Monday, September 2, 2019

A new week & a new month starts. Luckily for me, I don’t have to do anything but this until next week.

 I think I’m past whatever lurgy was bothering me. Slept well last night & felt pretty good all day, relatively speaking. I’m a little sore, but that’s because I was able to hit the gym today. Walked three miles, so that’s all good. I don’t really mess with the weights, as really the only reason I’m even going to the gym is to stay somewhat active. Hell, there’s a walk machine downstairs. Only reason I have a gym membership is if I pay for it, I can’t ignore it (as much, anyway). For what it’s worth, I hate going to the gym.

I’m pretty whipped, though. Maybe it’s because I had an active day, but I am struggling to get through this. Probably knock it out & then take a little nap, even thought it’s 20 to 9 p.m. Be honest, I’d love to stretch out right now, but Duty calls.

I’m working on another trip. Nothing as major as the trip to Oregon or even next year’s possible jaunt to New York City. I just want to go somewhere I’ve never been, spend a couple days looking around, & then head home, making for a week, 10 days all told. I’m considering somewhere in Kentucky or maybe the Ozarks.

I like travel, & apart from a bit of noble grass, it’s just about the only thing that stimulates me at all. I never have gotten to travel much, mostly because I never had the time nor the money. I (sort of) have both now, plus I’ve gotten better at keeping this rolling. I wrote some on the Trip but not enough to really worry with. Most days I was to tired & shagged out after driving for too long to do much writing. But I think I’d do myself some good now, though.

I spent the first 20 years of like in Northeast Mississippi. We went to Florida once, Atlanta a couple times & Missouri once, but that was it. The next 20 years I spent marinating in Gainsville, Athens & New Orleans, all three unique, interesting towns with their own flavor & soul. I’d like to spend the next 20 seeing as many new places as possible before I shut down.

I like the travel more than the arrival. I don’t do much tourist things & could just enjoy seeing the hills roll by. If I went to NYC, probably the only they I’d go out of my way to see would be the Marvel Comics office, & I don’t know how that would even go. Plus, it’s nice to have something to come back to, something stable.

That’s the end goal in all this, to be able to ramble wherever I wanted, write about it & get paid for it. Again, I don’t know who I’d get to pay me for that. But it would be a neat gig.

I had a lot of stuff set aside but I am pretty beat. Nothing I have is time sensitive & can be used later, so I think we’ll check out the news before taking that nap I mentioned earlier.

Dorian has been pounding the hell out of the Bahamas since yesterday, sitting as a Category 4. Look at the radar, it’s friggin’ huge. Plus, it’s moving a slow, at a mile an hour, & that’s the most worrisome. Issac was like that & it stomped the holy Jesus out of Plaquemines Parrish. So far, five people have been killed & Florida is covering their windows as Trump golfs in Virginia.

I don’t feel like talking about the last shooter in Texas. He was an asshole who shouldn’t have had a high-powered killing machine that no one really needs for any reason. I really don’t want to go into the stupidgarbage reasons dickheads are blubbering rather than face the undeniable fact that letting angry, entitled men have access to large-capacity shooty-bangs seems to be a really stupid fucking idea. But don’t hold your breath.

Here’s a neat story from Alternet about the dust-up between Trump & FOX & the very real possibility  that it is a put-on. That really makes perfect sense to me. Trump is all about bullshit & given how advertisers are fleeing the channel, so I imagine something wiggy’s about to go down there. They’ve been pulling a Washington Times for a bit too long & I don’t see it lasting much longer.

From what I’ve been told, Trump really didn’t want to win the 2016 election; he wanted to turn his loss into his own news station & spend the next four-to-eight years bitching about Crooked Hillary & claiming he was robbed. But we all overestimated the intelligence of the American public & look what happened. But, I still think that’s the long-term plan & that Trump’s foul crotch fruit is working towards that The faithful will keep them solvent & until they can move on to another grift. We’ll see.

Wal-Mart, among other companies, is planning to offer payroll advances & loans to “help” their employees instead of doing something silly, like paying them a decent wage. This really doesn’t bode well, considering how screwed most folks who work at Wal-Mart are & how evil a corporation the Waltons run. They will fuck people so hard they’ll have to work themselves to the bone, you know they will. Are you ready to owe your soul to the company store?

Finally, in sad news, long-time Doctor Who creator Terrance Dicks died yesterday. While I never have been able to get into NuWho, I was a rabid fan of the Classic Who. Furthermore, when I couldn’t get the shows, I’d get his novelizations of the shows. He was 84 & probably “The War Games” was my favorite of his work. Much love to his friends & family.

And that’s that. I should’ve written earlier, as my brain is just not firing this evening. Too tired, too tired. I’ll rest now & I suggest all do the same.

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