Sunday, October 6, 2019

I’ll probably get a chance to commune with the front yard in a little bit, but let’s see what I can get down right now.

Better day after a bad night. I did not sleep at all &, when I don’t sleep I tend to stew & think dark thoughts. Why am I still here? What am I going to do for the rest of my life? Is this the rest of my life? Why isn’t this working out? How long until something else in me breaks? What if I’m wrong about being alone?

So, yeah, lots of fun, especially when you’re trying to calm your brain down enough so you can get some goddamn sleep. But with the morning, like ghosts & lost spirits, it fades away, fleeing the shadows to wait until the next time.

Otherwise, it’s again a pleasant day, if a wee bit warmer than it has been in the past couple. The past few mornings have felt like fall, the sort of early morning chill that usually hits you the first of September, when dove season & college football start. This year it was almost the second week in October before the daily temperatures dropped into the 80s.

Might as well stake out a claim here: I fully believe the biggest existential threat to not only this country but also the whole world is accumulated global climate change along with a tightening of resources by the One Percent. This is not something I’m willing to argue about anymore. The science is settled, something is happening & it’s going to kick the shit out of us. Livable land is going to get scarcer which will drive refugee immigration, & the multinational corporations are already laying claim to charge us not only for the water we drink but also to keep it from killing us.

Again, this is not something I wish to hear any booshwah over. People who study this have been screaming for almost 40 years that we’re shitting in our sandbox. The military & multi-nationals are preparing for it, not my fault science confuses your dumb ass. Someone who denies that AGC is going on is as big a waste of my time as someone who denies evolution or the heliocentric model of the solar system. Again, just because you don’t understand it, it’s not my job to explain it to you. I figured it out, you can too, jackass.

Okay, got that out of my system. I think I’m going to commune with the front yard for a while  then come back to it. Before I go, however, I got a few links I’d like to share. With Impeachment rolling onward with another whistleblower coming out of the woodwork, the Trump Faithful are getting squirrelier, if that was at all possible. I’ve seen the uptick of wingnut dingbats getting a blue-vein throbber at the idea of killing Their Fellow Americans in the name of the Blind Idiot God.

As I tweeted in reference to this excellent piece by the always elucidating David Neiwart, I’m of wo minds about all the militia nerds & Nazi wannabes getting gooey at the idea of killing & dying for Trump. For one, I must admit I am skeptical. I’ve been hearing this shit from these same yay-hoos since the Clinton Era, only difference now is everyone has a megaphone for their dumb shit & they’ve found a figurehead to jerk themselves to when they fantasize about crucifying race traitors.

But it’s easy for me to laugh them off. Not only am I a middle-class white dude, I have guns & land off the beaten path & a community that would grind any right-wing fool into mince should they come for me. But not everyone has that luxury. Trump freaks have already shot up Wal-Marts in an effort to murder Latino people & old folks going to synagogues. They cheered when a nutjob shot up a newspaper for completely non-Trump reasons, saying the “fake news” deserved what they got for not repeating reactionary propaganda.

Does Trump believe it? Who knows. This excellent piece by Jelani Cobb plumbs that question, noting that the dopey bastard might just be repeating this shit because the androids hoot along with it. Finally, there’s this by Ian Allen, noting the literary roots of the current gang of dirtbags hollering for fighting in the street (while still somehow terrified of AntiFa). Of these books, I’ve read The Turner Diaries, & my main takeaway from it was that it was poorly written crap, worse than something Ayn Rand might squeeze, & that’s an insult to her.

But that sort of shit resonates in the shriveled heart of your average conservative commando. It reinforces the story that this is a White Nation, Ordained by the Creator to be so. In all fairness, that story has been a part of the American Tune for quite a while, maybe from the beginning. The whole “shining city on a hill” business. We just didn’t say it out loud & we just now decided it was kind of tacky. Undoubtedly, this disconnect – & their own loserdom they can no longer blame on The Other & not sound like a dickhead – is what germinates this particular brand of white nationalism & supremacist.

The question is does Trump know what he’s doing. Does he believe it or is he just repeating things that assholes in Rooster Shit, AL, cheer & holler for like it’s a wrestling match. Is he just repeating things that homunculus creep show Stephen Miller says while touching himself? There’s no doubt he’s got that low-level racism that affects all Americans & he certainly thinks he’s at the top of the genetic ladder just because he was born rich. But how far does it go & does he even know?

I’m going to tell you what, friends & neighbors. Not knowing might be scarier than if he just came out & said it. The barrage of spittle-flecked tweets over the last couple of days shows, at the very least, one thin-skinned sonofabitch woefully unprepared to take the hits Washington throws & that his cult members are convinced he’s being particularly singled out by the Deep State, the Illuminati, & The Midwestern Lesbian Truck Drivers Guild. In any event, it’s as unsettling a world as it was when Reagan had his hand on the nuclear trigger & you kept waiting for him to forget to put his pants on before a press conference.

On a different stroke but still attached to the madness that is This Foul Year of Our Lord, 2019, is this killer-bee story by Greg Palast is distractedly heavy & should be slowly & carefully. Palast is one of, if not the best pure journalist (& a better-than-average wordsmith & storyteller) of the past 20 years, & while I want you to read the story, it does give a different perspective on the shoting murders of 58 country music fans for who knows what reason. Read & then walk a mile in his shoes.There’s some wisdom there.

Ye gods, this weekend’s been nuts. Basic reality is so out where the buses don’t that the whole it’s a cliche to say it wouldn’t be accepted for fiction. But it’s true, these are Interesting times & make no mistake. I’ve been putting off doing the News because, frankly, the world is loud & dumb when we all need quiet.

The Doomsday Clock reads two minutes to midnight, kids, it’s a wild ride & I don’t think I’m to it. Between Trumps weekend-long Twitter meltdown that saw him throwing Rick Perry’s simple ass under the bus to Nickleback, of all people, find themselves being pulled into the Badly Written Dramedy that is our president & political culture.

I cannot wait to hear what Nickleback has to say about all that. This could be a moment for them & those poor bastards have made a mint playing three-chord inoffensively bland rock music. Because ther lrics are so puerile & immature, I’m tempted to call them actually “rock & roll” & none of that’s a slam.

There was another shooting. This time it’s not racially or ideologically based beyond just good ol’ American stupid. Small, stupid men doing small, stupid things, but because they’re doing it with instruments that have no use beyond killing, actual people die & you’re not a hero, you’re an asshole that shot somebody when you didn’t have the right to decide they need to die. You are a dick. A dick with a gun, maybe, but a dick nevertheless. You’re not a dick because you own a gun, but having a gun is one of the reasons you’re a dick.

There’s just so much. He’s suspending immigration for people who can’t afford health care but waving that rule for Poland, which is run by an equally goofy bunch of right-wing clowns that Steve Bannon had something to do with. Another whistleblower has lawyered up & the White House’s response was to clam up & send out the B-team.

One last look & then I must get some relief. Oh, I don’t give a shit about Joker nor do I give a shit about whether or not it’ll set off the smelly knee-biters that are just looking for a reason to go off & it could just as easily be for the lols as any manifesto. Anti-government protests in Iraq & Honk Kong & Kashmir, thinly veiled threats of civil war muttered from the basements & “man caves” from sea to oily sea.

Interesting Times. Keep your head down.

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