Friday, September 27, 2019

Slow day & too damn hot. I’m wired &… irritated, so let’s do what we can before supper comes.

Today was supposed to be the last visit with the Dental Hygienist for at least a year but she had to cancel, so I wound up sleeping most of the day. Felt out of sorts & a little red assed all day, so sleep was about all I could handle.

So we’re pretty much in the same position as yesterday. Something specific is bothering me & I can’t put my finger on what it is. I recognize that this hermit life is probably not the healthiest nor is it conducive to “getting back into writing” if that’s truly what I want to do with myself. I know this & I know that changing it would be a matter of nothing. It may not fix it, of course, even if it can be “fixed”, but “changed” is something.

Unfortunately, I don’t want to do anything. I don’t really want to go anywhere. I don’t care to see anyone, nor do I want to meet someone new. I really don’t care to leave, even. Once Mendocino runs out – probably before Halloween, if I’m any judge – it’s going to be an irritable couple weeks. However, even then means the next time I get around it, it’ll be that much more of a cool trip rather than a necessary one. Regardless, I don’t yearn to see anything new, is what I’m saying.

I’m sorry, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I am just not in the mood for the rest of the world. I find even if I’m doing one thing I enjoy, it draws my energy away from doing anything else. I haven’t played any video games in the last couple of days, though I may fire up Pathfinder: Kingmaker or see what’s new. I’ve still got one or two games loaded that I haven’t looked at & Humble Bundle dropped the first taste of the next monthly offering, & frankly I’m not really moved. One of them’s Sonic Mania out & I never cared for the Sonic series. I was a Nintendo kid.

I also didn’t know I had the other game, Battletech, on my Steam wishlist until  I went to the website to see what the game was about. Looks to be a turn-based strategy type game & I am a bit of a fool for those kinds of games. It is a reworking of the IP’s pen-&-paper tabletop game, & those are always a bit wonky, trying to please fans while working for a one-person game. From Paradox, so it’s one of those absorbing games I’d just sink into right now.

I’ll keep both, though no telling about the next week’s hit. I’ve already got a buttload of Steam keys I haven’t cashed in yet because the internet’s too damn slow to make downloading them worth the effort, half the time. I have found some neat ones from the monthly bundle, but that was back in my high-speed days. Now, a game’s Steam page better impress the hell out of me.

There’s supper. Hold tight.

Anyhow. That could be enough, but let’s leave on a high note. The Impeachment is going strong & interesting, & there were some new quirks thrown in late this afternoon. I mean late, too, like after 5 p.m. It’s long considered in The Big Show that someone releasing or owning up to something at 5 p.m. is at the same time dominate the weekend news cycle, thus distracting from the already existing kerfuffle, and/or slip out a potentially damaging story on your own terms before the News lets it loose.


I know people like to pretend the News – be it FOX or CNN or it The Epoch Times or Raw Story – are just agents of chaos & throw all sorts of red meat to the drooling hordes, but lawsuits do exist. When you can’t depend on integrity or honor, not being sued into oblivion is the second best thing to keep the News worthwhile.

Anyhow, things are looking grim for Trump as some relative nobodies (with all due respect) in GOP turning on him & he’s flipping out the dumbest shit, even for him. As always, nothing is etched in stone & even if, it’s going to be a long haul before something drastic happens. That’s politics, baby. Get nasty or get a helmet. Anyone tells you the Framers or something intended it to be different, to be better… well, watch your wallet, all I got to say.

I’m not much in the mood, so I’m just going to look for some links & call it a night. I really ought to do a little more looking into the local game, what with another election around the corner. Again, though, it’s just too damn hot in Mississippi.

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