Friday, August 16, 2019

It’s Friday, another day of suffocating heat. I feel like I have red-clay mud flowing through my veins instead of good, old blood. This how I used to feel before I spent the week in the hospital to learn I’d have to spend the rest of my life taking Elvis-sized handfuls of pills for hypertension. I thought it was just because I hated work, but nope. No sir, the old blood pressure was pinging at 270/160. That is too high. I should’ve been spurting blood like a mook in a Zatoichi movie.

So, 10 days in the care of the North Mississippi Medical Center for them run all sorts of tests just to tell me “Well, that’s life, hoss,” medically speaking. There’s history of high blood pressure in my family, on my mother’s side, just like there’s history of periodontal disease & depression with anxiety. And I am nothing if not a son of my family. At least I don’t have diabetes like the Old Man. Hope my brother’s watching what he eats.

I’m in a foul mood as well. Couldn’t tell you why. Apart from the mouth work, yesterday was fine & I slept well, more or less. Did a good chunk of writing, as well, but there’s nothing popping today.

A quick look at the news doesn’t really spark any interest. More talk about Trump wanting to buy Greenland & Denmark laughing their Danish little asses of about it. There’s also something about the a New York coroner announcing that Jeffery Epstein’s death was indeed suicide by hanging, according to what the injuries showed. Of course, that won’t stop the conspiracy theorists.

The trouble in Hong Kong is getting scarier. For the record, we should definitely stay out of it. Not only do we have a less-than-stellar record when it comes to “helping” other countries gett their country straightened out, I doubt we’re really inclined to stick our noses in China’s business, especially given the disastrous trade war Trump’s tiny dick keeps us in. For the record, I’m on the side of Hong Kong remaining independent from China, but be damned if I know what to do about it.

Folks in Moscow are raising hell against Putin, & I say good for them. That guy’s a son of a bitch, & from what I understand, his shenanigans are the cause of most of the Russian peoples’ woes. he vicious bastard’s been either president or prime minister of Russia since 2000, & he is a nasty piece of work indeed. So, rock on, Russian protesters, good luck to you, but watch your ass.I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you, but that bastard used to be the KGB & is a nasty piece of work indeed.

Someone from Victorville, CA, keeps trying to call me. Little word of warning, I rarely answer my phone. If you know me, send a text & I’ll call back. If you want money from me, leave a message & I might call back. I’ve never been to Victorville, so who knows. I drove through Barstow on the Big Trip, & that’s about a half-hour northeast of Victorville. I went on to Vegas, though, so who knows.

Maybe if they call back, I’ll answer. Probably not, though, as they’re not leaving a message. That’s an unpleasant part of the world, southwest California is. I’m not one to judge, of course – being from Mississippi & all – but the emptiness, the brownness & the over all unfriendliness of the people just put me off. Again, though, I was tired of driving & particularly tired of California.

So what else? Played some more of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw & put some time into Everspace last night, & that was fun. I’m still going to try to bang out a review of RGO but today’s not the day. I’m tired of writing & tired of being awake. Enough of that. I feel like reading.

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