Another day…

 You’ve heard about the news in Christchurch, New Zealand, about how a right-wing white nationalist dickhead shot up a mosque & killed some folks. Apparently, the shooter streamed it & the video has been widely shared. Folks are freaking out about this, but you hear it every time there’s a shooting: they want attention, don’t give them what they want.

 Well… maybe. Maybe they do want attention & blasting his manifesto is doing just that. But these people are still killing & the folks that tacitly agree with the idea that Muslims (in this example) represent some sort of existential threat will still argue that brown people who pray differently are destroying Western Civilization. The guy apparently cited Trump & two-bit grifter Candace Owens in his “manifesto”, so of course the wingnuts are circling wagons. Beady-eyed panty sniffer Ben Shaprio & a grown man that calls himself “Count Dankula” & expects to be taken seriously are already tut-tutting the media over trying to blame right wingers who just want to encourage white nationalism in peace.

 Don’t get it twisted. None of those people have a problem with a mosque being shot up or a synagogue being shot up or a gay club being shot up. That’s what they encourage. That’s what they preach. That’s what they want.

 So maybe don’t share the video or manifesto, but do blame the greedheads & war mongers & filthy racists who claim decent white folk are under siege just to wring their hands with regret when some dingbat takes them seriously. Don’t buy it. They are the bad guy.

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