Friday, August 9, 2019

A quick thunder shower just blew through & it’s hot & humid outside. Otis in his cave because the ground’s pretty wet & he can’t go outside. I’m sitting here listening to the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s seminal Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy. Specifically, “Mississippi Rain”, which is about coming back to a small town & not really belonging anymore. Yeah, that hits home.

I’ve been home over a year, & my world barely leaves Enon Holler. It occurred to me this morning that with this whole helping to run the election, I’m not only reconnecting with part of my past, I’m becoming part of the community again. I don’t seek out my school friends. Be honest, most of them I really didn’t like all that much back then. Most of my life, especially my youth, I’ve been treated as something of a punchline. To be fair, I am a bit of a goofball & Mississippi is mean as hell.

Speaking of Mississippi being mean as hell, the ongoing horror that is ICE raiding chicken plants throughout the state just gets more loathsome. They wound up turning loose around 300 of the 680 captured by the hounds, & really had no plan just what they would do with all those kids who came from the first day of school to find their parents gone. And they really didn’t give a shit. No warning to the schools or advance notice to child welfare, just a vulgar show of power for the President’s tiny dick.

Mississippi’s elected representatives reacted about like you’d expect. Democrats & the localities actually affected by this pillaging – little piss-ant country towns that were devastated when King Cotton died & will probably have difficulty recovering from this show of governmental racism – weren’t too happy about the Federal Government coming in & kicking down door to scare the shit out of citizens just trying to make a living doing a horrible job the rednecks won’t touch. Republicans, of course are to busy hooting their worship of sweaty pervert & overall mendacity to give a shit. Human taint wart & Republican front runner for governor Tate Reeves sums it up for them in a tweet yesterday:

Glad to see that ICE is working hard to enforce our immigration laws. 680 aliens detained in Mississippi today. We must enforce our laws, for the safety of all Americans. Well done @USAttyHurst and @realDonaldTrump

Of course, none of the management at the Koch Food (worth about $3 billion according to 2014 numbers) plants got the bully boys after them or had to worry about where their kids would sleep. Also, Koch owner Joseph Grendys (himself worth about $2.9 billion) won’t suffer nor will he have to worry about much more than a fine or two. And cheek of all cheek, the company had the audacity to advertise that they were looking for workers. That just mean, man.

A brief perusal of Twitter shows that most of MAGA faithful didn’t give too shits about crying kids terrified & lost because we’re a racist country with penis issues. “They shouldn’t break the law”, they say. “Bank robbers lose contact with their kids, too,” they say. Most see this as not only a good thing, but the ICE stormtroopers as heroes protecting us from, hell, I don’t know, Danny who works the third shift. I said it before & I’ll say it again, you yay-hoos who think Trump is an aberration & that once he’s out of office “things will go back to normal”, you’re fooling yourself. There is no come-to-Jesus moment for these people. They like this. It gets them harder than they’ve ever been.

Anyhow, here’s some links to help if you want to.

In other horrid news, we learn that one of the initial victims of the Dayton shooting – the shooter’s sibling, as a matter of fact – turns out was a trans man, not his “sister” as earlier reported. There’s still not a whole lot known about the shooter apart from his Twitter presence, which is a bit weird. Elizabeth Warren & Antifa fanboying on one end & a weird Satanism trip on the other, which frankly smells like an edgelord to me. I’ll say it again, this guy shot predominately African-Americans & I think that’s being ignored purposefully.

To keep from having to actually do anything, Wal-Mart has announced it will remove signs, displays & demos of video games that showcase violence. Bravo, good job. That’ll nip it in the bud.

One of my favorite Twitter follows, Imani Gandy, has written an interesting piece about how the North Dakota government seems to be going out of way to screw over Native American voters, because that’s what we’re doing now. Check it out.

Finally, on the lighter side of things, upper-class racist publication Quillette got completely owned by some guy in Illinois pretending to be a New York City construction worker & union member who was complaining about the Democratic Socialists of America. Apparently, not only did this guy make something so ridiculous up out of whole cloth – described himself as a “Marxist-Leninist-Alinskyite”, hitting all the right-wing terror button – & not only did Quillette not do the basic checking to make sure, you know, that the NYC chapter of the DSA had a meeting that day (they didn’t), they went further & added more fabrications to the story their source did not give. So, even beyond getting trolled, Quillette completely made up shit & tried to pass it off as truth. It is a garbage publication for fools & pond scum, & Claire Lehmann (editor-in-chief) is a sucker, a punk, & a racist. It is a garbage publication & it will bring joy when it finally crashes & burns.

Alright. Enough of that.

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