Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Ugh, what a day. You know, I might as well just post a link to Google News & let you see for yourself.

The President of these United States spent most of his day flipping his shit. All day long, Trump has been creeping out Finns (Finnish? Finlanders? Let me know.) & yelling at reporters & pissing Joe Biden off. I think we’ve forgotten that for all the damage to the Status Quo in Washington, D.C. – & make no mistake, he’s been an H-bomb – but it’s still Washington & it still exists. You can’t drain the swamp. Best you can do is not get eaten.

And Biden was a senator in the United States Senator for 34 years. Only reason he quit is because he became the Vice President, which kept for a full two terms. The game may have changed, but he’s going to still be a sharp-elbowed sonofabitch. And I think the Republicans made a mistake when they let Trump go after his kid &, indeed, actively insult him personally, I really do.

See, Trump is the inevitable result of the past 30 years (at least) of Republican politics. This is what they’ve nurtured & encouraged since Newt Gingrich entered the picture, & that was just being honest about things finally. It’s like why no one cares about Trump screwing around on all his wives &, far as I know, whoever was… let’s just say “involved with him” & move on. When Gingrich was nailing Bill Clinton’s wandering penis to the wall, he was boning his third wife before he got around to divorcing his second wife. She was busy, sure, with that cancer & all.

It didn’t mean he’s a hypocrite, though; he just doesn’t care if you think he is because you’re a liberal & probably love Stalin & Marx. The Democrats are still stalled between playing by the old rules or cutting the shit & playing by the new ones. But the old rules still have some affect & there are still farts in Congress old enough to remember how nasty that could be.

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump has endorsed current Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves for the governorship of Mississippi against Attorney  General Jim Hood. This comes as a devastating shock to absolutely nobody. The Republican primary for Governor was basically a wad of folks trying to proclaim their devotion & craven loyalty to Trump. And Reeves is definitely bent enough to warrant that endorsement.

Anyhow, Biden made some noise today in response to Trump directly accusing his son of crooked business practices & his own character. First off, how the fuck dare he? Where does Donald Trump, of all people, get off calling someone else a dirty businessman. He’s written books bragging about it, for Pete’s sake. But Biden’s elbow wasn’t for Trump. It’s telling the Mitch McConnells & them that’ve been in the game long enough is that he’s pulling out the weighted pool cue because they couldn’t keep their boy from showing his ass.

Of course, I could be wrong, but I do think it’s a “fish or cut bait” moment for the Republican Party. Washington & the Game isn’t as black-&-white as we like to pretend it is. If anything deserves cynicism, it’s the American Political Machine. Cut out the bullshit & get down to it, they want to keep the job. No one talks about it, but before his presidential run crashed, Marco Rubio had promised to serve for one term & gone. That last about as long as his joke of a presidential run. That’s what Washington is, though. John Stennis had to be wheeled in on a stretcher to vote.

Time will tell & I’m no fan of Biden, but it might add a ripple to things & that’s always entertaing, at least. I don’t think there’s anything that’s going to shake the Trump Faithful in any event & even ranch-standard Republicans are so far gone through the Overton Window that even an old school Swamp Monster like Biden is slightly to the left of Mao.

So they’re not worth the attention. Like every election of my life, it’ll come down to the Great Unwashed deciding which team they’ll tip over the finish line. Parties have to motivate their bases, the Republicans’ “scare people so bad they’ll shit on each other first” has got the Democrats “hey, just calm down, we got this” beat all to hell.

But – & I’m willing to put money on this – this election could come down to how much the general public loathes Donald Trump. Because the Republican leadership will pay attention & they will rtake action. Impeachment or no impeachment, won’t help but won’t hurt too much. I think we all saw this sort of thing coming. Again, his congregation admire him for his willingness to act like the rules don’t apply to him, that’s what the party wanted.

Washington has a long memory, though. Clinton was impeached because of Nixon. Trump won’t get impeached for Bill Clinton because nobody likes that slippery bastard anymore or even pretends to. And he won’t get impeached for Hillary’s sake, either, despite the Right Wing’s obsession wih her. Democrats never have a problem with cutting bait. Republicans know the wisdom of this, as well.

“What about the base?” the cry goes round. What about the slavering marks who genuinely think Donald Trump is the Second Coming & Owning The Libs Is All?

Well? What about them? Maybe, as they’ve been waiting for so long to finally get a leader who’s ready to cut loose of the Weak. That part of the GOP that really just wants lower taxes & not be shot in the street by the plebes, more or less. The True Believers, however, actively want to roll back voting rights & LGBT gains. They want people of color to Know Their Place, & if you’re Black, that’s on your face. The want you to acknowledge that Christianity, particularly American Protestant Christianity, is the only religious sect worth taking seriously. They think Donald Trump is a Businessman To Admire & you’re supposed to be envious of his life.

Or just enough to allow a dimwit slumlord like him to become president. There was a theory after Bush Junior was elected, when the Evangelicals went bull-goose loony, that the Middle – whatever it is – could form a Third Party. That maybe The Left could do the same thing & the Loonies could all go to church with each other. I wonder if that time is now, when a self-described socialist could very well win the Democratic nomination despite never being a member of the party.

Well. Maybe. I lived through the almost immediate flameout that was the American Green Party ater the 2000 election, so forgive me if I’m skeptical. We’ll see. We always see eventually.

Boy. I did not mean to go on with that. Just strikes me as sort of funny how naive most people seem to be about the whats & whys of American Politics & it worries me I could be right.

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