Sunday, September 8, 2019

I got a little weird & wrote about Motorhead here. You can go there & enjoy the video or keep on truckin’.

 I really ought to plan a trip down to Gainesville while I can still pull it off. I haven’t been there, officially now, in 20 years. I moved down there in August 1995 & moved to Athens in September 1999, almost on a whim. I’ve got no reason for not going back but I’ve got no real reason for going. Still, during the right weather that is awful pleasant climate down in Florida. I go there, maybe up to Saint Augustine for a couple of days. It’s an idea. I find myself oddly wistful today.

I may add something later. Right now I’m still wired & inspired, so I might as well get it out of my system. Don’t know what I’m going to do with the rest of the day, but I got doctors coming up. Figure out what’s wrong with my sinuses, figure out what the throat thing is, see if the white blood cell count is still high, that sort of thing.

I may play some games after a nap. I found Nightshade last night & that was a nice surprise. Pure nostalgia, of course, but I am middle aged & crazy. I’ve got a couple things downloaded to check out – Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes or Distrust or Frost Punk – see about that. Could read more of The Salvagers, as I think it’s coming to a conclusion & I want to see if I’m right or not.

Football is on but I don’t know if anyone worth watching is playing. I think it’s too early in the season to really pay attention, but I don’t think the Saints are playing. Don’t know if I want to watch any anyway. There’s news? Sure, let’s see. Most of it is either the Sharpie business winding up or Dorian moving on, thank goodness. Think for the poor folks in the Bahamas & I wish we weren’t in such a sorry spot that we can’t help.

Trump’s making noise about cancelling a “secret meeting” at Camp David with the leaders of the Taliban & the Afghanistan government to see if maybe we can’t stop that goddamn war that’s seeing the children of the original soldiers being sent over to kill & die for God & Country. It’s got Twitter in a stir & since it was scheduled for three days before 9/11, come on now. Tell me those optics aren’t horrific.

Frankly, I think he’s making it all up & there was no “secret meeting at Camp David” because he’s tired of everybody laughing at him over the Sharpie bit or doesn’t want anyone to notice we ain’t going to do shit for the Bahamas. In any event, his faithful don’t care either way, cut him some slack, he’s trying to cure cancer. What else? Oh, this is good.

Former South Carolina governor & stunningly poor decision maker Mark Sanford announced his candidacy for the 2020 Republican nomination, joining Bill Weld & some other dude no body remembers, because every last one of them is going to get beat like a government mule. The base will brook no opposition & the party leadership knows the sane rest of the voting public wants that fella tossed out. They also know they don’t want to risk even Joe Friggin’ Biden because they might lose the stroke they got right now & they’re too in love with that to risk fumbling the ball.

I don’t know what Sanford, Weld &… that other guy have in mind. Maybe they’re gearing up to “save the GOP” in 2024 & keep Don Jr.’s dumbass out of there. Let’s see. Here’s that bullshit out of Alabama, proving once again what a broken toilet Breitbar is, & hell no, I’m not giving them a link. University of Alabama Dean of Students Jamie Riley was “induced” to step down because of some old tweets that goddamn Breitbar felt was less than worshipful of the Poor White Man. Yes, Riley is black.

Finally, here’s a depressing but interesting story on the rise of suicides in Rural America. This touches me close, as I’ve got a close family member struggling with depression & stress. Since he’s a good ol’ boy to the bone, he waves off any therapy. That’s how we are down here, dumb as that is.

Because unfortunately some dudes, especially country boys, can’t admit they need help sometimes, here & here are links from a Twitter mutual that I’ll give the benefit of the doubt. If I hear any different, I’ll drop it but fellas. trust me: if you think you need help, seek it out. Sometimes it’s just nice to bounce ideas of someone who’s not invested but trained to make you think.

Let’s leave on a positive note, because I am in a good mood & communed with the front yard. Let’s see, let’s see. Oh, here’s a nice piece by physicist Sean Carroll on the weirdness of quantum physics & why it’s crazy. Here’s the review of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw in case you missed, & there’s a lot of good music between here & there. If that don’t work, here’s Earl Thomas Conley live.

Believe I’ll take a nap.

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