Thursday, September 13, 2019

The Sleep came a-knockin’ today & I let it happen. I have to do that about once a week. I don’t really get anything out of it, it’s just something that needs to be done.

 The third Democratic primary debate is tonight &, as usual, I will not be watching. Damn thing is three hours long, for cryin’ out loud. If anything interesting is said, it’ll be on Twitter before the evening’s out. Apparently Trump has said he won’t do any Republican primary debates, & I doubt anyone’s surprised about that. He would’ve dodge them in 2015/6 if he could’ve gotten away with it.

Furthermore, the GOP is cancelling a couple of primaries, undoubtedly to help Trump. Right now, South Carolina, Arizona, Kansas, & Nevada either have or will soon cancel their primaries & caucuses. When the National Convention rolls around, they’ll simply assign delegates to Trump. Head of the South Carolina RNC said there really weren’t any legit candidates – including former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford – & Trump himself has already blown snot rockets at the three guys who, admittedly, don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.

The Republican Party is the Trump Party. There is no reason, no need to question. Even the “Never Trumpers” – or what Roy Edroso calls “Just The Tip Trumpers” – who rail against & bemoan the vulgarity & boorishness of the Trump Era, who’ve become “Resistance heroes” according to their PR people will sadly shake their heads because of how mean the D’s treated Brett Kavanuagh or the insane far-left socialism of Joe Biden will turn them off. Don’t get it twisted & don’t pretend there’ll be a Road To Damascus moment for them, because they won’t.

According to what I’ve seen here & there, what propelled Democrats during the “2018 Blue Wave” was turnout, specifically black women voters. They won Alabama for Doug Jones from a rock-solid (until the whole “dating high school girls in his thirties” thing got too much to ignore) Republican candidate. Trump’s ranking around 3% approval among African-American women & that’s something the DNC should ignore, although they probably will.

Now, I’m not someone you should really pay attention on these things, but I think if the Democratic Party put their money & effort into attract African-American votes, particularly the female vote. Given the problems endemic to American Society, I truly believe that if our political machine went about addressing the issues of the African-American community – again, particularly the female vote – a lot of those issues would be the ones that positively affect everyone else.

Anyhow, I got off on that. Let’s do something else. One of the really awful things about letting the Sleep have the day is that my brain just does not work until a couple hours after finally getting up & going. For example, this. This is just me spinning wheels & filling up space. I’m not really in the mood. I’ve not done anything interesting today.

Apparently Marianne Williamson is boo-hooing that Fox News thugs are nicer to her than “the lefties”, which always goes over well. Doesn’t it, though? I mean, that’s just what we need as a president, someone that thin-skinned going up against Trump. And, of course, all the crybabies who make up the right-wing intelligentsia are singing her hosannas because nothing bothers right-wing yay-hoos than uncivil Democrats & leftists. They cannot stand it when the lessers forget their place.

Funniest part of all this is she said this during an interview with Ed Bolling of Sinclair, & he played it without her knowledge or consent. But being mean to this lulu is apparently worse than being okay with dickweeds with high-powered weaponry shoot up people just trying to get their weekly groceries. I mean, I’m not sure how I’m supposed to take this.

Look, conservatives will always consider us the scum of the Earth & there’s no sense in pretending otherwise. This is nothing new; they called us terrorists because we didn’t want to invade Iraq 15 years ago. And lest we forget, “serious conservative commentators” were promising blood in the streets if anyone dared suggest they maybe shouldn’t devices solely designed for killing a lot of people.

Whew boy. There’s another storm coming, this time it looks like it’s heading towards Florida. Right now it’s a “tropical disturbance” with a really good chance to become a “tropical depression”. If it makes it to “tropical storm” – & right now it’s way too early to tell – it’ll be called Humberto. As of right now, there’s not enough info to say where it’ll hit or how much impact it have, but all our friends & neighbors in Florida, New Orleans & the Gulf in general do keep wary this weekend.

Well, I don’t think I can squeeze anymore out of this today. Maybe I’ll be in a better frame of mind tomorrow or this weekend. I did promote the Rebel Galaxy Outlaw review a bit yesterday & got some positive waves from it, so that was nice. Lots of views & nice things said by my friends. Isn’t much but a little bit always helps.

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