Monday, September 9, 2019

Late start to the day & a late nap has thrown me off schedule, so let’s knock this out. I guess it’s payback for being done by noon yesterday.

 Not sure where or with what to start today. Decent enough day, I suppose, but nothing special. The Sleep had a fairly solid grasp of me, but I managed to get out to the gym before the day was out. I had thought I was supposed to see the Primary Care Giver today but I got my days mixed up.

But the pattern is holding true. I productive weekend followed by a Monday waiting for the blood to spurt out of my forehead. I wonder why this is. I don’t think it’s solely the smoke, though it certainly doesn’t hurt. Maybe it’s just the classic dislike of Mondays that is basically part of our culture.

Granted, it’s been forever since a Monday-Friday week was actually a thing. A couple of years before I left New Orleans, I did work in the prep kitchen for a French Quarter restaurant where we did things Monday through Friday. Otherwise, it’s been since my last two years in college since I had a “normal week”. Either I was working constantly because freelancing doesn’t pay for shit or I was working in a kitchen, which keeps workers off a constant schedule because bosses are sorry bastards, one & all. Yes, even you or your boss.

Well, enough of that. There’s a new week ahead regardless, & we must meet it head on. I see the Psych Doctor tomorrow to see what needs to be adjusted. I don’t think this Wellbutrin is making the nut. I really can’t tell if my mood is better but it’s definitely not doing a damn bit of good for my energy level. Or my focus, for that matter. If I’ve noticed anything, it’s a bit of mental sluggishness. Like I said, I have good days & bad days, but on the bad days, I might as well sleep all the way through.

Like I said, I don’t think it’s the smoke, or I least I hope it isn’t. I’m down to the last quarter & don’t know what I’m going to do when it runs dry. I don’t think I’ll have my Brother send me some nor do I care anything about going back to Athens or New Orleans to re-up.

As we’ve seen, a group called Mississippians for Compassionate Care got over 200,000 signatures to get a vote on legalizing for, at least, medical use on the Nonmember 2020 ballot. It polls pretty well, above 77 percent across age, political affiliation & even religious affiliation. But even best case scenario, it’d be 2021 before anything got in gear, & god knows how long it’d take to get it going here in Northeast Mississippi.

There is plenty of support for decriminalization in the United States, not in the lease because Canada is poised to be a world leader for the wacky tobbacky. I’ve never had Canadian weed, but given how pleasant the country is in general, I bet it’s at least a nice time.

Goddamn internet keeps cutting in & out. It hasn’t done that in a while & it never does it for long, but it’s irritating as hell. A few weeks ago, the Tombigbee Electric Power Association announced it will try to get rural Northeast Mississippi wired up for broadband/high-speed internet. Locally, the Fulton Telephone Company – which has a stranglehold on telecommunications of all sorts in Itawamba County – wires us up. It’s pretty slow, compared to what I had in New Orleans, & the only reason we have it here is because someone up the road wanted it & he had more clout than Momma.

Goddammit, there it goes again. I’ll be really real for a minute, though, & say with all sincerity that the worst, indeed the only bad aspects of moving back home has been lack of access to weed & slow internet speed. Yes, yes, first-world problems, I know. Since I found a place that did a good schwarma, never leaving the house I own &, thus don’t have to worry about rent pretty much tops being able to walk around the corner when I want a candy bar.

Okay, let’s get to the news. We’re running out of time. I do wonder what readers – & I do have readers, apparently – would prefer: more Matt or more news. Anyhow.

Hoo boy, Jerry Falwell Jr. is about to catch all kinds of hell. More than two dozen former & current officials who work at Liberty University – the right-wing diploma mill his douchebag father founded – are dropping all kinds of dimes  on Junior. We know he’s given an extensive amount of money & access to LU facilities for a pair of hunky young boys. Turns out he’s using the university as “real estate hedge fund,” in the words of one official. He’s also being just flat creepy with his employees by going into graphic detail about his & his wife sex life, ’cause that’s definitely what you want to hear to help you get through the day. Who doesn’t love hearing how their disgustingly rich trust-fund-baby boss tell you how he’s boning his old lady (and…?) when you’re just trying to get the copier to work.

There’s also some questionable items concerning his connections & dealings with the Trump Administration. Apparently one of the school’s employees worked for Trump’s election to manipulate online polls in Trump’s favor. In one instance, Falwell’s son Trey (he’s Jerry Falwell III, get it?) posted a photo on Instagram of him lying on a bed covered with $20,000 worth of the school’s money, & that’s just tacky.

Speaking of Trump & being a crooked shit, there’s an investigation going on that’s looking into how Trump’s people, including Trump, developing a partnership between his Turnberry golf course & the airport in Glasgow to funnel potential bookings to Trump’s hotel. There’s also questions about how the U.S. Air Force & Secret Service to spend tax dollar’s on Trump’s hotel, which is just incredibly illegal. All involved are saying they did nothing, & even if they did, it was good, actually, but we’ll see how it washes out.

Speaking of Trump being a crooked little shit, his seven-day run of insisting that Hurricane Dorian was going to hit Alabama, including some “clever” Sharpie work, has a new quirk. The temporary head of NOAA contradicted the Birmingham NWS. The NWS said Dorian wasn’t hitting Alabama & NOAA basically said “nuh uh”, & apparently the command from on high to back Trump was “political“. It was so “political” that Commerce Secretary & Creepy Shitass Wilbur Ross threatened to fire top-level officials at NOAA unless they backed Daddy Trump. How’s that swamp draining for you?

And our last little bit, & probably the most petty, is word that former Alaska Governor, Vice-Presidential Candidate & Professional Dingbat Sarah Palin & her knuckle-dragging spouse Todd had filed for divorce. She hasn’t been anything but the smallest pimple on the National Politics Taint the last 10 or so years, & all we’ve heard is how trashy her family is – from abstinence spokeswomen who can’t stop popping out bastards or sons getting in bar fights – one wonders if this isn’t just a way of getting Momma back in the news. In any event, fuck ’em.

It’s about 20 minutes to midnight, just enough time to give this a quick once over & set it loose upon the digital world. Not the best, but you’ve got to expect that. And goddammit, the internet’s popped out again. What if that’s what held me up. Be a helluva thing, huh?

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