Wednesday, August 21, 2019

So it has been an interesting day, hasn’t it?

 The President of the United States of AmericaDonald Trumpshowed his ass to the entire world all day long. He just did, don’t argue with me. I don’t care if you thought it was the most masterful stroke of politics since Kenndey curb-stomped Nixon or Reagan made Mondale look a fool, our president is a gibbering buffoon completely over his head with the maturity & groove of a goddamn ’80s sex comedy antagonist. I don’t what you have to tell yourself to make it right, that’s just how it is.
 There’s a British movie called Eat The Rich that I watched because it had Lemmy from Motorhead in it. It features a loutish former boxer playing a loutish former boxer that happened to be Prime Minister. That’s what’s happened to us, but only with the terminally goofy thinking Trump is something other than an effete Manhattan rich boy who was born sliding into home & claimed he’d invented baseball, with apologies to Molly Ivins. And frankly, now that I think about it, the fact that he acknowledge the praise of a full-on bull-goose loony named Wayne Allyn Root is all that surprising. We had “Serious Pundits” actually trying to make a case for buying Greenland not 24 hours ago.
 I don’t really want to even get into the whole “yeah, it was really cool this guy called me the King of Jews & the Second Coming of God” thing, not being either Jewish or interested in the “Second Coming” of anything. I don’t even think it works like that, but in any event, it’s newsworthy enough for CNN to cover it. Man, listen to that spiel. I honestly don’t know what to say about our goofball shmuck of a president.
 Then there’s the Greenland thing, where Trump comes off as a scorned teenager more than anything else. And that lady’s hits levels of anti-immigrant Islamophobia action that Trump could only dream of pulling off. Hell, it’s crazy she’s a Social Democrat but the average conservative boob loses control of their bowels at the mere combination of those two words, but that’s where we are.
 Honestly, beyond being thin-skinned & insecure & desperate for adulation, I really don’t think Trump gives that much of a shit. It’s like him still crowing about how his TV show ratings were higher than anyone else or bragging about shit that got its start in the Obama administration or even earlier. It’s why he “jokes” about staying in office after his third term, he doesn’t care. He’s just famous & rich & better.
 He doesn’t actually believe in a white ethnostate or the superiority of white people so much as he thinks he’s genetic perfection & destined to control & manipulate – no matter he’s never really shown an aptitude &, in fact rests his whole fame on lying about that – so of course he sees PoC/LGBT/poor people/just not particularly rich or materialistic people as inferior, plus that special all-American brand of anti-African-American racism that seems particular to us. Of course he thinks women are only good for one thing & should expect being treated as such. He doesn’t care.
 And hell, yes, you’d be losing your mind if Obama pulled half the shit this yo-yo pulls, if he was so inelegant in his speech, so yielding in his stance. Hellfire, I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t, right or left, be quite honest with you. But his fanbase does. I guarantee you Wayne Allyn Root thinks calling Trump the “King of Israel” is perfectly logical. I promise you there are people who think he represents the ultimate in masculinity & the American Dream & the Natural Order. Most of all, they’re convinced he gives a shit about them or ensuring their way of life for their children & their children’s children.
 But he doesn’t. He doesn’t give a shit about you, face it. Man up, as they say. Even when he’s being an active asshole like you want him to be, he doesn’t give two shits about you, your family, your community, or your future, & doesn’t care enough about anyone else to even pretend to keep the game going. But you’re going to keep believing he does, & you’re going to believe whatever state he leaves D.C. in, this is now how things are defined.
 Buckle up, kids, it is going to be a bumpy ride from here on out. The is the New Normal. The Dumb have Won.
 That is, if the world let’s us live that long. I do wonder which will last longer, the world not being completely run by a military-industrial complex wherein human beings are mere pawns for the oligarchy or the environment being so trashed that most of us couldn’t breathe. And it ain;t going to stop anytime soon. There’s still money to be made, so screw you, peasant.
 This really isn’t lashing together like I originally saw it. It’s almost too much for me to handle. This is why I’m pretty okay with being right where I am for the rest of my run. Breaks my heart to think of them that’ll have to participate, but I am definitely glad about one or two life decisions I’d made long, long ago. Yes, sir. Pity me if you want, I don’t give a damn.
 Well, that was fun, even if a bit of a mess. I am running with this “early socio-political blogging era 10 years too late” for the time being &, if nothing else, it’s given my day a bit of structure. Get up, let Otis out, feed Bounce & Fuzzy, get the newspaper, have breakfast, Read the News & See What’s Going On, take a nap, go to the gym, & come home to Ruminate & Work is at least a day. For the while, I’m going to do it as Gonzo as possible & keep to the “one a day” schedule & maybe a little more editing.
 I’m still not particularly happy it’s not spurring on any fiction jones, but it is what it is. Anyhow, before we go, here’s another curve in the saga of Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell. Long story short, the state auditor wants to go after him for using prisoner labor in making campaign signs. This is probably why he quit so suddenly yesterday. From what I understand, Republican Andy Hood dropped out of the race leaving Kevin Crook, who beat Cantrell in the primary, running unopposed.
 So, it’s entirely possible the head lawman for Monroe County will be a Sheriff Crook. I really have no words. That’s a pretty good place to stop.

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