Thursday, September 5, 2019

I can hear the start of the 2019-2020 football season in the living room. The Bears up against the Packers, classic football match up with a hot crowd promised a good game I’ve searched around the net but I can’t find any place running. Amazon Prime showed it via Twitch, but I guess they’re not doing that this year. Ah, well.

 I can go in & watch the game should I wish, but to be honest, my yearn for football has lessened a great deal since my father passed. I know it sounds cliche, but it really was one of the few areas adult me could relate to him with, & I always paid a little bit of attention so we could talk for more than five minutes whenever I called. My father was a reserved, taciturn man who didn’t show affection easily, was on opposite ends of the political spectrum than I was, & didn’t give a tin shit about any of the subjects that grabbed me, but we could talk football & enjoy being Saints fans after 2009. Last 10 years of his life was basically him holding on to his recliner for dear life, just letting the television drown Momma out.

He died the summer of 2016 & had already planned on just not voting for president, as he (of course) didn’t care for Hillary Clinton. Funny, but his bile towards Hilary was minor, while my mother can’t stand her. He though Trump was a huge joke, though, & a loathsome “city boy”. My old man had no cotton at all for what he felt was people from urban areas sneering at country folk. He died that July before the election. I often wonder what he’d think if he could see things now.

And as for the NFL, well, shoot. That is an awful, greedy, corrupt, mendacious organization & I for one would be glad to see it burn to the ground. Whether it’s the Colin Kaepernick business, the League ignoring CTE problems for as long as they could get away with while still abusing the players, or just the basic foul stench that comes off a gathering of that many rich pigfuckers trying to stay rich by screwing & squeezing every last dime out of the consumer, there really isn’t much to recommend the NFL. They are a bunch of vainglorious, avaricious buttholes & I piss down their throats.

Speaking of the NFL, though, Saints QB Drew Brees stepped in it today. Probably the most loved man in New Orleans made a video called “Bring Your Bible To School Day” – ’cause apparently that’s a necessary thing – but the kicker is he made it for that notorious batch of stone bigots, Focus On The Family. Drew has since apologized, saying he had no idea the group were a bunch of disgusting gay bashers & rank hypocrites, & apparently couldn’t take the time to Google their name.

Now, I’ve never been in the same room as Brees much less interviewed him – for y’all that don’t know, back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, I was a sports writer – but living in New Orleans, especially when I did, gave me a pretty good feel for that cat’s character. I can almost believe he was shocked & dismayed to find out how ugly & cruel FOTF is, he was just trying to encourage kids to read their Bible, & is upset to think he might’ve offended the multitude of LGBT Saints fans in NOLA. You may scoff, but the Benson family knows how to make a buck & won’t have that flow threatened just to please a bunch of low-rent Bible thumpers.

I can believe his naivete because, quite frankly, he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Nothing ugly against the guy, mind. He’s a superlative QB & is apparently a real sweet cat, really helping New Orleans recover from the one-two punch of Katrina & Rita. Past throwing a ball really well, though, I wouldn’t put too much stock in anything he was & he is as bourgeoisie as they come. In any event, it’ll blow over sooner than later, especially with the people of New Orleans. They love that guy.

Let’s see what else. Oh, there’s this. For the fifth straight day hand running, Trump has stamped his feet & continues to hold his breath, insisting that, yes, Dorian was threatening Alabama. He’s been compared to Capt. Queeg from The Caine Mutiny by none other than FOX News’ Shep Smith, & it seems he’s roped a Rear Admiral from the Coast Guard to fall on the sword for him. All this while the actual storm, now a Category 2, is battering the Carolina Coast. This comes on the heels of Trump moving money earmarked FEMA to his border wall penis extension, & he’s been taking money from the Tarheel State for the better part of the year.

One last thing on Trump, notably that he’s still hasn’t explained where the $50 million dollar debt he claims he owes to one of his own companies. This Mother Jones piece goes into in some detail. While it might just be a regular old amoral-but-legal form of avoiding taxes called “debt parking“, there may be something shadier going, including flat-out tax evasion. That’s illegal, even for presidents.

Enough of him, though. The only thing more exasperating than Trump’s ham-fisted, limp-dick stumble bumming through the White House is just how boring he & his Faithful have become. Everything is “fake news”, they don’t even try anymore. Best I can tell, they haven’t even come up with a good dodge for Trump’s Sharpie work. We’re still stuck on conservative commentators telling us that, yes, they may have to murder anyone who comes for their shooty bangs, be they cops, soldiers or Obama’s Deep State Soldiers.

Again, they’re saying this will happen if they can’t have as many AR-15s as they want, & it’s all our fault for pushing them in this direction. They are thirsting for it. They will whip themselves into a sputtering, spittle-flecked fury, go searching for libs to ventilate, & more than likely wind up shooting their big toes off. I say go for it, you Second Amendment Heroes, do cut the shit. Again, I don’t think it’ll work out like you think, tough guys.

A couple suggestions before we wrap it up. The New York Times shows why it’s still useful, Bret Stephens aside. It details the horrid conditions for Mississippi’s mental health system. For you eggheads, here’s a link on a new biocentric “theory of everything” & some nifty graphical explanations of mathematical concepts.

Also, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivy is following in the steps of Virginia’s Ralph Northam in not stepping down after being caught out doing blackface in college, showing racist college high jinks is bipartisan. I do want to note that both events were put on by the respective fraternity/sorority groups, proving once again that greek organizations on college campuses have been shitty for years.

And on a sad note, Jimmy Johnson passed away. He was a member of the famous Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section – the “Swampers” – as well as an early producer of Lynyrd Skynyrd & guitarist on no telling how many Aretha Franklin hits. Years ago – as in when I was still in high school – I go to interview Johnson a couple times. Given my love of both Southern Soul & Lynyrd Skynyrd, this was a treat & he was a wealth of information & insight. He was also an incredibly sweet cat & my sympathies go out to his friends & family.

He expanded my consciousness & I appreciate. Salute.

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