Signatures May Get Medical Pot on Mississippi 2020 Ballot

via Signatures May Get Medical Pot on Mississippi 2020 Ballot | Jackson Free Press | Jackson, MS

This is encouraging, but it would do well to not get one’s hopes up. In short, Mississippians For Compassion Care gathered over 100,000 to get medical marijuana on the ballot. From what I can tell, it’d be like in Arizona, where you must have medical permission, rather than it just being for sale. It’s at the Secretary of State’s office & has to clear that first.

Apparently, marijuana extract is no longer on the state’s banned substance list. Gov. Phil Brown’s not down with the idea, but his time in office is almost up. Of his two possible successors, I think Jim Hood might could be persuaded. I don’t know about Tate Reeves. He strikes me as the type that’d say no just because it’d make some people happy.


Given what we’ve learned about the increase in suicide rates in rural areas, it might not be a bad idea. Furthermore, this state’s eat up with meth & the pillheads are driving the opioid crisis to frightening places.


Just some free advice, fellas. Shit’s going to snap here soon; would you rather have a soma or actually do something to fix this state?

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