Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Man, I’m tired. It’s almost like having a news hangover.

 We’re still reeling from yesterday’s megaton political bomb. To bring us all up to speed, the Trump Administration released a memorandum – not a transcript – of the phone call with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that’s at the middle of this kerfuffle. Trump has given a rambling interview with said president – of course saying weird shit about the actual call that no one in the right mind would say – where what he said was so out there that at one point Zelensky had a look on his face like he wanted to run for the hills.

Apparently – & I do not hide my overall ignorance of squabbles between former Soviet Republics members except that they’ve been going on since the minute the Soviet Union ended – the Ukraine is up against the wall trying to keep Vladimir Putin from getting his hands on the country, which wants nothing to do with its erstwhile comrades in Russia. And since he has to placate this flabby, flaccid manbaby president the day after all hell broke loose, I can understand the stress he’s under.

Anyway, Zelensky said he never “felt pressure” to dig up dirt on Hunter Biden on Trump’s say so, but that & a fiver will get you a cup of coffee. You either think Trump is lying or you’ve been in the cult the whole time. Either way, it’s not so much what he asked as the fact he asked it. Fresh off trying to get Pelosi to leave him alone, Trump is scrambling just like a man who’s never known any pushback on his actions except from a comedienne who became a daytime talk show host in the ’90s

To wit, he gave what is considered a rambling, low-energy… something this afternoon, where he drifted from topic to topic like a gibbering lunatic at last call, mostly centering around his inability to get over Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama for various reasons. It’s been compared less to a new conference & more like one of his rallies but where the lapdogs weren’t there to bark on cue.

Furthermore, the impeachment proceedings initiated by Speaker of the House & Official Shifty Devil Nancy Pelosi reached a point where they saw records of the whistleblower’s accusation. At one point, the White House sent their impeachment talking points meant for Republican thug boys like Matt Gaetz (R-Dickhead) but accidentally sent it to the Democratic investigative bunch. Smooth, art of the deal right there.

Far as I can tell, that’s as far as it’s gotten at 6:30-ish p.m. Mississippi Standard Time. The House needs 218 yay votes to actually initiate the impeachment trial, & again at this time, they’re floating around 216-217. Tulsi Gabbard – which is Hawaiian for “Joe Lieberman” – has spoken to the limpest of wingnut vessels The Washington Times that this will hurt the Democrats & divide the country, & the overall reaction among the Republicans & other Trump faithful vacillates between “there’s nothing there” & “so what, he’s the president” while slowly easing out of the strike zone.

Are we all caught up? Do we know where we are? This is only the first full day down, mind, we’re just getting started. As I said yesterday: buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

If you spend any time at all on Twitter, you’ll Republicans, MAGAts & other various stripes of conservative dillholes who apparently just started paying attention to politics since the black guy made them all so mad they had to turn to the goddamn game show host that Trump is being treated “unfairly”, mainly because that’s what the big baby is saying himself. They’re also boo-hooing that the Democrats are resorting to “politics” in trying to get someone they think isn’t qualified for the job & secure their power base.

As if that isn’t what politics is. As if  the GOP under McConnell didn’t pull some shameless, ugly bullshit on Obama, & you know they did. Because, & I can’t emphasize this enough, that’s what politics is. In South Korea, their legislative body gets in regular fist fights. Back in the day, a guy from South Carolina beat someone near to death with his walking cane.

Politics is supposed to be a contact sport. I’d argue that the only real way we’ll make any progress in this country if we quit trying to work along with a group of Bible-thumping yay-hoos who believe God Almighty told them to never, ever give an inch & to see compromise as weakness. They go for the jugular & thinks it’s okay to lie, cheat & steal for the Grand Cause.

Matt, why don’t you join up with the Greens or some other more leftist group than what the Democratic Party brings to the table. Well, I’ll tell you: things have gotten so twisted that the only we’ll make any progress as a culture & a nation, maybe the only way we survive, is that we crush American Conservatism, kick it in the throat, & make following the current GOP platform as distasteful as following NAMBLA or the American Nazi Party.

Whoo, call down, bubba. But it’s true, they are past the point of rescue. Quit playing with them & pretending they’ll follow the rules this time. Just beat ’em down & start with a new bunch of non-frothing loonies. Don’t try to kick the football, Charlie Brown, just kick Lucy in the head.

Now, now, settle down. Take a deep breath. Commune with the front yard. Yes, it’s all clear now. We are in Interesting Times, don’t lose sight of that. You have to keep your cool when the going gets stupid or you’ll be ground into wolverine chow.

Because the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is a clownish yob who makes Trump look like a slick player, the entire world is holding its breath. China moves to own everything, Russia moves to shakedown everything & we’re trying to kick another hornet’s nest in the Middle East. A sad caricature of our own Sideshow President, Boris Johnson is woefully unprepared to deal with Brexit & I say that as someone who knows very little about Brexit except that they didn’t expect it to win & actually have to be done. Sort of like with our own addlepated CIC, that Jesse Ventura vote isn’t quite so funny the next day after you’ve sobered up.

Oh, yeah. Apparently the current hotness in the libertarian/internet dirtbag dudebro  world – a debate team already full of weird panty sniffers – is to suggest it’s quite all right to consider sex with a 16-year-old girl A-OK if you’re also considering her words on the dangers of unchecked global climate change. The Republicans are still trying to sneak creepy perverts into positions of judicial power. People trying to survive the border crossing are getting unnecessary shit because we’re a country run by mean shits.

Interesting Times, chillun.You can’t play around with this. This is serious business. Interesting Times.

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