Does anyone still use WordPress for that matter?

I wrote the below originally at my Blogger site, Weird But True. I don’t know if I’ll use WordPress for anything specific or even ever use it again, I just thought I’d get started. This whole exercise is predicated on the idea that a writer writes, even if there’s nothing in particular to wri. I don’t know if I want to actually be a writer, but it’s one of the few things I was ever good at & I have nothing to do with my time anyway, so what the hell.

 Does anyone still read blogs? I know a number of the political blogs I used to read are still going & their readership is pretty constant. I don’t much read them anymore, just occasionally when they say they got something new & interesting via Twitter. Half the time they post a link to something they wrote for an actual publication which, one hopes, they were paid justly for.

 In any event, I don’t know how much impact they still have, nor do I care, but I imagine the hobby bloggers are pretty much in the same boat. There’s more options for us to howl our thoughts into the uncaring cyber-void. Some even let you do skits, thought maybe we need to be stopped.

 This all leads me to wonder just how much attention Blogger brings in. Obviously, it still has it’s niche. Tumblr has it’s place & audience, & since it’s still charging money for use, I assume WordPress is as well. Come to think of it, the last social media site I can think of that’s gone the way of all flesh is Google+, & that’s mainly because Google didn’t give enough of a shit about it.

 Anyhow, I said all that to say all this. However much attention Blogger does or doesn’t get, I think it’s safe to say this particular blog doesn’t get much attention. As I continue to struggle for an idea to move me enough to write about it, I also find myself less inclined to interact with hoi palloi via Twitter. There’s talking with people I know that I don’t actually want to talk on the phone to & then there’s having to explain to some gibbering fenderhead, once again, that the sun doesn’t rise when they wake up. You know who you are.

 So, that’s what I’m going to try to use Blogger for. Back when I got back on Blogger, I got on Tumblr at the same time. I’d meant to use Blogger for more journalistically minded things & Tumblr for more prosaic ideas. Didn’t work that way. So now, and again keep in mind I’m trying to get back into writing via the method of “write something every day even if it’s just for the same of writing (like this, for example)”, I will use Blogger for those thoughts that I want to put on Twitter but either don’t want to deal with the word count or having some goon howl at me about Clinton getting his oil changed in the Oval Office. Editing will be light & no promises are made.

 You, if you indeed exist, have been warned.

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