Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Before I get down to the evening’s entertainment, I want to share this. It’s a link to where folks can help with the aftermath of Dorian in Bermuda. These are just the off-the-wall ones, as there is no shortage of mainstream ones. Give if you can, & this will be updated.

 Hoo boy, what a day. People have gone a little goofy today. It’s one of those days when you’re almost convinced there’s something to astrology or ancient curse or what all, because the real world is so damn dull. I don’t even know if there’s something weird in the stars or stutter in the cosmic song or I just haven’t been paying close enough attention. But here we are.

So for whatever reason, the gibbering fop we have as president actually took a Sharpie marker to an official assessment of a hurricane that just got through slamming the Bahamas, extending the representation of a the storms in just the laziest way possible. He actually added a pathetically drawn extra curve on Dorian’s path, seriously it was just a half-ass attempt at fooling people. Why? Because he couldn’t admit he made an otherwise innocuous mistake. He just can’t own up to it. That’s the president. It’s impossible, like him breathing underwater.

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, but Trump isn’t crazy or sun downing (no more that folks do as usual, if at all) so much as he’s spent the bulk of his 73 years living in such a way that everyone surrounding him beholden to kissing his ass to maintain their lives. Maybe his folks, maybe the teachers at whatever school-like place his folks dumped him, I don’t know. But the only person who’s argued with him to any extent it shook his world in the past 40 years has been Rosie O’Donnell.

Think about that. Through all his bankruptcies & failed endeavors, he’s never even had to answer for his actions. Of course he’s going to go so far as cut a low-rent stroke that’s on par with a kid trying to pull a shuck with his report cards because he cannot say “I fucked up, my bad”.

And there are millions of Our Fellow Americans that are down to the ground with such behavior. He is their “ideal”, as Lil’ Abner would say. A third-rate Horatio Alger who only became famous, even worth the attention, because he’d failed twice in a real estate market his dad had pretty much helped create. He called in the PR people, got someone to write a book about him, & we’ve had to pay attention to him for nearly four decades.

I am interested to see just what the Faithful will use as an excuse & what the Corporate Media says we’ll have to take seriously. We live in a queer world, friends & neighbors, & there’s no telling what you’ll be told is gospel from one day to the next. I think they will go with “he was just joke & totally owned you, triggered libs” approach. And yes, they’d loosen their bowels in rage if Obama did it, but that’s not even the important, actually worrisome part.

He can’t laugh at himself. He can’t admit he made an error. Even George W. Bush took the time to mock his entire rational for the Iraq War, quite possibly the most horrific foreign policy blunder of anywhere ever, despite how tacky it was & it’s was supernova tacky. Trump can’t even poke at himself for a little goof for a state you he absolutely loathes. Seriously, plop Trump down in Birmingham or Mobile, have him live that life, & he’d lock himself in the bathroom within a week.

And Alabamians would’ve backed his play. There is no doubt the fine folks in the Heart of Dixie would appreciate the mention. “The President just thinking of real Americans & their safety, God bless him” they’d say all day long & twice on Sundays. And Chris Cuomo would nod sagely & say, “Yes. This is America”.

And if that we’re enough, the entire right wing is going insane about guns, or more specifically, AR-15’s. It’s one thing to have a ham-&-egger like Erick Erickson  claim people who bury their guns in the back yard in fear of the Government sweeping down to take them all, thus necessitating violence, is in fact, laudable & worthy. He’s a foul, petulant punk & anyone who takes him seriously has only themselves to blame.

And friggin’ Meghan McCain, man. As much as we’re forced to pay attention to her, Meghan McCain is intrinsically the belly-button lint from the front pocket of national politics, the only thing that separates her from people truly reason why the Peter Principle is bullshit, like Jacob Wohl or Dana Loesch, is when her dad pulled out. And considering how disgustingly banal John McCain was as a politician, it’s not worth bragging about. Her plagiarist hack of a husband is even less noteworthy.

But Dan Crenshaw is actually involved in making the laws we all are supposed to pay attention to. Even if the area he represents is so gerrymandered, it’s basically a space for Texas Republicans to get their future radio hosts some gravitas. Even if he is a racist, bigoted peckerwood, dumber than a box of shit, he’s still an actual Representative who helps decide what our tomorrow will look like..

It’s like with Trump. He’s a fool & a sick joke & a condemnation of this culture, but he’s the goddamn president & you can’t just ignore him. That is mighty white, son. Mighty white, indeed. And you’re threatening to mow us down if you don’t get your way because, like him, you can’t admit you were wrong.

But I say, bring it on, you drooling dingbats. If you’re threatening to shoot us all – & I have no illusion what side you’d put me on, despite my gun ownership – come on. If you’re feeling froggy, s the say in Georgia, jump on. I doubt it’d turn out anywhere close to how any of us think it might, but this sort of impotent, limp-dicked posturing is getting tiring. You clowns have been promising revolution for at least the last ten years, man, shit or get off the pot.

I tire of this. You fools bore me. I think I’ll pack it in for the day, maybe play some games; I am not getting paid for this. In short, Boris Johnson is buffoon, Mike Pence is a lickspittle, & here’s a neat story about how Terrence McKenna’s “Stoned Ape” theory is getting another look, this time by an actual scientist. We’ve progressed to the point, at least, that people who study mushrooms will finally admit to doing them.

Maybe there’s wisdom in that. Maybe there’s something to learn. Boy boy, I doubt we will.

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