Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Sleep is still on me today. I don’t know why, I slept pretty good last night. Even went to sleep early (for me) around 11:30 p.m. But it’s Sunday & Sunday’s should be for lazy. It’s blasted hot out, heavy with humidity. I wonder if we’ll get some more rain this evening.

I can’t really touch on much today. I did get a chance to commune with the front yard, & that’s always pleasant. More information about the world’s horrors have either come to light or been confirmed. There was another mosque shooting, this time in Norway. No one was killed, thankfully, but the shooter did express sympathies with the dickhead out in Texas. His “manifesto” was posted on something called “endchan”, which apparently as bad as the rest of the “-chans”. There also evidence he might be like the Christchurch shooter, trying to be what the kids call an “edgelord”.

Which brings us to our second note, more information about the dickhead in Dayton. Not only was his first killed his trans brother but he took part in something called “pornogrind”, apparently a musical sub-genre. Back when I was a music critic, I got a few records from white supremacist acts & a few extreme hardcore groups that’d make Anal Cunt or The Dwarves blush, so I’m not going to looking up what “pornogrind” is or what it sounds like. That’s on you, hoss.

Further, this guy had different lists, “kill” for men & “rape” for women. Much of his Twitter profile is a bit janky, like he claimed to be a Satanist. Finally, he apparently supported Elizabeth Warren, & that’s enough for the average wingnut to pretend Trump’s anti-immigrant racism didn’t encourage the El Paso shooting. And that’s where I have to call foul.

Twitter is full of dudes who think putting “I identify as an attack helicopter” is the epitome of humor or that “You criticized a conservative female, you’re obviously sexist” is a cutting riposte. I’m not saying the Dayton killer was “just trolling for the lols”, but since we’ll never know, we can’t say one way or another. But you find me where Elizabeth Warren says something about trans men (or African-Americans, which made up the bulk of the murder victims) being an “infestation” or “invasion” like Trump has with people coming across the border. Come on, now. Could be wrong, but I think this guy was just another asshole who wanted to be the one who decided who lives or dies.

I don’t feel like digging up the proper Latin for this, but I really do think our perception of reality colors how we take on reality. We like stories, we believe stories. We pretend that there’s a Great Story being told & that history has irrevocably led us to how things are now. We call the Great Story different things – religion, Western Civilization, Marxism, etc. – but we have to have the Story. We’re not homo sapiens, thinking ape; we’re pans narrative, the Signifying Monkey.

That’s why we’re looking for hidden realities, like the whole Q business or the continuation of the Illuminati past the 18th Century. We want to believe there’s an explanation for the inexplicable, that the Story goes one. We cannot handle that this is a meaningless universe were things just happen according to basic laws of physics & little else. We also can’t come to grips with the horrible things we can do, nor can we admit that even the lowest among us can have strokes of conscience.

A good example was the 2017 Las Vegas shooter. We never really got a reason why he shot up a country music festival beyond he wanted to decided who lived or died. We do know he planned on shooting up a R&B/hip-hop concert in Chicago in a couple days but chose to blow his own brains out rather than carry on or get caught. Why? Maybe it was a false flag or maybe the Deep State programmed him to do this to persuade the unwashed horde to do whatever the dumb sheep are supposed to do.

But maybe he was just struck by the foul, evil deed & either his conscience got to him or he realized the cops would ice him or something. Whatever the reason, it may just be something that’s banal & boring & human. It’s like with the Moon Landing supposedly being fake. It’d take the sworn silence of over 400,000 people. Maybe it’s not that fascinating.

So I said all that to say all this. This brings us to this dickhead. So this middle-class kid went to a Wal-Mart in Springfield, MO (an open-carry state, mind) with a loaded rifle & body armor. Luckily, he surrendered to police, who might charge him with causing a panic. Note: he had done nothing illegal, viz. guns. He claims he was doing a “social experiment” to see how far the Second Amendment would go. I’m calling bullshit. I’m saying this little wank stain wanted to be the one who decides who lives & who dies but before he pulled the first trigger – which he turned from a “good guy with a gun” to a “bad guy with a gun”, mind – changes his mind & gives up.

However, it struck him that whatever he did & however it worked out, it would not end well for him. For one, he wasn’t shooting up Mexicans; he’d be shooting white people. Two, if he didn’t kill himself, he’d arrested by the cops & be another argument that gun fetishists will ignore against people owning high-powered, repeating rifles or body armor. Or maybe he realized what he was about to do. Or maybe it was a Deep State plant to make us willing to give up our guns to the part of the government we hate.

The same thing holds true with this Jeffery Epstein’s suicide & the plethora of numb-skull conspiracy theories. He was whacked, folks say, either by the Trump Administration or the Clintons (a continuation of the three-decades Clinton murder conspiracies). Listen. If the Clintons had the power to get someone into a jail to kill Epstein, Hillary would be president & Anthony Wiener & James Comey would be dead as a door nail. And frankly, if you think the Trump Administration is has that kind of subtlety, you haven’t been paying attention.

What’s really funny is that Epstein’s death removes a serious hurdle for prosecutors. He’s not around to sue prosecutors to keep them out of his houses, records & private properties. And this won’t stop prosecutors from finding shit out. So, why did he commit suicide & how did it happen under guard? Well, for one, let’s face it, when it comes to keeping people from committing suicide, the cops aren’t the best at that. Apparently, we’re learning he’d been taken off suicide watch – despite him already making one attempt – & there was some fucks up in the actual guarding when he committed suicide. All very suspicious, right? Has to be a Job to silence him, no?

Well… maybe, but maybe not. Maybe Jeffery Epstein knew he was about to do some serious prison time for his awful deeds, & off all the law’s since, apparently child rapists get the worst reception in prison. Maybe he bragged to the wrong guard about stymieing investigators & that guard did the deed. Maybe some LEO’s & attorneys, heady with the righteous rage of Justice, decided to move things along by removing that stumbling block so they could go after the big fish. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

I’m not suggesting any of this happened, but it makes as much sense as a hit job by Bill Clinton or Donald Trump. Go nuts if you’re going to go nuts, I always say.

Okay, I’m tired of writing. Here’s another update on the awfulness of ICE raiding those chicken processing plants in Mississippi that makes it look even more shady. Finally, here’s a bit about the continuing efforts by the Trump Administration & the GOP to clamp down on protesters. Says they’ll require the FCC & the FTC to monitor social networking sites due to their “obvious” bias against conservatives. Note: none of the “free speech” warriors who go into howling fits because a student body doesn’t want some cheap wingnut welfare case to get money from university speeches will have a solitary problem with this. Bank on it.

Okay. Now, if you’ll forgive me, it’s pizza night.

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