Thursday, August 22, 2019

Okay, let’s quit messing around & get started. The Funk has, more or less, left me. However, I have been moving today, so the Sleep hasn’t tried me, & have had multiple communes with the front yard.

I’m going to have to do something about that. With is too much of a hassle & without seems untenable without some other sort of stimuli. Hell, I don’t know, but as draggy as I was all week & as difficult as it was to get out some heavy thoughts that were worth reading yesterday, today has been unstintingly groovy.

I did go see the Therapist today & had a good visit. She’s curious that the Wellbutrin hasn’t hit yet, but agrees that my history with consciousness expansion attempts may slow it down some. You do run the risk of that.

We both agree that another trip needs to be in the works. I don’t want to bite off something as big as the Portland trip; nor, for that matter, do I want to go back to New Orleans, Memphis, or Athens right now. Nothing personal, but I don’t care anything about seeing or talking to anybody. I wouldn’t even want to try something as heavy as Chicago, given that I’d only want to spend no more than a week all told. A big city with history needs more than a few days.

Something like Lexington or Ashville, some place I’d never been. Someplace that has a “Downtown” with bookstores & music shops & little parks & interesting things to look at. Somewhere I can drive to & see stuff on the way. Any suggestions are welcome.

I had the idea today that you rarely ever catch any dystopian fiction that has the protagonist cool with things. Maybe Winston Smith was an outlier. Maybe Snake Pliskin shutting down the world with an EMP was a major bummer no one wanted. What if the one guy who fights against &, indeed, topples the totalitarian rule, where a person’s individuality is crushed in favor of the State/Corporation/Military happens to be a complete douchebag.

V For Vendetta flirts with this, if I remember correctly, but has other things to say. The comic, never saw the movie. There was a Star Wars parody on Twitch, where the “Luke Skywalker” was a janitor for the Empire & the Rebellion was portrayed as less than perfect, all for laughs. Can’t for the life of me remember what is was called.

Don’t get me wrong. A dystopian world, whether it’s Brazil or Brave New World or a complete collapse of society due to environmental issues like what’s probably going to happen, it seems an unnecessary bummer. Something to avoid.

That being said, the last couple months have, if nothing else, convinced me that a not insignificant portion of the population would be quite all right with a “benign” dictatorship so long as the right people were in charge. You know this is true.

This dumbass said stupid shit again. And people who’re of the mind to defend it are already falling in line. The same people who spent the last 8 years convinced Obama would suspend the Constitution for a third term would be fine with this tacky buffoon staying in office until he has to be wheeled around. We buckled under on that one so quick we better count our blessings that both him & his kids are so goddamn stupid.

You know they would. Long as they could keep their guns & keep a-hold of the delusion that is the American Dream. Hell, this jackass is offering himself up as the “moral conservative” answer to Trump’s bull-in-a-China-shop approach to the Executive Office. A cheap, lazy deadbeat who peddles racism & bigotry to dupe the rubes, that’s all he is & all he’d ever be.

And that ain’t gonna make the nut in this Modern World, boys. Not in this, not in the New Dumb. You call Bernie Sanders the most socialist socialist that ever socialist, you’d be wrong & he’d be just a bandage. That’s assuming, of course, the world doesn’t wipe us off like so much dandruff.

Are you ready for a good time, y’all?

Do we want to go on? Well, the Justice Department is sharing shit from goddamn VDare. That’s not Breitbart. That’s not The Daily Caller or The FederalistThey don’t pretend to be anything than what they are. Ahhh, and no one’s really surprised. Not really, not even the people who get paid to be surprised at such.

Locally, here’s a nifty story on the sorry shape of Mississippi’s prisons, which are so bad that “worse than you think” doesn’t cut it. Concerning the ongoing war against brown people, the Daily Journal has a solid piece on just what all Mississippi’s done to stem the horde & punish the vulnerable, how completely goddamn ineffective it’s been, & how they haven’t once considered going after the owners of the companies who all use the same website run by a government agency that was designed to keep the thumb down.

Good times.

Anyhow, that’s all of that & I’m sure it’s plenty. I’ve put a little more effort into making some sort of outline of what I’m going to write. I’m still not ready to reach out for constructive criticism just yet. That being said, I definitely need to look into more material tools to get back up to speed. I’ve got a couple of them “How to Write” books, so I need to maybe crack one of those & see what I need to relearn.

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