Sunday, September 15, 2019

I signed out yesterday with the argument that it was a slow news day, relatively speaking. No Friday dump, & I figured we’d coast into Monday with little more than new hurricane news (dick move, y’all).

Whew buddy, was I wrong about that.

 It was all quiet until yesterday evening, then The New York Times dropped this megaton bomb into the collective (but particularly Trump’s) lap & all hell broke loose. Long story short, the reporters – Robin Pogrebin & Kate Kelly had a piece on Saturday evening that appeared to give more corroborating evidence that while at Yale in 1983,upper-middle-class afterbirth, GOP thug & Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted fellow student, Deborah Ramirez.

While coming for nomination last fall, Kavanaugh came up against a number of accusations, not only that he was a stereotypical frat douchebro & professionally so crooked he needed to be screwed into his pants every morning, indeed, there were credible accusations from a number of women of sexual harassment  & assault. While the story of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford got more attention with the humanoids – Kav was supposed to have held her down & tore her dress in attempted rape – Ramirez’s story was considered more credible.

Now with this new information, it not only adds more credibility to Ramirez’s accusations, it looks more & more like Kavanaugh perjured himself during his emotional-charged confirmation. Democrats are calling to re-open the investigation into Kavanagh’s history while the president get’s crazy on the Twitter. While they are circling the wagons – ’cause they’ve been trying to get Kavanaugh in for the longest time – they’re also dealing with accusations they stifled the FBI’s investigation into the sexual misconduct claim.

Now when this dork was first brought up for nomination last years, it quickly became apparent that Young Brett was a bit of, shall we say, cad & bounder while getting his law degree at Yale. While a brother of the Delta Kappa Epislon, well known for both his participation in the DKE’s boisterous hi jinks & for getting black-out, commode-hugging drunk whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Fairly early in the proceedings, though, it came to light that maybe his behavior was a nastier than making a flag of underwear. Along with with Ford’s & Ramierz’s accusations, there were at least two other extremely credible accusations. Maybe should have been better investigated, said the Other Side impudently. There were also questions about a $200,000 debt someone paid for him & just who paid his $90,000 country club fee & all sorts of shady business that should have at least made people stop & think. Something weird about baseball, too, like some exclusive club. Anyway.

The hearing got pretty heated & Kavanuagh lost his temper a couple times, as did Republican today Lindsay Graham. However, when the FBI got rolling, a federal judicial council dismissed around 83 complaints that accused Kavanaugh of a number of  red flags, including providing false statements, inappropriate judicial temperament, & partisan bias. That last one should be noted, as Kavanaugh has been a longtime, earnest ground solider for the GOP, not only for his ideologically proper judicial activism but also his almost Liddy-esque eagerness to dance on the heads of punks for the Party.

Every Republican has hated the Clintons like Jonah Hex hated poison since Bill won in 1992. Their rage only increased after he was re-elected & then impeached & committed. Kavanaugh loathed the Clintons with a visceral hatred that he could barely control, like Bill stole his girlfriend. Of note, he was Ken Starr’s lapdog for the whole “Clinton lied about a beej” investigation, along with trying to make Vince Foster something other than a right-wing fever dream.He was also responsible for the almost sexually explicit Starr Report.

As much as anyone, he’s responsible for Bill Clinton’s impeachment. He’s had his soft hands muddied with almost ever major example of GOP thuggery since, from the Terri Schiavo horror to the 2000 Florida election recount. He is their boy & they expect Big Things from him in years to come. I don’t think Trump really gives a shit either way, but he knows enough to keep his yap shut & do what he’s told. Gilead is too important for his punk ass to get his way all the time.

Okay, so where does this leave us? This all blew up on a Saturday night & it’ll take a few days for everything to shake out, but I know we can count on a couple things. The GOP when kvetch about the D’s playing politics, horror upon horror, because they’ve been pulling that bullshit for 30 years. You’re already seeing the Usual Suspects hit the Sunday shows, aghast & appalled that the foul Democrats would dare question Good Ol’ Brett. These are the same people who stalled Merrick Garland’s nomination & then completely reversed their position once Neil Gorush came up.

When this was all going down & the Democrats were being less than conciliatory towards the doughy, dodgy frat boy about to get a lifetime job deciding what laws we followed, your “Reasonable Centrists” & “Never Trumpers” threw a fit. How dare they question his past? Didn’t everyone try to rape classmates in college? Who doesn’t use position to follow a vendetta against a duly elected president?

It was hilarious, because anyone who takes conservatives of any stripe as honest debtors is fooling themselves. Sit down & shut up, you pencil-necked geek, no one thought you weren’t voting for Trump ever. They’ll pretend it never happened, so it’s almost not worth worrying with. They are also punk.

Hell, Trump keeps “joking” about snagging a third term, & not only will the howling faithful who quivered in fear of Obama doing just this thing, & all in their tiny minds, be down to the ground, every cheapjack pundit who’s pretended to be aghast at Trump’s poltroonery will sadly pull the lever because otherwise, socialism. You know they will, don’t pretend they won’t.

Well, that’s enough of that. People call me cynical & negative, & it’s probably because I don’t take chumps like Ben Shapiro or Michael Tracey seriously. They are Big Time. Yes, sir. They have podcasts & lots of Twitter followers, so take them as gospel.

Or don’t. Be honest, I don’t think much will come out of this & we’ll just have to accept there are two sexual deviants on the Supreme Court. Maybe the D’s will make a little noise & maybe Nancy Pelosi will finally unleash the hounds of hell straining every nerve against the Trump Administration.

Or she won’t. Now, I’m not one to be hollering for impeachment from day one nor do I think it will instantly make everything Cool & Groovy, but I do think there’s questions to be asked. I thought initially that Pelosi was playing a long game, trying to right the ship for when Hurrican Donald finally blows itself out, but now? Awful long game, man.

But we’ll see. This week will be a ride, so strap in, hoss. Will it be the one that finally throws him? I don’t know & it’s still a lifetime to November 2020. But for what it’s worth, I’ve known shit bags like Brett Kavanaugh my whole life & I’d shit down his throat just on general principle He is yet another punk. Yes. A punk & a bully & a rotten bastard & a greasy worm of a man, & him being on the Supreme Court for the rest of his natural days is goddamn terrifying.

There’s nothing you can do but watch, son. It’d be entertaining if it weren’t so serious.

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