Friday, September 13, 2019

It’s Friday the 13th & there’s a Harvest Moon. Everyone knows what that means. That’s right, absolutely nothing, it’s just a coincidence &, in any event, none of those superstitions have any basis in truth. What’d you expect me to say? I’m a hardcore cynic & materialist, kids, you need to know.

 I’ve felt off all day. I went to bed last night with a headache that felt like it was caused by high blood pressure. I’m not going to get deep into it, but when I first found out about my hypertension, it was spurned by three days of the worst headaches you’d believe. When my dad died, the day he was in the living room on the bed dying, I developed a massive migraine.

I’d never had one before. In the year between Daddy’s death & me going into the hospital with BP reading 270/160, I’d had a couple more of those headaches. Since then, I’ve been on the lookout &, thankfully, after starting medication I haven’t had many. I probably could count the occurrences on one hand.

Today was one, though, & after waking up I checked my blood pressure. Sure enough, it was higher than it needed to be. By the afternoon, it was back down to “normal” & I hit the gym as usual. Still & all, I’ve felt rotten all day, but that’s my life now. At the very least, it’s good to know what’s causing it. That crappy, cruddy feeling – I’d tell people it felt like I had mud in my veins rather than blood – used to worry me to death before I went into the hospital. Now I know, so there’s that.

Of course, nowadays it’s the weird sleeping thing that hangs me up. Never get enough rest, always feel tired, always ready to go right back to sleep. I don’t know if it’s just an aspect of getting older or what, but there we go. Like I said, that’s life now. Getting older is a bummer, man.

Man, I’m not into this tonight, so let’s get right to the news. I think the biggest thing that happened today was some weird fucker from Texas telling Beto O’Rourke his AR-15 was “ready” for him. Brisco Cain is his name, & damn if that don’t sound like some villain in a B-reel shit kicker. Of course, this was because O’Rourke said he was all about taking away AR-15’s & AK-47’s from the limp-dicked patriot ammosexuals that make up the Republican Party.

This comes after walking argument against nepotism Megan McCain said on a daytime talk show, of all places, that there’d be violence if someone came for AR-15’s. And to top it off, never-was Seb Gorka & has-been Michelle Malkin said people would have use those guns to keep the “Soros-allied organizations” from bringing in migrants because they’re working towards “demographic conquest”. The people who got bent out of shape over Ilhan Omar were, of course, quiet over this because George Soros is a “bad Jew”.

Some dingbat congress critter, & I’m too lazy to look up who right now, bemoaned O’Rourke’s statement because the GOP will use it for attack ads. This is friggin’ stupid, because for as long as I’ve been paying attention, the GOP has been claiming the Democratic Party has been trying to take all guns. All guns, mind, not just the high-powered, large-capacity weapons of mass death, but every pistol, shotgun & hunting rifle. They’ve been claiming this is so when O’Rourke is actually the first presidential candidate to even mention doing something about the proliferation of devices that are only useful for deciding who lives & who dies in large groups.

So conservatives are once again threatening blood in the streets, & I say, once again, fish or cut bait, you goons. If you’re promising violent, blood-soaked civil war, go for it, cowboy. Maybe if that’s your first impulse when someone says, “Hey, we’re having maybe one too many mass shootings at schools & grocery stores, maybe we should do something about that,” I’m going to say you probably shouldn’t be allowed to have a tool that has no other person but killing lots of people in quick succession. Just a thought, dickheads.

The Sackler family, the dirtbag clan that’s made money pushing highly addictive opioids (such as OxyCotin) on mostly people who have no other option to deal with their pain, were busted moving over $1 billion in wire transfers using Swiss accounts. Even better, they were transferring money between each other in a way that wasn’t exactly illegal, but did allow the foul family to dodge having to own up how much money they actually had, thus dodging taxation.

Rich people are scumbags, remember, & the ones that aren’t don’t mind you shitting on the ones that are. It’s easier to apologize than ask permission. Actress Felicity Huffman is getting two weeks – TWO WEEKS – for her part in the college admissions scandal earlier in the year. Huffman, who gave money to colleges to juke her daughters’ admission brownie points, will have to pay $30,000 & do 250 hours of community service. I don’t mean to pick on Huffman, as there were over 50 rich bags of shit who got caught up in the FBI sting & will probably have very sore wrists when this is all over.

On the flip side, Tanya McDowell, a homeless woman living in Bridgeport, CT, was arrested & charged with first-degree larceny. Her crime? Enrolling her then 5-year-old son in a school that was not in the school district where she was labeled as a resident. She took a plea for five years, but said she’d “do it all over again because I haven’t been let down”. Her son Alexander has been excelling. Concurrently, one of the daughters of the rich – previously an “Instagram influencer” on top of being the spawn of the wealthy – has announced that she doesn’t really want to go to college anyway.

Now, look. I honestly don’t want it to be so that Huffman or any of the other wealthy garbage get harsher sentences, but come on. It is absolutely no exaggeration to say that rich people have an easier time from the law compared to the rest of us plebes. If you want to argue it, piss off. This is how the world works & how the world has worked since the first chieftain told the lowest of the tribe to go out & die so he can have more land.

Anyhow. That’s all I want to fool with tonight. Like I said, I’ve felt weird all day & this isn’t flowing tonight. There’s another big storm brewing in the Atlantic & it looks like it’s heading towards the Bahamas, which is all those people need. We’re still keeping an eye on it – because both Trump & the governor of Florida are being shitbags to Bahamians dealing with the fallout from Dorian – so let’s hope it leaves everyone alone.

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