Saturday, August 24, 2019

It’s been bucketing rain all afternoon but the storm’s moved away. All we hear is the distant roll of thunder, like the last mumbled complaints of a bad argument. It’s been hot & humid for the past couple weeks without a cloud in the sky. A storm is brewing in the Gulf, hurricane season has been quiet but it’s not over. Never turn your back on hurricane season, kids, it will kick your teeth out.

The Sleep defeated me today. I don’t feel better when I wear that infernal contraption, but it’s definitely got the point where if I don’t wear it, I feel worse. Even now, just past 7 p.m. & after day of sleep, I could totally go back to sleep & kill it for the rest of the day. I’m in a good mood, though, just a bit irritated. I didn’t take my medication properly yesterday, either, which undoubtedly contribute to the cruddy feeling physically. I’ve got a ringing headache, so let’s get down to it.

Though honestly, I haven’t looked much at the news today because, well, every time I open Twitter or open a web page, I start getting deliriously sleepy & pack it in. The G7 meeting is going on, & while I know that it is indeed a Big Deal loaded with heavy implications, I just can’t wrap my head around it. It’s too large, too all-encompassing, & my world is simply too small.

Best we can hope for is that the goofy dipstick that is our President doesn’t start flinging shit, figuratively & literally, at the rest of the world leaders in a fit of pique. He’s a thin-skinned little shit & does a lot of boo-hooing because not enough people are kissing his ass. That may be what hangs me up the most about him. Our President is a crybaby & is willing to govern based solely on his hurt feels.

There isn’t much yanking my chain today. More horror from the ICE raids in Mississippi & the DNC is showing how gutless it is by banning climate change debates. Where have you gone, Jay Inslee, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you. Honestly, that’s a really bad idea that no one who’s looking to hold the highest office for the most powerful & influential country on the planet doesn’t really give a shit that the world is on fire.

Ah, that’s enough of that. It’s Jorge Luis Borges‘ 120th birthday today. I am a huge admirer of both his elegant, poetic prose style & his mystic, rich imagination. My cousin’s daughter – one of my favorites – is a big reader & I’ve tried to turn her on to Borges, but I don’t think I’ve gotten anywhere. I gave her my copy of Ficciones, his seminal collection of short stories, maybe she’ll pick it up soon. Give it a shot, it’s pretty good.

I played a bit of Vampyr last night & more or less enjoyed it. It’s got an interesting hook. You’re a vampire in 1920s England. While recovering from World War One, the city’s wracked with a plague that no one can get a handle on. It’s a pretty rich game with a lot of characterization You get more experience & vampire powers if you feed off some of the named characters. However, their missing status changes how the game is played. It’s a third-person adventure game, though, so I doubt I’l stick with it much.

I may look into Kingdom Come: Deliverance Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice tonight. I may dig into some of the other games I need to look into, like Call Of Cthulhu: Dark Corners Of The Earth, or the ones I need to give another shot, like Objects In Space. Maybe I should spend some more time with Rebel Galaxy Outlaw – I am going to write that review… sometime – because it is a really good game.

Most likely I’ll finish this episode of “Best Of The Worst” I’ve seen a half-dozen times, read a little bit, cut my losses & go back to sleep. It’s all right. It’s Saturday, after all.

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