy fiction is my appreciations for the laws & rules of fictional universes. I enjoy making things make sense, if only within it’s own set of parameters. The most famous & approachable example I can think of is Han Solo and the parsecs. He says he made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, implying his ship is fast. However, a “parsec” is a measurement of distance rather than speed. I assume you can see how it’d hang up a certain type up.

“Hey, in that universe, ‘parsec’ is a measurement of speed rather than distance. Remember, they also have space Shaolin monk/knights and no regard for the speed of light. Calm down.” Prosaic, yes, but I do take a unromantic view of things. Nevertheless, I dig a well-functioning fictional universe that can allow time travel or manipulation of fundamental forces via somatic, manual or herbal manipulation, or hell, both.

If you’ve been following this for a bit – assuming anyone follows it at all – I hope you’ll gather that I have a taste for very wiggy theoretical physics and/or cosmology. I don’t have sufficient Latin to fully grok it to any appreciable degree, but I’ll set and listen to it all day long. One thing that’s grabbing my attention is the Many-Worlds Theory. I haven’t read pop science as voraciously as I used to, but I’m about this far from buying Sean Carroll’s new book, Something Deeply Hidden

There’s also the Mandela Affect to consider. Now, Rational Matt knows that’s all nothing more than one’s brain playing tricks on one. That happens, that’s how it is. Through a glass darkly, read your Kant. Whimsical Matt says, “Wait… maybe the timeline keeps being rest or altered for some reason. Is it scientific or magical or just because a quantum screw came loose somewhere and it’s all going to unravel itself or something about mind manipulation or Lovecraft. Or maybe a combination thereof.”

I just suck with characters and dialogue and plot. Pretty good at location and overall flow, though, if I can massage my own ego for a bit. But whew boy, my characters suck. I’ve yet to figure out how to think outside a “Brett Maverick” mentality. I got one character and he’s been done.

Sorry. I also wonder if the Large Hadron Collider has anything to do with it. Skeptics and the concerned and the plain ol’ Chicken Littles warned to varying degrees of credibility that when switched on, the LHC would do horrible shit to very fundamental fabric of reality. Black holes and antimatter and what all. Maybe it merely scrambled the quantum world just enough to allow us to be so dumb as to allow a two-bit game show host and slumlord celebrity the codes to the nuclear weapons.

He’s fighting Impeachment and the shit is getting stickier, even if the Democrats haven’t actually done anything yet beyond issue subpoenas. We’re still at the feint-and-parry part of the game. He’s got some gall, and the cult is ride or die with him even if it looks like the actual party is checking its watch. Maybe, I don’t know. Still too early for any prognostication, this could very well go up in a weak fart.

But it’s still so dumb in other ways, and I wonder if it’s just a case of having instant access to everything, perhaps presented a bit unevenly, is blowing our collective minds. It’s not so much that she was seen chumming up with the sonofabitch, it’s watching Ellen DeGeneres double-down on hanging out with George W. Bush at a Cowboys game.

Beyond all else, he is the guy that allowed his party to use an attempt to change the Constitution to bar folks like her from enjoying the same legal and economic benefits straight people get just to drum up support for an illegal war that was beginning to sour in the noses of the American public, a war he didn’t even finish.

Y’all remember that? At one point, the Bush Administration and to varying degrees of complicity the GOP in particular and American political system in general at one point said Iraq wasn’t that big a deal anymore. As for Afghanistan, we’re sending over kids who weren’t even born when that mess started to die for the same stupid damn reason. She could’ve at least slapped him in the balls. Spit in his drink or something. Throw a damn shoe.

That’s why I don’t go to political rallies or try to meet politicians. I couldn’t listen to Barrack Obama because his line worked on me. Watch from the side, Matt, that’s what you do.

And why do I care? No offense, but fuck Ellen DeGeneres. Nothing personal, but she ain’t singing a country song or designing a new CRPG, so she don’t pick my pocket or break my leg. In my brother’s wisdom, she’s a rich person and he’s a rich person, they don’t have to give a fuck what we think.

Anyhow. Shit, Dallas. The Dallas police have come out and said the reason Joshua Brown, a key witness in the case against the astoundingly incompetent police officer (if nothing else) Amber Guyger shooting dead Botham Jean is his own home, was shot in the goddamn face was because it was a drug deal gone bad.

No, really. Apparently, the miscreants drove to Dallas from Alexandria, LA – a good four hours away – to buy a not-worth-selling amount of weed and shot him. Sure. That is all incredibly logical and not at all a stretch to cover up an extrajudicial killing by dirty cops to punish a black kid who dared testify that a cop wasn’t in the right to have killed someone in his own goddamn home.

Or maybe not. The world is officially That Stupid, I think.

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