Saturday, September 21, 2019

Third day of the Sleep whipping me pretty bad. I can live with it, though, as I got nothing better to do.

The weather’s extremely pleasant here lately. It’s dry as a bone but it’s not too warm. Exciting stuff, isn’t it? My cousin & her husband stopped by for a visit & that’s what I pretty much told her. “What’ve you been doing, Matt?” “Nothing, just writing.” “Writing what?” “Oh… nothing.”

It was nice to see them, though. My aunt’s husband’s family had their regular family get-together. He’s got an interesting family. They’re a sweet bunch of folks, one of those old-school country families with lots of kids. I mean lots, as in my uncle has 14 brothers & sisters. Each one of them (except for the sister who had developmental issues) has at least four kids. Right. I went to one of their Thanksgivings once when I was a kid, & it was something else. They had to eat in shifts.

Lot of the people in my area my mom’s age have families like that. Momma had a sister & three brothers, & that was considered smallish. And one of my uncles had polio when he was a baby. He ran a 104 degree fever for a couple days. My pappaw had to hitch up the mule & wagon, & it took him all of a day to get to a doctor. So, my uncle never developed past a three year old’s mentality. A lot of the families had one child like that. Friend of mine came up with the idea that such a family member was the real indicator of a sure enough country family.

Anyhow, I’m babbling. Still pretty draggy from sleeping most of the day. One of the reasons I’m so whipped is because I stayed up too late last night playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker. It’s a pretty good game if you like top-down  role-playing games in the vein of Baldur’s Gate or the later Ultima games, though much deeper & detailed. It’s a computer version of the Pathfinder table top role-playing game, which itself is an offshoot from the classic Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. If you know anything about D&D, it’s closest to 3rd Edition rules.

I never played D&D as a kid. For one, I grew up in rural Mississippi in the ’80s, so most folks still thought it was the first stop on the highway to hell. No kidding, one of the few places you could buy any of the modules was in the adult section at a bookstore in Tupelo. Plus, there were no kids around where I lived except my brother & cousins, & they wouldn’t have been into it. I think I may’ve played one session in my entire life, & none of the shots at it as an adult were fruitful.

Things have changed, though. Not long after I moved home, there was a nerd con in Tupelo. Out of curiosity more than anything, I went to check it out. It was kind of a bust, honestly; I paid $18 & it took me about 20 minutes to see what all there is to see. About the only “geek media” I care about is video games & all they had going one was a Smash Brothers to-do & who gives a shit. But, there were kids playing different role playing games & card games, & everyone was having a good time, which I like to see.

Well, this is not clicking today. Good thing I’m not getting paid for it. I do wish something beyond these tedious ruminations would come out of it, if only to convince myself that I am actually good at & for something & not not completely useless. That’s another downside of the Sleep. Not only am I not rested, despite how much sleep I’m getting, but it wrecks my mood. I’m stressed out (for some reason, god knows why) & just generally blue about my place in the universe. I look around& see everyone else I know comfortable in their spot & I feel like I just killing time until I lay down to not get up again.

Ah, well. Nothing in the news is really grabbing my attention, most of it’s a continuation from yesterday, so go read that. It’s looking like New Jersey Senator Cory Booker will most likely drop out of the race for the Democratic nomination, which I think is a bit of a shame. He’s a stable candidate with some good ideas & I think could beat Trump. Truth be told, given no outside craziness, any of the 2020 hopefuls could beat Trump except for Biden. New York mayor Bill de Blasio also dropped out yesterday, but fuck him, no one but him cared.

I think that’s enough. Today’s just an exercise day, I guess. Maybe I’ll shake these blues tomorrow & have something interesting. Right now, I think I’m going to go back to sleep.

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